1. D

    CL55 C215[ kompressor ideally] wanted or CL600 possibly

    one to keep and look after long term ,well looked after one preferably, trying to find the right one .Whats out there?
  2. BillyW124

    97 CL600 V12.. future values?

    Its been a while since I've posted, good to be back! What's the general concensus on these lovely beasts in this form in terms of future values if they were kept in great condition in say 10 - 15 years time? Specifics: Azurite Blue with mushroom/light stone two tone interior, big spec...
  3. I

    2007 CL600 - next service, spark plugs question

    Hello all. I bought a 2007 CL600 in July of this year from a main dealer with 12 month used approved warranty. Had about 36k miles and now has 38k. I believe it had its last service in Oct/Nov 2014 and may be due a service next month as a result (although I have seen online that MB recommend...
  4. french

    Nice looking CL600 Bi Turbo

    Looks to good to be true plus '0' feedback rings bells , absolute stael if OK. MERCEDES BENZ CL600 AUTO BI TURBO | eBay
  5. greghm

    cl600 - CL65 ...

    Something tells me that there is something inacurrate on this one... Mercedes-Benz CL 6.0 CL65 AMG 2dr
  6. O

    Brabus CL600

    I wonder if anyone knows the Brabus CL which has appeared on Evilbay, low miles high price but good reg number. Dare I ask -is it "worth"it?
  7. I

    Music solution for 2007 CL600?

    I recently bought a 2007 CL600. I am now trying to get a music solution to work with the COMAND system. From my online research I bought the following 3 products: PCMCIA Compact Flash Card Adaptor for Mercedes COMAND APS systems (S E C GLK Class) with PCMCIA Slot Transcend All-in-1 Multi-Card...
  8. paul73mt

    Flat Battery CL600 Help

    I have a mate who has a CL 600 but his battery has gone flat and is unable to open the boot as the battery is so low. He has been told the only way around this is to remove the rear glass, then take the parcel shelf out to allow access to the something that will allow him to open the boot and...
  9. abecketts

    W140 cl600

    Mercedes Benz CL600 V12 Auto.. | eBay low mileage example, the service at 48k was just a few coppers under £5k :crazy: I wonder what had been neglected, looks good in black with those alloys.
  10. B

    W216 cl600

    2007 W216 CL600 in silver, AMG body kit and 20inch wheels recent refurb in black. Grey leather interior all the toys you would expect on this model of car, 10 months MOT, 80,000 mile great condition. I am in Bristol any intrest i am on 07747626971 Dave. £1700 or best offer
  11. H

    ABC front Strut sticky w215 CL600

    Hi all I suspect I might have a problem with my left front ABC strut.. it seems occationally that front left end of car is bit lower then rest and when started it will raise up a bit to normal position and have also occasional problem when riding hard through turns that left front wheel...
  12. greghm

    CL500/600 vs SL350 or up

    Hello gents, I went through a bit of reading here and I think it is the right time to ask the community. Sorry if this has been asked already. I am considering putting between 4 to 6k in a week end car which would be either a 2000-2003 CL500 or an older SL350 or SL500. They both appear sexy...
  13. ringway

    CL600 Bi Turbo Coupe One owner Full MB history 67,000 miles.

    Looks lovely, and the seller has very good feedback. No leaves on the trees though... LINK.
  14. abecketts

    w215 CL600 TT remapped to 650bhp

    Might be of interest to someone Mercedes-Benz CL600 5.5 auto CL600 Bi Turbo F/S/H Black Clean Example £9995 | United Kingdom | Gumtree
  15. D

    Cl600 analogue tv conversion

    Hi , I have a 2002 cl600. . Is there an easy fix to get the tv working again , as its analogue ... Is there a kit to convert to digital , that just plug and play without the need for a degree in electronics engineering ?
  16. brigadier

    C140 cl600 amg

    Interesting car and very low miles, but worth the asking price? :dk: Mercedes Benz CL600 V12 Auto.. | eBay
  17. Phil woods

    New member CL600

    Hi new member here from the Midlands,had a few Mercedes over the years R129sl 320 W140s 500s coupe and saloon etc have been running a Monaro VXR for the last 5 years still have her but a fortnight ago purchased a 2003 CL600 bi turbo obsidian black. Done a few mods already Viseoo Bluetooth...
  18. B

    CL600 - thinking of buying

    Good evening I am not an MB "expert" but having owned a 2001 SL I admire the quality So I am seeking some help please I have come across a 2002 one owner 19000 mile CL600 Black and cream interior Full MB history with a new service and warranty to go with the car CL600 - mad idea ?? Or...
  19. mct_cars

    CL600 with a lovely interior.....

    Had to share this. Going through BCA if anyone is interested. Be the envy of all your friends with this CL600 (the boxy shape), with this tasteful interior. Sadly the exterior is plain old boring Silver and looking a tad tired!
  20. carat 3.6

    Lorinsor cl600

    I'm liking the look of this... LHD mercedes s600 coupe v12 LORINSER, amg, brabus, | eBay
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