1. grober


    A brief interview with Zack Brown the new Head of the McLaren Technology Group and chairman of MOTORSPORT NETWORKS talks about F1 and Formula E - evidently all cars for the 2017 Season will powered by McLaren batteries. BBC iPlayer - BBC Business Live - 02/02/2017 20 minutes in.
  2. poormansporsche

    I dont like brown ......

    But I like this even more than brown Cake ! Used 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.6 for sale in London | Pistonheads :)
  3. K

    Brown brake dust

    A year ago (13K miles) I had front discs and pads replaced by local Indie. Used genuine MB parts. A few weeks later drove to Italy and straight away noticed brown not black dust on front wheels. Cleaned it off and after 100 miles or so it was back. Also noticed a barely perceptible vibration...
  4. merc85

    W116 milan brown 280se

    Hi does anyone know this car? looks lovely,Ref n/s Bulk head do you think thats been repaired? hard to tell from image. Also the interior is a different colour. Mercedes 280 SE | eBay
  5. brucemillar

    RIP Captain Eric (Winkle) Brown

    A truly wonderful man. What a life. UK's 'Greatest Pilot' Eric Brown Dies At 97 Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  6. merc85

    w116 Milan brown anyone know the car?

    This vehicle/model in the same colour is what got myself and my dad into Merc's many years ago. Does anyone know this car or seen it? im wondering about a project just wondering how far gone this one is. Mercedes 1980 280se W116 project in Bronze Metallic | eBay
  7. A

    W204 C Class - burned (brown) wire rear light cluster

    Hi all. See pic below. Today I noticed that my driving lights (rear right) were dim so decided to investigate. I don't know if the wrong wattage bulbs were put in (this is what I thought), but when I investigated I notice that the brown wire is very hot and burning out... OK so needs to...
  8. Screwdriver

    WTB: Brown W123 Driver's Foot Rest/ W115 Door Holder & Foot well Carpet

    Hi There, Looking to replace my cracked driver's footrest/ dead pedal on my RHD W123 300D and the front door holders on my LHD W115 240D. Pictures attached for your convenience. Any leads or advice on these parts is also more than welcome!
  9. martyz

    Errrol Brown

    Errol Brown, the frontman and co-founder of British soul band Hot Chocolate, has died at the age of 71. The singer was most famous for hits in the 1970s and 1980s including You Sexy Thing, It Started With A Kiss and So You Win Again. He had suffered from liver cancer and died at his home in...
  10. Sp!ke

    Brown Church Brogues

    I have pretty much decided to splash out on a pair of brown Church shoes since everywhere is dressing down now and smart casual seems to be king. Trouble is, I can't seem to find any one selling them locally (kingston) and I am loathed to take a trip into London if I can help it? Does anyone...
  11. Screwdriver

    WTB: OEM Black/ Brown Carpet Floor Mats for RHD W123 (Top $ offered)

    As the title says, I'm looking to buy a set of 4 Black or Palomino upper brown carpet floor mats for the W123. Must be factory original with logo and right hand drive in good condition. I'm aware these are rare which is why I will offer close to what a set of new factory original mats is...
  12. Nik_Endeavour

    w202 brown leather steering wheel and airbag

    I have my old w202 brown leather steering wheel with the airbag. " £35 plus P and P
  13. poormansporsche

    Brown Trouser Mod of the Week .....

    Despite a long search I have not been able to track down a nice wood and leather steering wheel for the CLK. So I thought hey ho S Class ones are cheap and around the same sort of age. There is no info about the swap so I studied pics and the plugs all seemed the same so bought a wheel and...
  14. Druk

    Newcastle Brown Ale.

    Erm...not quite. :D Sapporo Beer Commercial - Legendary Biru - YouTube .
  15. tonyc280

    Car covered in brown dust

    Hi i live in south leicestershire and car keeps getting covered in brown dust and looks terrible only after a day after cleaning. Any one else notice this ????? Think it must be dust from some desert somewhere. My friends covered too.
  16. d w124

    Brown S124 leather interior

    Rare this Mercedes W124 leather coloured interior complete | eBay :cool::cool: Likely it came of that members car that got written off
  17. C

    CLK W208 dark brown wood trim. manual heater control 7 switches

    CLK W208 dark brown wood trim. Manual heater/A/C control. 7 switches above heater I'm adding heated seats from a breakers yard find and would like the above part any one got one lying about? thanks cris
  18. G

    brown sludge c32 intack manifolds

    hi this morning after a week or 2 of steady coolant loss i removed the amg covers and found a think brown sludge inside the manifolds im guessing the intercooler has had it . im fair pi**ed of with this car already having owned it for only 5 weeks and spent around £500 on repairs. ive been...
  19. B

    Jackie Brown

    Absolutely loving the starring role played by an R107 SL in this film. "Don't be messing with my levels" :-)
  20. G

    Brown sludge!!!

    Help. Im new here and looking for some help with the wifes car. She owns a mercedes a class. Oil change light came on a few weeks ago and last week engine management light. On inspection of dipstick saw oil was a light brown creamy sludge. Took to the garage who changed oil and both lights off...
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