1. J

    Clearing Fault Codes

    My question is do fault codes and messages have a date stamp in the ECU. If the error codes and messages are cleared from the system and ECU would Mercedes still be able to tell when the fault actually occurred ?
  2. Nellie Spence

    Clearing Malfunctions S211

    Recently had a license plate bulb error flag up on the "malfunctions" page. Although still both working I decided to change them as they were very black inside the bulb. Took the opportunity to go down the LED route and ordered error free bulbs from the web. Fitted and immediately had both left...
  3. A

    W203 ABS sensor and code clearing

    I think I have a problem with one of the ABS/Speed sensors. ESP inoperative and cruise control not working. If I replace the sensors will I still need to get the fault erased or will this happen automatically?
  4. BTB 500

    W203 - clearing leaves etc. from under the front bumper

    I've been fishing leaves etc. out through the slots under the front bumper of our S203 but I think there's a fair bit more debris in there ... I guess taking the under tray off would be the only way to get rid of it all? Reluctant to try blasting it out with a jet wash! I assume there are...
  5. M

    Lorinser appear to be clearing their stock on ebay

    As per the title, this seems to be an ebay store run by Lorinser that is having a clearout of all the stock of parts for older cars. There is a full set of 4 lowering springs for w124 for £55, sets of stainless entrance sill plates for w210 for £50...seems to be plenty of interesting stuff...
  6. Howard

    Clearing things up

    In response to Spikes post here I would like to state that no untruths were spread via PM , as stated. The thread has been locked giving me no opportunity to reply , but i'm sure neilrr and markjay will back me up that what i wrote on the...
  7. S

    W208 Wipers Not Clearing Well

    Hi all, I have had an issue with my 208 when it's raining and using the wipers that the windscreen does not clear very well. It's almost like it smears everything across it and a second or 2 later it clears. I have changed wiper blades and even the screen but still seems to be the same...
  8. Steve Holland

    Code clearing - a

    Hi folks very quick question What is the best and cheapest fault code reading/checking and clearing tool available? Idea of cost - best place to buy? For use with a 1996 C180 Estate. many, many thanks.
  9. M

    Windscreen clearing issues on C180

    Hi, I have a 5 year old C180 sport coupe, I have had it for just over a year and in the last 2 months the windscreen hasn't been clearing well at all! I thought it was the weather but I can literally sit for 20 mins and it won't clear any of the windscreen. It doesn't feel like the vents are...
  10. T

    Fault finding and clearing.

    Since some numpty decided to jump start his car of mine, connected the positive and negative the wrong way :devil:. I have been stuck with the SRS light on for two mins, very annoying. Anyway I got talking to a my sons friends father, got that. He said "ohh i do all that", went down to his house...
  11. R

    Clearing the air:)

    I may have unintentionally wound a few people up recently with a misunderstood thread. I just wanted to say sorry if I offended or upset anyone. It wasn't intention to cause anyone any stress. I did request the mods to just delete my account and I'd move on but they have said that isn't...
  12. Benjy

    Clearing Snow and Ice

    Guys I ended up clearing the ice and snow off my car today but dont know if this was such a good thing or idea as I am worried about scratching her and if I have now by doing this left tiny sratches on the surface of the paintwork. I used my hands to do the majority and the rest from the heat...
  13. bones2008

    Clearing Out A Few Items

    I'm clearing out a few items from home on ebay: Vintage Mont Blanc Pen ... :MESELX:IT Marvel Genio Trading Cards (3 Packs) ... :MESELX:IT Marvel Genio Trading Cards (Unopened Box)...
  14. Timster

    124 - Clearing The Drains!

    Hi. I read somewhere that the run-off drains can get blocked and require clearing from time to time. When it rains I get a bit of water in from from the roof rails - not sunroof seal, I checked. Is it the drains? If so how do I clear them? If not - any suggestions? Ta
  15. W

    clearing your windscreen of snow - or not!

    Reading this BBC article BBC News - Met Office warns of icy roads after heavy snow I couldn't help but notice the car in the picture. That must be one of the worst examples of not clearing your windscreen of snow I've ever seen.
  16. C240Sport97

    Parts "clearing house"

    I have used this portal twice, and each time it located the part I wanted (auto dimming rear view mirror and driver's door mirror mechanism) for my 210 estate quickly, with at least 3 quotes from different sources. Really useful. They do all parts for all makes. The Parts Gateway: Find...
  17. Peter DLM

    Clearing service indicator on 55reg C Class?

    Can someone remind me of the procedure to remove the Service Indicator from a C class please? I did a quick search, but couldn't find it on here, probably due to my crap search criteria. :(
  18. smillion

    Spent the day clearing the garage .....

    I recently bought a new car to go in the garage (a 66 Mustang from California) and so today decided to tidy the garage and go to the tip. End result - very pleased .................:D
  19. J

    W210 E55 - clearing up a few things....

    Hi guys - long time reader, first time poster hehe. Sorry to burden you with a crappy "buying advice" post first up but, hey, you are the experts :) Am a long time fan of this car and have done the forum searches to learn what I can but a few things still seem unclear to me. I have seen a...
  20. D

    Clearing 'Scuff Marks' of interior trim

    Hi Hope one of you knowledgable Guys or Gals can help. In my SLK I have the 'rough' trim (cant remember what exactly its called - will look in the literature tonight) that is kinda like rough leather. The problem is that it scuff's and show fingerprints really easily and I cant clean...
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