1. S

    w209 clk240 '02 Oil leak advice.

    Hello ,i have a w208 clk 2.3k , but its time to upgrade a bit,so i found a w209 CLK 240 which seems good to me,from the pictures. The car is sold by auto-traders not private,they say there is nothing wrong with it,11 months MOT , 140k miles But the thing is ,i checked the car's MOT history and...
  2. D

    oil in my coolant clk240

    hi there guys, i have a clk240 2002 and it recently had its gearbox reconditioned. however its been a few months now and after having a health check from merc, they reported that oil was in the coolant reservoir. i have checked again today by a garage who did my oil change and they saw quite...
  3. D

    MB CLK240 new member

    hi there, little intro of me My names Raj, im London and i own a CLK240. thought id sign up as ive had a few problems on my car and thought this page was great for me in the past for problems ive a had.
  4. R

    Looking to buy wheels and tyres CLK240

    Hello All I am new to the forum and just recently bought a CLK 240. The wheels are not in a very good condition and the tyres all need changing. I am quite confused by the sizes and what i need. My car is CLK 240 2003 elegance model. The paint work is dark blue. Please could someone...
  5. S

    C180 / CLK240 Transmission

    Due to ongoing gearbox issues in my CLK 240 (2003), I have the opportunity to get my hands on a fully working transmission from a C180 (2003). Now I'm sure I'll get shot down for asking, but here goes...... Will the transmission be compatible with my car? :confused:
  6. S

    CLK240 Avantgarde 2003 (03) COMAND Unit?

    Hi, I've just bought my first Mercedes and love it. One thing I would like though is an all in one COMAND unit that has Sat Nav, Mobile Phone sync and if possible, music streaming from my phone. Is there anyway I can buy one to upgrade my current factory casette unit? I can't seem to find one...
  7. G

    CLK240 bluetooth adaptor

    Hi to all, I am new to Mercedes and need advice please. I have recently purchased a 2004 (54 plate) CLK240 and I want to install a Bluetooth adaptor, but which one do I need for my vehicle?
  8. Ali240

    W209 amg rear bumper + exhaust

    Hi guys, just picked up a 2002 CLK240 pre facelift :( but at the price it was going for i was happy :bannana: Just wondered if anybody could help me out. I have been hunting day and night for an amg rear bumper and some amg back boxes. Can anyone recommend where I should look?! Thanks!!
  9. P

    CLK240 2005 Service B 33,000 miles

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked a million times before so I apologise in advance but I am running out of time. My clock is telling me to get a service B in 4 days. I went to Mercedes today and now realise I not only need the £355 service but £633.48 of additional extras bringing the total...
  10. mikeyodowd

    My clk240

    SO just said id get a few pics of her up for ye to see and tell me what ya think. I still have to get the front bumper repainted and a few other bits done but all in all i love the car and hope to get it back to showroom condition :)
  11. mikeyodowd

    w209 clk240 air conditioning pulley

    hey guys back again with my little lady, Seem to be getting a bit of noise from the air conditioning pulley whenever its running. Originally thought it was coming from power steering pump but all fluids are topped up. When i turn off blowers completely the noise goes so im assuming thats my...
  12. mikeyodowd

    My clk240

    hey everybody just a quick post on my newest toy. 2004 clk240 avantgarde. Just wanted to get a quick pic up of when i got it before i send it to the body shop to make her gleam once again :) any advice or tips on these cars greatly appreciated. More pics to follow
  13. B

    2007 C209 Clk240 wont rev past 3900

    Hey guys, First off Sorry if i sound like a total newb. But i just realised today that my wifes clk wont rev past 3900 rpm, and it feels as though it has no power at all. I swear it takes something ridiculous like 16 seconds to get to 100kmh any ideas? I am no expert at cars so even the...
  14. M

    CLK240 (W209) £4,395 ono

    A friend currently has a very clean clk240 for sale, contact details on the ad if you have any questions: CLK 240 Avant Guard AUTO FSH HPI CLEAR AMG ALLOYS in Hendon, London | Used Mercedes-Benz for sale |
  15. J

    CLK240 Avantgarde Soft Top.

    Hi All, I used to own this car but sadly had to sell it. I am now looking to purchase it again, it was returned to a lease company about 8 months ago. The reg no is CP05XFK. Does anyone know how i can locate the car? Ive tried the usual, typing reg no into google etc. Thanks Jamie
  16. Silu CLK240

    W209 CLK240 54 - Warning Triangle

    Does anyone know where I can obtain an original MB warning triangle for my MB CLK240 W209 apart from the main dealer?
  17. B

    New w209 CLK240

    hi guys I am thinking of buying a CLK 240 in siver, w209 model i will try and post the link from autotrader...
  18. night_mirage

    Hey I'm new CLK240 "2003" UPGRADE ICE

    Hey Guys, I would like to have some experts opinion about upgrading my clk's (Speakers,HU) , And i want to know if there are any problems doing this upgrade. 1st: the Original HU is Wider than the Pioneer's and JVC's ... ETC How can i Do it ? 2nd: what is the size of the fronts speakers ...
  19. 6

    Buying Advice: W209 CLK240 Cabrio

    Hi.... I would appreciate advice from forum members. Currently looking at a 2003 CLK240 Cabrio elegance auto, 41k miles, silver with grey leather. It is sold by Lancaster Aston Martin with warranty for a recently reduced price of £23,995. 1. Is the price right? looking around this is one...
  20. saorbust

    2003 53 CLK240 Avantgarde Coupe For Sale - £24,950

    2003 53 CLK240 Avantgarde Coupe For Sale - Price Drop! Hi all, Selling the baby. Sensible offers considered ! PM me please. Spec is: CLK240 Avantgarde Coupe Iolith Blue Metallic Paint Grey Leather Interior Automatic Has Full MB Service History (last service less than 100 miles ago) and...
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