1. S

    Two young Irish lads showing some so called "X Factor"
  2. CubbyMK

    Spyshots: 2014 Mercedes C63 AMG Spotted, Could Be Called C55

    Apologies if already posted / mentioned, couldn't find it on here. Spyshots: 2014 Mercedes C63 AMG Spotted, Could Be Called C55 - autoevolution Interesting read :)
  3. Steve Holland

    This so called Bullet Proof W202 has blown a Rad.

    Well this long awaited Mercedes owning journey is costing a bloody fortune!!!!! Yesterday evening sitting in traffic and "BANG".............."HISHHHHHHHHHH" ! quick glance at the temp and reads normal just above 80 ??? I think to "myself bugger it a hose has split?" Pull over open bonnet, to...
  4. 6

    What are these called?

    How can I find out wot those rims are?? v fiber clk - Google Search cheers
  5. Dave Richardson

    Could someone tell what this pipe is called

    Whilst changing the thermostat on my w203 220cdi I have accidentally snapped a brittle "T" piece on a fuel pipe, & I'm hoping that someone can tell me what the pipe is & what it's called. The pipe has a white plastic slide clip to loosen & is fitted to the top of what I think is the fuel...
  6. D

    What is this valve called?

    Now I know never to touch one again. Nasty thing will not seal, but loves spraying me with water
  7. maestegman

    Need two bits - not sure what they're called

    I've just noticed that the MB symbol is no longer on the front of my 03 W211 E270. It's about 6" in diameter and looked as though it was made of shiny silver plastic. What's it called and where can I source an inexpensive replacement? I also need to get hold of the driver's side pull-tag on...
  8. whizzkid11

    Q: What's this plant called?

    I can't for the life of me remember what this plant is called - anybody know? I need to buy one today, but don't know what to ask for. THANKS in advance! :thumb:
  9. J

    What are these alloys called?

    1x mercedes alloys wheels 205 /55/R16 - W208 | eBay UK I really like them remember we had them on our W210 E300 Turbodiesel.. I think they'd look good on my W202, once I've worn the tyres off the 6 spoke W203 Alloys I've got now. Many Thanks.
  10. R

    Windows called me...

    ...should I be worried. They said they were from windows and were warning about trojan files etc. I was was asked to type "prefetch" into the run box this showed files, which apparently are malicious. I was then passed over to a supervisor who asked ,me to type in "wwwdot...
  11. trapperjohn

    Fire Brigade called to my 124.

    You know how it is. You get the car you have always wanted - In this case a 124 300D 24V, Saloon. 142K on an M. You have it serviced - new glow plugs too. You get new wings on it, you have the wheels refurbed. You have just about a bottom half respray. New bumper inserts. You fit a leather...
  12. Bishy

    What is the black leather called in a W211 E55??

    Think ive messed up! got some leather dye to cover in a few marks on my leather................and I think that ive used the wrong shade!! I did a search and eveybody called it black! great help but some said "anthracite black" which I bought! just put some on and it looks lighter...
  13. F

    So called AMG 124 CE!
  14. sgtbob

    What are these wheels called?

    Anyone know what these wheels are called? And where to get a set/how much they cost etc? Post #3 - Tillys Car Cheers, Rob.
  15. D

    What is this plug called and where to buy it from?

    Guys do you know what is this power plug/connector called. Its a 3 Wire plug that goes into the Cd changer to power it. Also if I was to buy it, where can I buy it from. Please let me know. Many thanks
  16. rf065

    New CLK to be called CE? Russ
  17. P

    My GL has been called in for an urgent safety recall

    Sounds pretty alarming.... electrical discontinuity in the crankshaft sensor could occur under unfavourable circumstances. If this problem occured, the engine would lose power. It could also be no longer possible to start it....... Therefore we will replace the crankshaft sensor on your...
  18. B

    whistling noise, not sure what the units called

    just noticed i got a whistling noise under the hood, as i look at the engine it seems to be coming from the the unit top right of where the belt runs, its a black square with a screw cap on the top, its just a constant whitsle is it possibly the powersteering pump or the water pump my cars a...
  19. gina2201

    Tax disc so called sticky pads...

    I'm sure everyone's had an experience with these.... I have a stainless steel tax disc holder which came with the transparent sticky pads, which are blimmin' useless, my lovely shiney disc holder is now all scratched from falling off numerous times!:mad: So, does anyone know of transparent...
  20. Maff

    The Dark Side has called.... BMW 330d M-Sport

    Well my quest for a C32 AMG has ended up resulting in a BMW 330d M Sport! I know its no C32 AMG, but this car has really caught me by surprise. Very comfortable, loads of gadgets and plenty quick enough for a daily driver. Its a 2007 330d with M-Sport Package, only has 830 miles on the...
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