1. B

    CLK 55 AMG Cab W209 - Awful suspension sound

    Hi Chaps, Hoping for a bit of wisdom here - I've had my 55 since June and loved it but I've noticed that when I'm turning uphill like up a petrol station ramp or turning the wheels to park up onto a curb I hear this awful sound coming from the front right suspension. It sounds like a metallic...
  2. M

    Low air coming into cab but fan working

    Hi everyone. I'm in south of France and on way down had the air con on most of the trip. First day no prob, but on the second the air coming into the cab felt like it was restricted? This happened after about 2 hours of use. We stopped took the new pollen filter out and tried the system again...
  3. I

    clk 320 cab ecu swap

    hi all have been following your forums for years but have never needed to ask a question as my 320 cab has never given me any major issues.but now after dead battery wife tried to jump and got terminals wrong way.key wont turn and no remote locking.but have mileage up on dash when open door. am...
  4. M

    w124 e320 cab with body kit

    Looks like a good one, but needs some monoblocks to go with the body kit. MERCEDES E320 AMG BODYKIT For Sale (1993) on Car And Classic UK [C518189]
  5. S

    CLK55 CAB Exhaust modification

    Hi Guys, So this isn't tuning as such, but thought this was the best place to put it. I've got a CLK55 CAB, which I have sourced some genuine AMG tips for a quad conversion. Here's the thing, I don't want to remove the original back box with AMG tips, it's in perfect condition and tbh, all...
  6. V

    2004 CLK55 cab roof won't close/open

    Got a problem with a 2004 CLK55 AMG, The roof won't fully open. It's giving me a warning message saying close ski / boot hatch. Everything's closed and it still won't open or close. It's telling me to visit workshop. Any ideas what this could be and how can I get this fixed?
  7. BillyW124

    £30k 124 Cab M104.

    Mercedes E320 Cabriolet Sportline ( 124-series ) For Sale (1996) on Car And Classic UK [C523905] from CI.
  8. Palfrem

    E36 Cab - this is lovely!

    Mercedes E36 3.6 AMG CONVERTIBLE CABRIOLET E320 M3 E30 E220 E250 S500 SL AUDI RS | eBay Someone buy this.
  9. C

    W124 cab "dome" (interior) light

    The "dome" lights above the windscreen in my E220 W124 cab have stopped working with the door switches. The exit lights (under the doors) are OK and the dome lights can be switched on and off with the switches on the dome light unit. The seat belt presenters work OK I've looked a the "Mitchell"...
  10. W

    Clk320 cab key pho central locking and boot opening

    Clk320 cab year 2000, the infa red key phob on both keys still operates ok but It is getting increasingly difficult to open the boot. The batteries have been changed quite recently . Is there a censor in the boot that may need cleaning or something. Can someone tell me where it is?
  11. ngenius1

    Ver Nice W124 Cab

    Looks great but £20 K !! Mercedes-Benz E-Class E320 Sportline 3.2 24V 220BHP 1996 Blue Dark For Sale, (Car Advert 269245) |
  12. Maxi10

    E350 Cab Aircap Will not Retract

    Hi all after treating myself tp 2010 E350 cabriolet in February, I am disappionted to find that the aircap has now stuck in the open position. It attempts to retract when stating the car or switching off but always returns to open position :failanyone experienced this? I have been quoted £800...
  13. C

    1999 w208 clk cab sport

    Hi again everyone I have awoken my 99 320 CLK sport cab from its winter hibernation but during the winter I damaged the trim on my rear bumper while putting it in the garage my car is a dark metallic blue yet the trims on front and rear bumpers are a different colour almost a grey are these...
  14. S

    E Cab door handle help please

    Hi Team, Been away for a while! :o -About to take delivery of a used 2010/11 E Cab 350Cdi (A207) with a designo spec inside & out:thumb:. The interior drivers door handle is heavily scratched:eek:. -I presume from a careless drivers eternity ring?? Dealer had agreed to swap it, but now...
  15. chopper_harris

    A124 E Cab B-Post Seal ...

    Do you know what it is yet ? . . . . I can't find part numbers for the upper b-post rubbers, which push into the rear side window seals, and under the chrome trim. Several years ago I did try the local MB main agent, they claimed not to be able to find them on EPC, and couldn't order...
  16. I

    E Cab Roof

    Can anyone advise the best way to remove bird droppings from the soft top from my E class cab please. I have cleaned and water proofed the roof a couple of weeks ago but as you are aware that sea gull S***t is very strong if not removed on paint work, so this has gone straight into the fabric...
  17. E

    19" AMG 7 spoke E-Class Cab ET48 19x8.5j x 4

    Basically as the title says after a set for my '63 plate E class Cab. I believe the offset must be ET48 with 19 x 8.5j required allround. Longshot here though is that i would like to/need to include my 18" AMG new style alloys in a trade/part ex however you look at it. Otherwise wait a while...
  18. C240Sport97

    E400 Coupe or Cab

    has any one taken delivery of an E400? If so, would be grateful for insights on the engine, handling and dynamics. any one seen an E400 demo at any MB dealer?
  19. W

    E220 Cab Intermittent immobilizer problem

    Hi I'm in real need of some help as i'm about to go crazy!! My E220 was parked up for a couple of years while i was working away. Since putting it back on the road I've had a couple of niggle to deal with but this is the worst. Sometimes the sensors just do not work (the door one stopped...
  20. emailme1042

    Unidentified ticking noise - E500 Cab?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this so please be patient and bear with me. I have a E500 cab 2012 that I purchased 8 months ago and upon test drive I noticed a ticking noise when braking and the sales person said it was down to dynamic braking, the cars lumbar controls did not work either. Nevertheless...
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