1. daveenty

    Vacuum cleaners

    Not a "which model" or anything like that, but does anyone know if it's possible to slow the motor down on one using a dimmer type switch? I have a little Vax Mach8 which is currently being used as part of a dust extraction system in a blast cabinet, though at the moment it's much too powerful...
  2. Dave Richardson

    Conservatory & UPVC Cleaners

    This morning Mrs Dave SWMBO suggested that the UPVC on the outside of the conservatory needing a good clean after the winter rains etc;:wallbash::wallbash: I set to work with some Cif & a non scratch sponge & yes it worked however the surface has lost much of its lustre . Are there any...
  3. rockits

    Steam Cleaners

    Anyone have anything or used anything like this: Discover the ONE Plus? Steam Cleaner from Dupray Need to give the E55k a good going over to get it up to scratch and something like this seems that it would save me some hours and hard graft for quite a few little nooks and crannies. I...
  4. guydewdney

    domestic cleaners, how much, how long?

    We employ what i consider to be the worlds slowest cleaner. Reliable, good cleaners are few and far between around here, so i must 'put up' with it, according to swmbo. so to clean 2 main rooms, living plus kitchen diner, plus hallway x 2, small bathroom, shouldnt take 4 hours, twice a week...
  5. C180CGI

    White Leather cleaners

    Hi guys, could anyone recommend me any good white leather seat cleaners? I brought a box from Halfords but turned out to be very cheap and only lasted 1/4 of a seat so returned them. Thanks
  6. Omega

    Injector Cleaners ???

    Hi, I’ve just had my MoT done. The Halfords tester said, “passed with flying colours,,,,, but you might want to consider putting injector cleaner in once in a while. This model is known to get a bit gummy”. Mine is a late 2007 cdi, with 37800 on the clock. 1/ I was under the...
  7. M

    Fuel/Turbo/Egr etc cleaners

    Hi all Having seen numerous posts about which cleaners to use for fuelsystem, turbo etc, I had this link sent in an email to me, Turbo Cleaning and Turbo Cleaners | Oilem - Lifting the lid on the market. Although it is linked to Powerenhancer, Power Enhancer HOME | Engine Cleaning | Injector...
  8. John Jones Jr

    Catalytic converter cleaners, any good/worthwhile?

    Guys, As per the title. Any views/comments/experience welcome. Now, I'm well aware cleaners won't restore a failed catalytic converter but can they clean deposits from a functioning converter and maybe help restore its efficiency? Cheers in advance.
  9. N

    Injector Cleaners

    Hi All W203 2005 220CDI Does anybody recommend using Injector cleaners if so which do you think is the best. Thanks Norman
  10. tasn1

    What do you think of engine cleaners or petrol addictives?

    Do some of them work? Which ones?
  11. mobeyone

    Air Mass Cleaners...

    or snake oil? Thinking of buying this as I am getting slight hesitation: CRC Air Sensor Clean Mass Air Flow Cleaner MAF UK Stock | eBay Its only a tenner and given that the car has done over 100k, its not going to do it any harm.. or is it?
  12. D

    Injector Cleaners; Are They Any Good And If So, Which Would You Recomend?

    As per title, what do you think of the various injector cleaners on the market and if you've used them, which would you suggest? Edit: I've missed an 'm' out of recommend in the title...:doh:
  13. mobeyone

    Air mass sensor cleaners...

    On eBay, snake oil or do they actually work?
  14. D

    Pond Cleaners

    In the new house we have a small pond. I spent a few hours draining as much as I can and got rid of a lot of weed and general carp. But of a bonus also found the hose had popped of the pump, which I thought was fubared. Still has plenty of dirt in it though. Has anyone tried any of these...
  15. classicsl

    valet style uphostery cleaners

    have some annoying stains inherited with the car on the cloth on the seats, have been told that a 'good valet' (who ever asked for a rubbish one?) would get them out...would prefer to have a go at it myself with the right tools, can anyone recommend a good product? thanks
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