1. E

    W210 E320 owner, willing to buy a C32

    HELLO BUDS I have an e320 with the m112 engine. Ive been trying to mod it, looking for gains. I already spent in Gruppem intake, underdrive pulleys, headers/catback, tune, bigger TB, Bigger maf housing, catch can. The car is still running the same haha, i always wanted an e55 w210, but in my...
  2. John_Doe

    C32 AMG - has issues

    Hi all, Just testing the water really. I'm thinking of selling the C32 but not really sure what she is worth. She recently developed a whirring noise while driving and I'm told its the rear differential but I haven't taken her down to Merc yet to confirm. I paid just under £6,000 for her...
  3. cazyp

    C32 anyone know this car?

    2002 (02) Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG 3.2 auto, 109000 Miles | eBay Anyone seen/owned this one?
  4. TJC

    2002 C32 boot brake light cover

    Need the rear boot light lens cover , cheers. Tony Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  5. CAT220

    C32 - Anyone here know the car?

    Afternoon all, Well I watched my 7 series drive off yesterday so I'm on the look out for an estate. Spotted this c32 on eBay, seems someone on here has owned it at some stage. 2001 MERCEDES C32 AMG SILVER | eBay Would be interested to know a bit more about it. Cheers, C
  6. trainer

    C32 sold now MB less

    I havent been on the forum as much in the last year or so and have driven the C32 even less. I have a company car so it was only drive at weekends. This summer with the glorious whether my wifes mini cooper s convertible has been the choice ride for the weekend. It seemed like the right...
  7. TJC

    C32 amg

    Had it about 6 weeks now , did a deal on my CL600 , so much fun:D Tony
  8. marty359

    Nice C32 Estate

    Nice looking C32 :cool: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=271291849630 Jeez I miss that car but I need a V8 in my life so wont be bidding on it.
  9. A

    Quick question about SL55K intake on C32

    Hi Guys, had a few questions about the above. Done a bit of reading on this by searching the forum so know that the Y-piece at TB end is a lot bigger than C32 one but not too clear about all the piping (from radiator to air-boxes to Y-Piece). Is the SL55 piping also larger in diameter? I read...
  10. S

    My c32 amg

    Seems there's a lot of it about! I picked up SPXs C32AMG estate last night. I was on business up in Warrington so rather than waste an evening in the hotel I took a stunning train ride across the Pennines and got chauffeured from the station at Donny in Lee's nice Q7. We took her out for...
  11. TJC

    My C32 AMG

    Well not sure if i actually did mention it or not , but about a month ago i did a deal on my CL600 AMG and got this C32 AMG. I had a few minor problems with the 600 but with the help of Dash1 off the forum i managed to sort out most of the issues , and the new owner was fully aware of these...
  12. A

    number of maf's on C32 and parts/servicing diagrams

    Hi guys, How many maf's does a C32 have and where are they please? Also, are there any online resources to merc parts diagrams and instructions to changing hardware? I.e. for BMW there's realoem.com for diagrams and parts and spagetticoder.com for removal/installation of parts. Thanks Kash
  13. A

    C32 AMG Uprated shocks/struts & Springs

    Hi All, Just a quick question on what most on here who have changed or uprated their suspension on the C32 tend to go for. I have been searching online and so far have only seen lowering springs such as H&R and Eibach which are amongst the best and Bilstein B6 & B8 shocks as well as Koni. I...
  14. BlackC55

    C32 AMG H&R lowering springs for sale.

    I have a set of H&R C32 lowering springs up for grabs. -40mm drop. They are brand new and have never been fitted. I ordered them in for a customer but they decided that they didn't want them and I can't send them back as they were special order.:( The retail price for them is £193.80 I...
  15. A

    New member looking to get C32

    Hello All, I'm not actually an owner yet but am looking to get a C32 soon. I have been browsing around and came across this forum so thought I would join with the intention of getting some advice from enthusiasts on what to look out for, owner experiences etc when buying a C32. I come from...
  16. Mr Fixit

    C32 wheels fit

    hi I have a C32 2002 and looking at some 18s They are Et18 8J front and Et33 rear 9.5J does anybody know if they will fit. Ive had a look and it appears they might but some 'corroberation'would be appreciated
  17. TJC

    C32 AMG 2002 Auto Dipstick location

    As per title , I have found engine dipstick location , centre rear engine , black cap , but for the life of me i just can not find location of the autobox dipstick/filler location , been trawling the net to no avail , no luck ,if anyone got a picture of the location , think that may be better...
  18. SPX

    Great looking C32 estate on PistonHeads...

    ...mine! Used Mercedes S203 C32 AMG Estate for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 1672521)
  19. jerry270ML

    the ultimate c32 amg

    I don't know if I should cry or laugh . :wallbash: c32night3 - YouTube
  20. D

    C240 to C32 AMG

    Hi I currently have a W203 C240 Avantgarde estate which has been great for the last few years and im considering a C32 AMG estate (of a similar age) as a replacement Obviously the C32 will be quicker but would it be a much better vehicle in general (or just like a souped up 240?) Any...
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