1. Charles Morgan

    My Citroen SM

    All info here but it is a fabulous car I shall really miss, but I have too many classics. Mileage shown is wrong - it's 76000km not miles! Citroen SM 1972
  2. brucemillar

    6 Wheeled Citroen

    I was sat alongside one of these yesterday on the M2 London Bound. I have to say, it looked fantastic. It was the same colour as the one in the picture and just looked right on the road. Anybody know much about them?
  3. fab1975

    Road rage in Yorkshire - Citroen Picasso vs moped

    People are finding the Ronnie Pickering video absolutely hilarious - Telegraph Does anybody know this gentleman? Come on... confess :-PP
  4. grober

    Citroen to scrap their HydroPneumaticSuspension

    For all forum members who are fans of the Citroen's HydroPneumatic Suspension system it would appear its days are numbered!. Available on the top spec C5 saloon models at present production is due to cease in the PSA plant in Caen in Normandy. Maybe time to stock up on spares...
  5. grumpyoldgit

    CITROEN 2CV CHARLESTON Sold for €14,000 (£10,500)

    Any other owners thinking of selling theirs, or know someone who owns one? Number 3 in this list. Millions spent at the RM Auctions sale at Retromobile, Paris Rather nice 300 SL Roadster at number 30.
  6. ringway

    French Maids Change Oil on Citroen SM.

  7. Charles Morgan

    Mercedes 190 2.5 16 & Citroen XM exterior detail in North West

    Dieselman kindly put me on to Vince, a fellow Citroen XM owner, who does exterior detailing in his spare time via Pallas. He hails from Oldham so he came down for a weekend and did the Cosworth too. The XM had been long neglected while the Cosworth had been repainted just before I bought it...
  8. 230K

    For Dieselman........ warning Citroën!!!!

    I was at a wedding on Lake Garda a few weeks ago and the Citroen guys had a bit of a get together so I snapped away on the phone for Dieselman. Enjoy 230k Sent from my GT-I9505 using MBClub UK
  9. Dieselman

    Citroen DS & SM Rally today

    If anyone is interested, this years DS & SM rally is this weekend at Cricket field, Little Horwood, Milton Keynes, MK17 0PF. The sun is shining so a decent turn out should be on the cards. I'm going so will post back pictures later. Other Citroen events have typically been like...
  10. Palfrem

    un jour day out pour le Citroen de Charles et les amis

    La Vie en Bleu 2013 - Prescott Speed Hill Climb And a two for one offer...
  11. D

    citroen hydractive

    Hi all, Anyone here a fan of the citroen hydropneumatic suspension systems. I am asking because I am as I've had a car that had a properly working system, and it's a wonderful thing. Contrary to popular to belief it's not too hard to fix either. Just wondering if anyone else has had a...
  12. J

    Citroen c6!

    just come in.. had displeasure of seeing a citroen c6...... what a load of baloney!! no exaggeration, it was wafting about, bouncing up and down.. no word of a lie, there was about 4 to 5 inch gap between the tyre and the arch.. i really thought cars like this were no more...
  13. swannymere

    Info required for Citroen Dispatch

    I know it's a little off piste but does anyone know of any Citroen forums or if an early citroen dispatch door is the same as a facelifted one? I need a door for my 2005 and have been offered a door from a 1999 model and need to be sure before pulling the trigger, thanks in advance :confused:
  14. Piff

    Citroen body panels

    Number 2 son has managed to bend the Citroen C2 by trying to park too close to a fence post!:wallbash: I need a nearside front wing - plenty available on the www. Also need a nearside sill but I'm drawing a blank here. Sill appears to be part of a much larger rear wing panel on the car...
  15. Palmball

    I've bought a new Citroen

    I got fed up of waiting for the C63 so I've cancelled the order and downsized! :eek: actually, that was all a big lie! :rolleyes: It's actually my girlfriends new car and after my constant moaning about her previous car, a Mini Cooper S, she finally decided to shut me up and...
  16. SilverSaloon

    Citroen Picasso 2.0 HDI (Turbo Diesel) 2001 51 plate

    For sale: 2001 (51 plate) Citroen Picasso 2.0 HDI SX MOT dec. Purply silver colour. tax has just run out but its CHEAP on this car because of the C02 stuff etc. 3 proper seats in the back that can be removed etc - really versitile. 88,000 miles. aircon, trip computer, leccy...
  17. nickg

    citroen picasso for sale - fully loaded bargain

    For sale Citroen Picasso 1.8i Exclusive petrol, manual, metallic Silver 1 owner from new 1st regd 31 Dec 2002, Approx 65,000 miles FSH - part dealer, part well-trusted local indy This was the top spec model at the time so well-specced as standard Spec: Fully colour coded exterior in...
  18. SimonsMerc


    Assuming a need for a 7-seater, and the E-class is not an option because the emissions are far too high ...what do people think of the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso? Citroën UK - The New C4 Picasso I had one as a hire car a while back, and I was very impressed with the build quality (and I'm...
  19. Timster

    From Mercedes 124 to Citroen Picasso

    So, while working in the A and E dept in Lerwick, Shetland, I was asked if I'd go over to Foula for a few days as they needed medical cover immediately as the resident medic had to leave the island in a hurry. The flight over was awesome, the pilot let me sit in the co-pilots seat, and fly...
  20. robert.saunders

    You're less likely to have a personal plate in Grimsby, especially on your Citroen BX

    People who have personalised number plates on their cars are most likely to live in Scotland, a survey has found The Grimsby Docks in England is where drivers are least likely to have them. The survey found owners of luxury cars, such as Ferraris, were more likely to splash out on the special...
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