1. Dieselman

    My C-Coupe never ceases to amaze me...

    At just how crap it is in wet conditions, the old W210 had loads more grip. Tonight there was a bit of standing water on what is admittedly a concrete dual carriageway, but I got full lift off and a rear end moment at a roundabout. Even Mrs Dm managed a four wheel slide on a wet patch when...
  2. ViscountDracula

    New C-Coupe owner

    Hello, I've already posted a couple of replies in the main forums so apologies for doing my introduction a little late... Just bought a new C-Coupe (220cdi AMG Sport auto in "Cavansite Blue" metallic) with the Becker Map Pilot. Loving it so far - something of a trade-up from my Smart car...
  3. B

    Access to rear panel of 2012 c-coupe.

    Does anyone have any instructions / ideas how to access the rear panel (just below the rear passenger window, about 5-6 inches behind the drivers door and where the speaker for the rear passenger is) of the 2012 c-coupe for paintless dent removal. Basically, a guy is coming to sort out a dent...
  4. B

    Windscreen size of c-coupe!

    After a full 2 months of ownership the windscreen of my c-coupe has a long scratch from where the wiper blades have dragged grit across the screen - as i can feel it with my finger nail I've been advised that replacement is the only option. It's being done tomorrow by Autoglass (£75 insurance...
  5. S

    AMG side skirts C-coupe CL203

    AMG side/sill skirts for a C-class coupe wanted, please Cheers, Matt
  6. S

    CL203 C-Coupe Bi-xenons

    Facelift bi:)-:)xenons wanted please. Thanks
  7. T

    2003 McLaren-inspired C-coupe

    Here are some pics during various phases I owned the car: Monster truckin', before Tiens. Photoshoped the 2-tone Painting Fresh out of the spray booth Fitting Lorinser sideskirts Car PC (touch screen) Brushed aluminum trim and Brabus shifter First show pics Photoshop ideas...
  8. johncl

    C-coupe sunshades

    Have any of you seen these sunshades that are for the coupe? I can't find anything here in the US. I am looking for a source to purchase. Thanks....
  9. johncl

    A few pics of my '02 C-Coupe

    I just wanted to share a few pix of my C230 coupe. I think that I may be a rarity here as I am a US member. I have not seen too many others, but I have not been around that long. Anyway, some pictures. All of my mods are listed in my signature.
  10. GrahamC230K

    Brucer's C-Coupe Very nice mate! Very sporty looking, love the tints, top choice of gearbox for the car, plus my favourite alloys. Jealous!
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