1. RyanMuller

    C32 AMG Heat Exchanger

    Hello, Selling this C32 AMG W203 Heat Exchanger as I upgraded it. Rather than chucking away a perfectly good unit, is anybody interested? £50?
  2. RyanMuller

    C32 AMG V Belt (Brand new)

    Hi, Selling a brand new un-used V / Serpentine Belt £35 http://oi65.tinypic.com/288qur7.jpg
  3. RyanMuller

    New LCD Screen for C32 AMG W203

    Hello, Anybody know where I can get a replacement centre LCD screen for the dashboard? The hot weather is fading the edges. Thank you in advance! Ryan
  4. C

    C32 amg engine

    Mite need a c32 amg engine ...or bottom end If any one is breaking car or has any thing please get in touch Thanks pete
  5. Hunty2198

    C32 supercharger clutch plate

    I need a supercharger clutch plate kit for a C32 AMG, 2002, W203
  6. RyanMuller

    c32 alternator belt part number

    Hello all Currently on a ferry and my alternator has died so running on battery. Anyone know the part number for the alternator belt please? Cant see it online and cant get to the car at the moment to check VIN thanks Ryan
  7. P

    2003 C32 AMG For Sale

    Due to changing jobs I’m going to be covering many more miles and am therefore reluctantly selling my 2003 Supercharged 3.2 V6, C32 AMG. This particular car is fairly well known on the forum – It used to belong to ‘Bobby Dazzler’ who had the car for 10 years.. A search of Bobby’s 10K or so...
  8. RyanMuller

    C32 AMG For Sale (Needs some Work)

    Dear all, I have decided to sell my C32 AMG after having to save for the next house. I have had a lot of work done to the car but it also needs a bit of work doing to really get it to tip top condition - the main reason for selling is that I have a leak on the charge cooler, and getting...
  9. brucemillar

    C32 Owner PM me please

    Folks If you own a C32 W203. Please can you send me a PM or let me know you own one. I need to check your chassis number to verify of the front bumper is the same as my C55.
  10. brucemillar

    W203 C32 & C55 bumper differences?

    Folks Can anybody advise if the W203 C32 has a different front bumper from a W203 C55? I am looking to purchase a front splitter and a rear diffuser that were on a C32 AMG and want these for my C55 AMG. There seems to be some confusion about whether the front splitter will fit onto my C55...
  11. jerry270ML

    02 Mercedes-Benz C Class 3.2 C32 AMG 4dr

    Hello, I am selling my C32. I owned the car for the last 5 years, unfortunately I will move abroad and I must sale the car ASAP. It is Black Obsidian with Black AMG leather interior, only 88,000 miles, has Automatic transmission, air conditioning/climate control, Sat/nav, electric heated...
  12. french

    C32 amg

    Hope these prices catch on Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG Saloon 2002 02 **82k Miles - FSH - Fully Recommisioned** | eBay Mercedes C32 AMG Sat/nav+++ | eBay Doubtful,but they do seem to be creeping up.
  13. RyanMuller

    C32 W203 Bosch Intercooler Pump, Intercooler & Pulley

    Hello all, I recently upgraded some parts for the C32 and have the originals left over in perfect working condition. Would anybody be interested in these parts? Was hoping on £100 for the lot but open to offers. The intercooler pump alone is only 6 months old and cost £120 new. I also...
  14. RyanMuller

    C32 Eurocharging

    Well she made 401ftlb and 387.5bhp!
  15. B

    Wheels for C32

    I have a C32 AMG. The car has Carlson wheels J 8.5 on the front & j 10 on the rear The car came with no spare wheel so i have purchased a 17 inch wheel as a spare. Unfortunately I ran over a brick in the road one night & one of my split rim front wheels is beyond repair. Can I replace this...
  16. M

    c32 battery drain

    Well i have done most of the repairs on my Magna red C32 , just the battery drain to sort now . Disconnected the seats and this made no difference , so the multimeter is being readied , if anyone can point me in the right direction would be appreciated. Is it possible to disconnect a SAM unit /...
  17. RyanMuller

    My C32 AMG

  18. french


    This sort of ad annoys me ... the small hit made it a Cat C... Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG | eBay
  19. RyanMuller

    New member: Recently Purchased C32 AMG

    Hello all, Really looking forward to hearing people's reviews on their mercs and to get good info. My old man has just purchased a 2013 C63 AMG and has sold me his C32 AMG pretty cheap with 70k miles on it. Luckily he has looked after it and it's basically had a full respray, 2 brand new...
  20. aquanaut

    For Sale - C32 AMG.....70k miles!

    Hello, putting the feelers out for a friend who is not on the forums. Car is based in Aberdeen. Car has had front disc and pads, water pump, belt, pulleys and tensioners have been replaced in his ownership. 4 x brand new Michelin pilot sport tyre's just fitted. Bad points....battery is...
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