1. AndrewOl

    X164 Chassis Corrosion

    Hi, Had a look underneath my 2006 ML and was surprised to see significant corrosion on the rear sub-frame and on the floor around the sub-frame mounting points. Neither area is in a position that gets a lot of spray so I was a little surprised. If left untreated I think this would cause...
  2. D

    colour code in w129 chassis number

    any knows which part in the chassis number for w129 car pls anybody knows the code for the types of blue for that chassis pls
  3. brucemillar

    Chassis and Under Body Cleaning

    Does anybody have any suggestions to clean properly under the car? I have a Karcher and wondered if there is some kind of flexible attachment? What do other people do (apart from just not bother).
  4. S

    W203 springs for sport chassis

    Hi folks, I have a 2002 W203 c270cdi estate, which has recently had front suspension work completed. The car is an elegance model with sports chassis, so I spec'd the springs as such, Sachs sports lowered for C270/C320cdi. The struts are also spec'd Bilstein B4 for this model, and I also got the...
  5. 320 CLK

    Vehicle information from Chassis number.

    Hi. I got some time ago information on my W210 from the chassis number. It was great, gave the cars full spec. I can't remember where I got it. I know someone on here gave me the link. I have bought a nice 1998 C240 estate. It's a Japanese import. Would love to get the full information from the...
  6. N

    First 1993 SL500? - chassis numbers

    Have been doing a bit of research on my 1993 R129 SL500 and was interested to see from Wiki that starting in 1993 for the 1994 model year, R129 were re-designated so 500SL became SL500. I am interested to find out what the chassis number of the first 1993 SL500 would have been. For sake of...
  7. Sudesh

    Getting Chassis number just by reg

    Hi all. I'm having an issue with installing a new touch screen, DVD, cd blah blah blah unit for my dad for his 70th lol. Unitfortunitally it's not just plug and play as I though in the add. The installer needs to know the chassis number of the car, and as my dad is away with the car and I...
  8. Y

    Clc ground point on passenger sidr chassis leg

    Hi all, My ground wires on the passenger side chassis leg are ripped off, i believe one goes to the foglight anyone know where the others should go as i can not see where they have been pulled off Cheers
  9. PhilLinda

    Chassis Rust

    I've noticed small amounts of surface rust on the chassis members behind the rear wheel arches. Nothing serious but nonetheless it is rust. Should I attempt to sand down the rust and paint with Hammerite or just give the area a good clean and apply some protective wax? Access is pretty...
  10. K

    W126 3 volume chassis & engine manuals

    As title says 3 part manual in immaculate condition 90% of the pages are in plastic A4 wallets in the ring binders. Engine section is for the 3.8 & 5.0 versions. Buyer needs to collect from Didcot as they weigh 98lb so can't post. £100
  11. Borys

    CL500 / S500 on w215 and w220 chassis pls

    Got a question to rgds how your v8 engine sound? On start up does it whines/whistles a bit? Checked youtube and with my mates s500 and it seems they whine a bit up to 2000rpm Was thinking about alternator bearing at fault first but like I said compering to other car all seem to sound like this...
  12. M

    Karcher under chassis cleaner

    Hi have a brand new sealed .karcher under chassis cleaner .unopened complete with corrosion protection and cleaner as recommended by aa free postage cost 70 will take £45 including free postage
  13. L

    FK Silverline Coilovers- CL203 CLC and Sport Coupe- W203 Chassis

    Hi All, Please find my FK Silverline Coilovers for sale. I purchased them from Venom Motorsport for £447 in October 2013 and have had them fitted to my 2008 CLC since March 2014. Although they are for the CL203 (CLC and Sport Coupe) they may actually fit other W203 C Class models and...
  14. 320 CLK

    Chassis numbers.

    Is there a thread or system for decoding information out of it. Have done it with other cars I own just curious of specs and what's obtainable from the numbers.
  15. John

    E55 specification from chassis?

    Anyone able to look up specifications from a chassis number? I'm wondering what was chosen on mine having always assumed it had naff all options.
  16. M

    W124 300TD with sport chassis

    It's not even as wildly expensive as I'd imagine for a Charles ironprice car. I've not seen a Diesel w124 with a sport chassis before...or electric heated seats for the matter. Car Detail
  17. 1

    W124 Sports Chassis?

    Not sure how I've managed not to notice before but I saw this today when I opened the fuel filler: I'm not sure if it's supposed to have something in the boxes on the bottom sticker or not, or if all cars had this but the sport chassis optioned cars had numbers in there. How can I tell if my...
  18. N

    1991 199 190E 2.6 with AC, leather & Sport chassis

    Bid to £205 w/ 1 day to go. Bloke doesn't seem to know it has the highly 'sort' after 650 option, sport chassis with 15 hole alloys, which look to have been replaced with what might be Lorinsers. Might be a bargain. Possible red flag - "Upon looking today, i seem to have misplaced the...
  19. P

    karcher chassis cleaner

    Anybody ever clean the chassis of their car? Saw one of these on amazon and was thinking if it was worth it. Karcher Chassis Cleaner: DIY & Tools
  20. Piff

    Mitsubishi L200 Chassis Rust

    My L200 is coming up to 3 years old & 9K miles. I've just phoned main dealer to book in for service/MOT/warranty work. Part of warranty attention requested is to attend to chassis rust. These are shots of each of the 4 wheel arches I haven't crawled under, but I can't imagine its...
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