1. astamir

    Clk55 brake calliper swap to c32

    Hi guys! I was going to swap the brake callipers on my w208 clk55 for c32 4 pot brembos after the search on the net I've being seen many guys done it and it looks a straight bolt on job,but no ones mentioned anything about the brake discs. Just wondering if I can use my brake discs on my w208...
  2. Malapert

    new and very happy c32 owner

    Hi everyone, New owner of my first merc :-) very happy with it so far, also new to the forum, even though i used info from this forum to decide on the best c32 to buy so cheers to all the people with the knowledge of these cars that helped me in making the decision. I will get some pics...
  3. B

    IBF 65mm Pulley for C32 AMG.

    I ordered a steel 65mm pulley off IBF a Polish company a few days ago it arrived today. I looked for reviews on the company couldn't find and bad I found good reviews from there other pulleys. So I thought I would give it a go as I can't find no one who has used one on there 32k or crossfire...
  4. O

    C32 AMG or C180?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have been nearly driving for two years now, as I'm 19 years old, and I need to get car for this September, as I will be starting an Apprenticeship. I have been using my dad's c220 a few times each week for the last year but now I will need a car to get to...
  5. H

    c32 crank pulley

    Hi guys hate to ask for assistance already but i need to get crank pulley changed over as the rubber on mine has started to protrude slightly. I bought the part (330 quid!), but don't really want to mess about fitting it myself as i don't have the crank pulley holding tool. Can anyone recommend...
  6. H

    new c32 amg owner

    Hi all, just purchased a nice 68000 mile c32 amg. I've come from an e46 m3 and loving the car so far. A lot more comfortable than the m3 but has power when you need it. Happy to be here! Will get pictures up soon
  7. B

    C32 AMG - she still got it where it counts!

    Quick 0 - 100 mph. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RSugQmpOHos Good old girl. :D
  8. L

    C32 AMG Estate. Designo leather interior.

    Due to my impending emigration to the USA the time has come to sell the best car I have ever owned thus far. If I wasn’t heading west I would happily keep it for many more years. Usual Mercedes silver but with Designo silver interior (cream leather seats). I have not seen another one...
  9. N

    c32 amg not turning over

    After dropping my Daughter of at school this morning and the car seemingly running fine/smooth i've now got a problem with starting her up. I tried 3 times to start her up and she wouldn't turn over, making all the right noises and there didn't seem to be any wrong noises but it just wouldn't...
  10. John_Doe

    C32 random engine misfire

    Afternoon all, I have had this random engine misfire for a while now and it's been too several indy garages and even main dealer. All they tell me is that it's misfiring on cylinders 1 and 6. They recommend changing plugs, leads and coil pack. I can get the same bloody info off a silly little...
  11. Gaz74

    C32 strange misfire

    Hi all, My C32 has developed a misfire/rough running in the last few days and it's a bit of a puzzler, as I put the car on to Star at my local dealer (a friend is a tech there) and it showed no misfires at all. I was kind of hoping that it would, so I'd have somewhere to aim for, but it came...
  12. N

    C32 AMG Wagon

    Just initially putting it out there!! My 03 obsidian black C32 Estate is going up for sale. 117k miles on the clock, main dealer service history up to about 30k ago which has then been either my local Indy or Olly at PCS. Usual C32 spec inc command, telephone prep, climate, leather, sunroof, and...
  13. N

    C32 65mm pulley, sl55 intakes

    I'll be selling on my C32 AMG soon and was wondering whether there is any interest out there in the 65mm pulley and SL55 full air intakes I've installed on the car as it will more than likely go back to standard when it goes. Retail for the 55 intakes are around £350 and the Y pipe I have is the...
  14. P

    722.6XX Transmission Fluid Level - C32

    Hello All. Had the C32 checked over today by an independent MB specialist. Generally OK, but a handful of minor issues I'd like to sort as preventative maintenance measures (breathers leaking, wishbones etc). One of which is a small leak of transmission fluid. Anyway, this got me thinking I...
  15. D

    Looking at possibly my first ever Merc - C32 AMG

    Hi I'm possibly looking at buying (well, looking first) at my first Mercedes and the C32 AMG has really taken my fancy and they're within my allotted budget also! As I only do c3k miles a year (I run my business (and work) from home) so economy really isn't a worry. The most mileage I do...
  16. G

    New Member and C32 owner

    Hi All Quick post to introduce myself. Sold my first Mercedes (2003 c220 Estate) and got my 2001 C32 estate which I'm lovin' to bits. Needed a bit of rust around the doors tidying and the Carlsson's refurbed but all done now and not looking too bad. I'm based in Hertfordshire and I've already...
  17. A

    C32 amg

    Hi, 2002 C32 AMG, high mileage. I'm getting a serious misfire after changing spark plugs. Any ideas? Recent History: There was a very slight misfire on idle. About once every 3 seconds. Never triggered engine light, but needed sorting. No code came up ever. This went on for at least a...
  18. P

    C32 AMG or C320 /E320 CDI sport

    Hello all, As alluded to in my new members first post, I'm in the market for a MB. Ideally after a C32, Specifically looking at BobbyDazzlers ad in the classifieds. May consider other, similarly seemingly well looked after examples with documented history. Alternatively may also consider a...
  19. Bobby Dazzler

    FS: 2003 C32 AMG with FMBSH owned by me since 2005

    Following nine happy years of ownership, the time has come for my C32 AMG to find a new home. It's been maintained regardless of cost, and I've been rewarded with an excellent, reliable car with strong (standard) performance. This car is well known to longstanding members of MBClub, and if...
  20. D

    2007 headlamp upgrade to 2002 C32 AMG

    Hi all, I've fitted 2007 lamps, plugged in the elongated "D" connections, but I'm getting intermittent use of the dipped beams and the main, can anyone tell me if I need a loom conversion or something, this is obviously not the way forward, any help would be ace guys. Thanks, Lee.
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