1. dog

    Cambelt R129 300sl

    Fanbelt R129 300sl I am going to have my fanbelt and tensioner changed on my R129 300sl have you got change the water pump too (so i've been told ).
  2. abecketts

    Cambelt Change Position on buying a car from a motor dealer

    I might have missed something as part of our recent purchase of a RX300 regarding the cambelt. Car is a mid 2004 reg and according to the lexus service book which i've now read the cambelt should be changed every 100k miles or 10 years. I have no proof it has been done despite an extensive...
  3. R

    1988 W124 300E Cambelt change frequency?

    Hi Firstly does it have a cam belt? If so how often should it be changed? Thanks!
  4. C

    Cambelt change normal service mileage

    Hi all, New to this and my first MB. I have just bought a c220 cdi diesel elegance estate. I understand this is also known as a W203. The year is late 2003. Thank you guys for the discount at Eurocarparts, just got sorted with usual bits for an oil and filter change. This is a one previous...
  5. D

    Just bought CLK320 - advise on garages and cambelt please!

    Hi there, My wife recently bought a Mercedes CLK320 Elegance, 04 plate with 40,000 miles on the clock. I believe i need to change the cambelt after 100k miles or 10 years, so next year — it will be due. We live in West London, by Ealing and having never owned a Mercedes before i was hoping...
  6. G

    Cambelt change on c220 cdi

    Hi i have just looked through my service history and can not see that the cambelt has been done. The car is a 2005 (54) c220 cdi. What are the imtervals for cambelt replacement and whats the cost roughly going to be? Greg Greg
  7. D

    chain or cambelt for 300SL?

    Does my 300Sl - 24 have a chain or cambelt? The manual talks about 'arrangement of the V belt'. Is this a cambelt? And whatever it is will it need replacing? thanks
  8. J

    does my W203 have a cambelt ?

    Hi all, my W203 is coming up to 72,000 miles now, and wondered if i would need to change the cambelt, however i rang mercedes, and they did tell me that mercedes do not have cambelts, any advice on this please ? Many thanks James
  9. D

    Polo 1.9Tdi Sport cambelt change

    Hi, i'm new here and need some advice, please! I have a 2003 Polo 1.9Tdi Sport with 52,000miles. Is it due a cambelt change? If so does anyone know a good independant in my area (Bridgend,S.Wales) & approx how much I'd be looking at? Am I correct in assuming I'd need the tensioner,idler & water...
  10. W

    VW polo cambelt change price "O my god"

    I brought a 2000 polo sdi diesel last autum, drove it to spain and back over Xmas, and plan to go again in march, drives like a dream. It needs its cambelt, and water pump replacing, went into local VW dealer with a 10% discount they said £370. thats for belt and pump. I was thinking £270 max...
  11. G

    Does the CL500 W215 has a cambelt?

    Does the W215 , CL500 has a cam belt or it has a nice chain ... which does not need change every now and then :crazy:
  12. S

    cambelt change clk320 w208

    recently acquired the above car with 75k miles and full mb service history, on a x plate, cant find any record of the cambelt being changed,at what mileage is it due for change and a rough estimate of the cost. thank you
  13. B

    C230 W203 Cambelt or chain?

    Helloooo I have a facelift C230 Komp and I would like to know if it has a cambelt or if its chain driven. I can see a large belt at the front of the engine is this the cambelt or just for the supercharger? What are the replacement intervals on belts/chains? Thanx for any info!! Mike...
  14. E

    Cambelt change ?

    I used to have a vec, and the cambelt change ( every 40 k ) was quite costly, I dread to think of the cost of the belt on a E class. i hears the S has a chain, does the E, if so how often do they need changin ?
  15. D

    '91 SL500 - Cambelt Change Intervals

    Can anyone tell me what the change intervals are for a 91 SL500? And does anyone know how much a change costs?
  16. M

    CLK230k cambelt or chain?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a 98 CLK230k has a cambelt? if so what mileage should it be replaced? can seem to find any evidence of it in the service book, am i just being stupid? Also where could i get a cheap replacement remote key? Thanks very much Marvy G :bannana:
  17. uumode

    E240 (W210) cambelt change?

    what's the recommended interval for a cambelt change?
  18. N

    C280 Cambelt change?

    OK, this may sound really stupid to you guys well versed in all things Mercedes but having read through all of the (full) service history of my '94 C280 Elegance that I bought today can find no reference to changing of the cambelt, even in the Maintenance Booklet (ie the dealer-stamped service...
  19. OGiii

    C180 Cambelt or chain?

    Hi - I'd appreciate some help and advice please. I've just entered the world of Merc ownership by buying a 97 C180 Esprit Estate Auto for my wife. Picked it up on Saturday and after driving it over 200 miles home I have to say that it is an excellent car. It's done 97k but has a full main...
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