1. gl boy

    New c class cab !!!!

    I'm tempted by the c43 4matic ,,, seriously debating it , any thoughts ??
  2. Ben320cdi

    What shocks, lowered E350 Cab?

    I have dropped my E350 cab with HR springs. Stance is great car looks cool and generally drives well. However if I hit a dip/yump in the road the car will almost take off. I'm assuming I could do with a slightly firmer shock to go with the springs. I don't want the car to knock all my fillings...
  3. M

    Retro fit sound system in CLK W208 Cab.

    Hi, I have a a 2001 CLK320 W208 fitted with standard Audio 10 and the temperamental standard six cd loader in the boot. I want to fit an updated sound system. In an ideal world keep all the steering wheel controls. Also, use the phone controls connected to my iPhone ideally by Bluetooth. There...
  4. C

    E220 cab rear bumper removed.

    Hi Anyone know how to remove rear bumper on a 2015 e220 cabriolet. Need to fit towbar for cycle carrier. Thanks
  5. F

    E55 amg or Clk55 amg cab

    Hi newbie here looking for either or both of these vehicles.. Any forum members with either for sale can pm me! Many Thanks Peter..
  6. Ben320cdi

    Boot bag or boot rack? E350 Cab

    I have an E350 cab and need to create a little more luggage space for the summer trip with the family. Has anyone on here had any experience with the boot bags that strap to your boot lid? Alternatively has anyone fitted a boot rack to an E350 cab? The boot bag seems the most flexible option...
  7. astamir

    w212 e class cab seats fitting in clk w208

    Hi guys! Was thinking to upgrade the seats and try to fit the seats from e class convertible i found a good shape and condition seats on eBay . Is it a mission Impossible or something can be done? I have never done any seats conversions. I would really appreciate if someone could help and thanks...
  8. R

    C63 AMG CAB A205 Wheel Upgrade Advice Required

    C63 AMG CAB A205 - Wheel Upgrade Advice Looking to upgrade the standard 18" wheel / tyre setup Car supplied new with 18" front 9J 265 35 / rear 10.5J 285 30 (when I look at the merc website it shows narrower tyres at the front .. do they just stick on anything to hand ?) Upgrading to...
  9. W

    Vito Crew cab on Dover - Calais Ferry

    Hi All Thinking about buying a nearly new, new generation Vito Crew Cab/sport compact similar to the old model Dualiner as a family wagon. We do a lot of trips to Europe and I wonder what category owners are booking their Vito under when travelling on cross channel ferries? P&O have a...
  10. C

    Classy E63 Cab spotted

    Tescos car park this morning was graced with this beauty!
  11. A

    W124 cab interior panels

    Dear All, Is there anyone who might have the following. Please see attached pictures. Car is w124 E220 cab, 1994. 1) Drivers side (right) plastic black covering panel that goes around the area where the wind screen visor is held onto the chassis. See picture as it is cracked. 2) In the same...
  12. A

    W124 Cab Roof Controller

    Bit of a long shot but... Working W124 Cabriolet Roof Controller, A124 820 45 26, required. Thanks, Andy
  13. A

    W124 Cab Roof Problems

    The roof on my W124 Cab has stopped working correctly: the soft top cover will not go down. The hydraulic reservoir is full , all operations done with the engine running, fuses checked. The roof will retract normally until the point where the soft top cover should shut. It then ceases to...
  14. U

    Vito Sport 119 crew cab compact

    Hi Looking at purchasing the above, with a few extras inc the light package, anyone purchased similar and happy to let me know what i should be looking at paying?
  15. Falcon45

    Newbie 15 yr old CLK 200 cab komp (w208.4)

    Hi there.... I have used this forum for several years now but never registered 'til this year and only recently posted. I have owned my CLK 200 Cabriolet KOMP for about 11 years now and it was about 4 years old when bought. The 46k miles has now risen to 76k as you can see that...
  16. janner

    W124 E320 twin turbo Cabriolet

    Needs AMG wheels but looks decent condition for under £8k? No engine pics, which is a bit odd? 1993 MERCEDES 320 CE CABRIOLET A TWIN TURBO | eBay
  17. WDB124066

    1995 E320 Cab....

    1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Convertible for sale #1812592 | Hemmings Motor News
  18. merc85

    Volvo c70 cab for Da wife ;) lol

    To keep the mileage down on the Wifes new X-trail, and so i can get about if the weather is iffy (dont use the mb if wet) lol i bought her a Volvo c70 cab, its done 197K! but at £400 i didn't think it really mattered. Its a 2.0lpt manual and surprisingly quite good on fuel. Its also highlighted...
  19. D

    Wanted CLK55 Cab or E55

    Hi All, finally managed to register after the forum thinking i was spam for a while!! Not literally obviously, well I hope not. Ok so been lurking in the background for Months reading up on CLK55's and lately E55's, so i have finally after 20 years of Merc ownership ranging from a mint...
  20. D

    2012 e class cab grill

    Know this might not be the correct section, but I was wondering if anyone knew what car the bonnet grill from a 2012 e class cabriolet is from, i.e, e class, c class or specific to the cab The reason for asking is wanting to de star the grill and put a star on the bonnet Thanks in advance
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