1. S

    2005 Mercedes C270CDI - bluetooth cradle contact synching - HELP PLEASE! :)

    Good morning! I am hoping I might be able to ask for your expertise! I have a 54 plate Mercedes C270 CDI. I bought a bluetooth cradle (advised off MB of Bolton) off ebay. I’ve got an iPhone and I have paired the phone successfully - it can make and receive calls absolutely fine! However, the...
  2. S

    c270cdi no turbo boost

    Hi folks, I carried out alot of work to my c270 there. De-flapped the inlet manifold, with stepper motor delete, EGR cleanout and resistor delete, and 2nd cat removed. I took the car on a test spin after, and all seemed great for about 20 miles. Then no boost from turbo, and an exhaust note...
  3. M

    C270cdi alternator pulley

    Hi, i have recently noticed a 'new' noise coming from the engine :) . It sounded like the air filter box or the engine cover beeing loose and vibrating. After i realised that the noise is not related to the plastics, i could see the belt flapping and the tensioner moving. My first instict was...
  4. R

    W203 - C270CDi vibration

    I might be going mad here, but I've become aware of a very subtle vibration through my car. First noticed it immediately after service and thought it was maybe that the dealer had dropped the pressures on the All Season tyres and I was picking up their extra "coarseness". However I then...
  5. G

    TDI tuning box for C270CDi

    As above really, found this in the garage while clearing a few things out. Plugs onto fuel rail - easy to fit and remove. £75. Can be P&P'd for a few extra squids, and it probably fits more than just the 203 C-class too, given the 5-potter was used in lots of models. Thanks, Geoff
  6. G

    c270cdi slipping torque converter

    Hi i am new to this community but would like some advice on the above i have changed the torque converter to solve the problem but to no avail the next thing i changed was the gearbox still not working the mb star shows that the solenoid for the torque converter lock is not operating in the...
  7. Q

    W203 C270CDI 2004 Facelift - MAF sensor fitted - Poor performance

    2004 (facelift) W203 C270 Cdi Hi. I am looking for some help..... I recently had my engine management light come on and the car went into limp mode. I had the codes read and it turned out to be the MAF sensor. I purchased a Pierburg replacemment after reading here that the cheap ebay...
  8. M

    W203 - C270cdi Est Elegance - shaking

    Hi folks, I have a C270 cdi Eleg 90k estate, it randomly wobbles or shakes from the nsf when doing between 50-70. The front passenger always comments that they have just sat in a massage chair. I cant see any bulge in the tyres, nor play in front wheel bearing, it will get worse if the nsf...
  9. M

    2004 C270cdi idle speed - what should it be?

    Hi All, I have a C270 CDI est with 90k. The idle speed tends to hang around at 600rpm is this right?[ATTACH]51125 What should it be? thanks.
  10. B

    Is your CDI going into limp mode?

    During the last couple of days my C270 CDI has been playing up! Firstly, it would accelerate as normal through 1st & 2nd, but as it went into 3rd there was no power, no acceleration, it felt as though the turbo had gone to sleep. This then progressed to the engine not revving over 2500 in any...
  11. N

    oil type for 03 c270cdi

    I think I need an oil change on my 2003 c270cdi.a pal of mine has several litres of mb oil which is 228.51.as he works on mb sprinter vans it is used for them.my question is can I use 228.51 or do I have to use an oil of 229.51.also is 228.51 synthetic or not.thanks in advance for any help.
  12. C

    2004 C270CDI Avantgarde SE Sport Estate

    tt's time to sell my cars because I'm leaving the country in the near future. First to go is my trusty C Class Estate. I've owned this for over 7 years and never had any major issues with it. I've advertised it in the usual places - the pistonheads link for the advert is...
  13. V

    C270cdi engine cooling fan

    Hi all I'm looking for some help I have a 2005 c270cdi and have a few problems with the cooling fan at first it was turning on random when engine was off I had it replaced with a new mercedes unit but still had the same problem on a visual look at wires all looks well so ecu was sent of for...
  14. P

    Eninge temp on C270CDi

    I've noticed that the temp on my new purchase takes about 12 miles to get up to 70 deg and about 25 m to get to 80 deg. I presume that the thermostat is 'sticky' ?? Is this an easy DIY job? :crazy: cheers
  15. G

    C270Cdi Avantgarde SE estate

    Just about to take on a nearly new C, and the dealer has offered me £4k for mine. So, if anyone wants a clean tidy C270cdi, then this is the spec: Avantgarde SE, and options include five-speed auto with tipfunction, parktronic front and rear, sports suspension, heated front seats, evo sports...
  16. G

    C270CDi injector seating

    I noticed a slight chuffing yesterday coming from under the bonnet. A closer look with the engine cover off this afternoon revealed No1 injector was letting combustion gas come by. Has been for a while judging by the carbon gunk around it! So I pulled the injector and withdrew the copper...
  17. F

    It's official: I screwed my c270cdi gearbox

    Hi everyone. Well, it is true... I just screwed the gearbox and I need help: The case: my gearbox, after get in the right temperature, was getting in limb/safe mode when you press the gas hard... Sometimes even slipping to neutral. So I checked in a mb scanner and it was a sensor in sensor...
  18. 219

    C270CDI injector seals

    Now beginning to wonder if I have bought a dud car , another problem rears its head . I started to notice exhaust fumes in the cabin ; with no obvious sound of any leaks in the exhaust . The car sounded fine when standing next to it at idle , although there was a slight 'tick' under...
  19. Gollom

    C270CDi Classic Estate

    Seen one of these on the dealers front at £3995 with 85K Kinda curious if that is a good price? What are the classic (see what I did there!! :cool:) problems to look for on this? Engines pretty bulletproof? Ta
  20. D

    W203 2001 c270cdi alarm location

    Can anyone confirm the siren location ? mind will not shut up unless fuse is withdrawn but then cannot lock unless at drivers door handle :mad:
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