Cost of 'A' service CL600 BT

    Phoned the MB main dealer in Ayr and asked for a quote for an A service ( using my oil. 9.5 lts ) including brake fluid change. The price to include an MOT and a loan car. £242.51 I do not think that is bad at all.
  2. F

    Is the 'V12 BiTurbo' badge on 2004 CL600 factory?

    Hi All, Does anyone know if the 'V12 BiTurbo' badge on the boot of a 2004 CL600 would be original/factory issue please? Many thanks
  3. F

    CL600, new to Merc, and in with a bang!

    Hi all, So just took the plunge and bought a 2004 CL600..will be another couple of months before I pick it up as I work overseas but checked it out at the weekend in the UK and knew right away..Always loved them and it was just beautiful. Will post photos when I have it in my mitts...
  4. MushroomGaz

    2002 CL600 - Central Locking

    Just purchased vehicle last week (Private Sale). Central locking not working. Hand hear a pump on when pressing remote key to lock and sounds like running for several seconds. I can also hear a click on the boot as though is locking. Both drivers and passenger door will not locking. I can...
  5. S

    Gutted - broken CL600

    I have a 2005 600 which my pride and joy Car is running shortened linkages to lower ride height slightly but I have had no issues.....until today! Driving home tonight and white followed by red abc light came on. Lots of smoke from under the hood Pulled over to find front suspension has...
  6. bouzirouge

    cl600 pulsing tickover, indicators, wipers, hrw on

    Hi guys, my cl600 tickover "pulses" on startup. It goes from 0 to 800rpm in a steady rythmic style like someone blipping the throttle in time to music. does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? here's a quick update on the progress i've made so far with the indicators, wipers and...
  7. 350_Coupe

    very tidy looking 2003 CL600

    Nice looking car, with a huge spec..... ***MINT 2003 MERCEDES CL600 V12 BI-TURBO SILVER COUPE WITH FMBSH & 60 PHOTOS*** | eBay
  8. bouzirouge

    code reader w140

    I've found this code reader up for sale. Is this the kind of thing i need to read the codes on my 1994 cl600? There doesn't seem to be a screen so do I count the flashes or what? If it is the right tool, how much should i be offering for it? regards, Stewart
  9. bouzirouge

    cl600, greetings from france

    hi guys, see pics of my new car once i've worked out how to re-size them. dug it out of the barn today, had to move all the other mercedes out of the way first though. some really nice classics in there. the man has crates and crates of spares for these older cars. he's not a fan of new fangled...
  10. H

    cl600 battery

    Hi to you all, I am leaving my CL parked for a couple of months. I know the battery will go flat so should i just disconnect it? Will doing this cause any problems. many thanks Clint
  11. mark_le_b

    Lorinser CL600

  12. H

    Driving my CL600 bi turbo from Reading to Spain

    Hi all, So I traded my old 2001 CL 600 in against a 2003 CL600 bi turbo and off i go. A few problems concerning ICE module and ignition coild pack and a cooling pump which Star in Reading dealt with superbly i was away. I got the ferry to Calais and then drove down through France towards...

    CL600 Biturbo Update.

    Its now nigh on 12 months since I bought the CL. It was purchased from the Main Dealer in Ayr under the 'Approved used Scheme' and came with 12 months Tier 1 warranty. I initially Purchased it with the intention of keeping it 12 months then changing it. Since then I have come to love the comfort...
  14. H

    comand sat nav disc for a 2001 w215 cl600

    I am taking my car to Spain and would like to upgrade the satnav disc. I have seen some on the internet but the prices seem to good to be true. If anyone knows the right disc for me i would be grateful. Clint
  15. Melk63

    For Sale Coil Pack to fit V12 CL600, SL600, S600

    Now that my CL600 is sold, I am putting this coil pack up for sale. I bough it to keep as spare but never needed it. It's for Near Side (passenger side) block. Details on eBay as below: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace If you need any info, please PM me or emaii. Mel.
  16. tombadino

    cl600 water pump

    Hi guys Well the first problem with the lovely cl600 (2001) bought in August. Me thinks the water pump is on the way out as there is a lot of rattling comming from the front end , one of the belts seems to be running quite untrue and the temp is easing its way slightly higher (over the 80 mark)...
  17. Melk63

    My Car For Sale - '53 CL600 BiTurbo AMG Bodykit

    Time for change, so my daily driver is up for sale on PistonHeads: Mercedes-Benz : CL600 V12 BiTurbo AMG body & Deisgno interior If anyone is interested or need more photos, please pm me with your name, number and email address. Thanks, Mel.
  18. S

    Newbie - CL55 vs CL600

    Hi All, I'm currently looking at both a CL55 AMG (2000 and 2002) and a CL600 Bi-Turbo (2002).. I haven't quite made my mind up on which car i'd like so i'm going to take a look at them all. The CL55's have done relativly low mileage (55k) but require "tidying", and the CL600 is just going...
  19. DSLiverpool

    CL600 / CL500 W215 - Different Cars ?

    I missed the Silver CL600 because I cant live with 68k miles - it looked lovely. Ive found a Obsidian and beige CL600 that is lovely but miles away and a Silver and Graphite CL500 on 39k miles 06 locally The CL500 looks immaculate, is well priced and is a one owner FMBSH car local to me...
  20. N

    WANTED: 2000-2002 MB CL500 or CL600

    Hi chaps. My dad is on the lookout for a clean 2000-2002 CL500 or CL600. 2000+ Non turbo. Around 100K or under. Clean, no rust. Would prefer a light leather interior. Cream favourite. Not fussy on exterior colour, rather not silver though. He'd like to buy a genuine clean example from an...
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