1. 6

    W208 clk200 rough idle when cold

    hi i recently had my ECU replaced with a used one after it blew. everything was going on fine until about 1 month after the ECU was fitted from cold starts i'm getting a rough idle, and occassionally would stall once D is selected. if left for a few mins everything will be fine...
  2. A

    clk200 (w208) engine question

    hi guys, im new to the forum (and to merc ownership). i was inspired by my dads new c class to change marques so i got myself a '00 clk 200 which i am after a week or so of ownership absolutely delighted with. trouble is i feel its a little underpowered and would like to know the following...
  3. D

    New CLK200 ruined by dealer

    My neighbour recently took delivery of her new 56 plate CLK200. It looks stunning in metallic black: paintwork had a piano-lacquer finish to it. Unfortunately the washer jets got blocked so the car had to go into the dealer for them to be fixed. When she got her car back they had fixed the...
  4. grober

    2003 CLK200 K standard rims

    I have a friend with a 2003 CLK200 kompressor. the tyre sizes on his standard rims are 205/55ZR16 front and 225/50ZR16 rear. He is thinking of putting 205/55VR16 WINTER TYRES on all round. I said that I thought that would be OK since rolling diameter differs only by 1mm. see...
  5. Silkman

    HELP needed with TV tuner for CLK-200 (new)

    Hi all, I need your help on this one: I got a command unit from ebay for my 2003 CLK-200 (W209). I was able to find all the items needed for the Comand unit (eg. Adaptor cables - change the pins etc.) and managed to fit myself :) AND it works great – wheel buttons, phone and navigation...
  6. I

    Mercedes Clk200 Elegance Auto

    1997 clk200 elegance Its met. Green, not sure of exact name but its dark. Cream leather seats Air-con Sunroof 5-speed auto Cruise control Rainsensor Usual electrics and extras 6months tax, and good tyres Family owned since new, 56,000 miles, full mercedes service history Priced...
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