1. brucemillar

    Wheel Clonking

    Guys My 124 300te 4Matic. I replaced all four corners with New discs & pads. Also had two new ARB - Clamps and bushes fitted. No dramas there. Went to test drive yesterday and... I have a loud clonk that matches wheel speed and can be felt through the pedal coming from (I think) the front...
  2. D

    Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock

    Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock I have had this problem since new but now the weather is cold and damp or wet the problem is much worse. I have viewed other owners concerns about this phenomena and would like to document my experience. The car has been with...
  3. C

    Clonking sound from drivers side of dash when cornering sharply 2012 C220 sport est.

    HI, I'm just 2 months into owning my first Mercedes, I love the car (2012, C220 Sport Estate) but have noticed a slightly annoying feature. When cornering sharply I get a "clonk" sound from the drivers side of the dash, sounds like its around the light controls or just below, it almost sounds...
  4. RonFleet

    W205 Clonking for first 10 minutes of journeys

    Hi, My 15 month old W205 has developed a clonking/knocking noise from the nearside rear of the car. It only occurs for the first 10-15 minutes of a journey and then disappears completely until the car has cooled down. I had a local garage inspect the rear suspension, suspecting it was a...
  5. ChrisEdu

    Clonking and popping noises

    I had 4 new tyres fitted Friday, so got a full laser alignment done and the same time. However, now I've noticed clonking and what seems to be a popping noise coming from the front near-side corner, in addition to the other mystery noise issue that the car has been suffering with! I've...
  6. S

    Rear end clonking 240td

    1981 240td with 120k kms from new. When driving slowly over bumpy and not so bumpy ground (like my driveway exit) I have a loud clonk from the rear (estate car btw). It is not a regular knocking either. I have checked everything I can move by hand and stripped and checked the self-leveling...
  7. Y

    'Clonking' noise from gearbox

    Hi guys I've just bought my wife a 2007 SLK280 with the 7 speed transmission but when I switch it from 'C' to 'S' I hear a mechanical 'clonk' from underneath & I can feel the car move a little , I've only noticed this when the car is stationary !! The car has done 57800 mikes , does anyone...
  8. C

    Mercedes w124 estate clonking from rear

    Hi All Im new to this site but use it regularly to carry out maintenance. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction with a new problem. Last week i changed the rear spheres on my 280 estate car, its a 1995 and has done 215k so i think it deserved them, particularly as the rear...
  9. C

    W124 E220 Coupe Clonking noise

    Hi there I have as above E220 I have just had it jacked up to clean our rear wheel arches to inspect and give a bit of waxoyl for the winter. Now I have an annoying clonking from what sounds like the nearside rear wheel. Only when I go over large bumps or when I have a full car ie the missus...
  10. S

    C230K Clonking (front?) suspension over bumps

    As title really. Over bumps etc, right as rain on normal roads. Pretty certain its from the front left, but not 100%. Even with it jacked up I cant see anything obvious, but is there something common on these that causes that? Thanks
  11. C

    c43 clonking noise when braking?

    Hi, i have had my c43 just over a month now , and had it serviced the first week i had it, at time of service they replaced a couple of swivel joints, rollbar bushes, 1 damper and an idler bush, i was told at that time that the steering tie bar needed replacing which i have had fitted today, i...
  12. IMD

    W124 gearbox 'clonking' noise...your advice

    Hi all, My W124 e220 gearbox has started to make a bit of a clunking noise. This happened today when I moved from P to D when stationary. When drive is taken, it makes a clunk noise and also when putting the box into Reverse. It drives smoothly and changes well, but this noise also happens if...
  13. M

    Brakes squeling and clonking noises (Dave_Lewis pls read)

    hi Dave Lewis, just wanted to know how you fixed the squealing brakes? in another thread someone said something about adding copper grease which i remember Ian did. the squealing only happens when i brake hard once and then it will continue to squeal everytime i touch the brakes until it cools...
  14. D

    Clonking noise

    Last night our car started to make a clonking sound from the front drivers side wheel. It seems to happen at ~3/4 lock and also when going over speed bumps? Any ideas on what it is would be appreciated, mildly annoyed since had the car serviced 3wks back. D.
  15. jadefox

    Weird clonking noise

    I have this brief clonking noise sometimes (not every time) which usually happens if I am pulling away at lights after having my foot on the break for a while. It seems to be just one clonk, and it comes from the passenger rear side I believe. Any ideas what might be causing it?
  16. R

    C180 suspension 'clonking' noise on rough ground

    Hi, I recently bought a 2001 C180 and noticed a 'clonking' noise from the right front suspension. It is noticeable when the right front wheel drops into a hole in the road or on rough ground. Seems worse if braking at the same time. The car is under warranty, so brought it to the garage and...
  17. MangoMan


    Hi Guy's, I trust you all had a great Christmas, :bannana: for those who celebrate, and are looking forward to 'New Years' with expectant anticipation? :rock: Right, just a quick one; just lately I've noticed, all I can decribe as a 'clonking' sound coming from my left rear wheel, or from...
  18. S

    Knocking / clonking noise from front wheels

    I get a slight knocking / clonking noise from the front wheels when I go over small potholes or bumps and a very little vibration back through the steering wheel. I had the balljoints replaced about 10,000 miles ago, so do not expect them to be the problem. It feels as if the whole of the...
  19. B

    W202 Clonking noise - More help please!

    Hi. I still have the clonking noise on my W202 when traversing rough roads. However, as an update, I have noticed that if I have a passenger, the noise is hardly noticable. What could this indicate? - If the fault is the balljoint (which I am getting convinced that it is), would that be affected...
  20. A

    C Class 'clonking' noise from rear nearside

    Hi Guys and Gal Over the past few months, I have been plagued by quite a loud 'clonking' (thin metallic) noise from the rear nearside when driving over rough surfaces/speed ramps etc. It doesn't do this every time - about 1 in 5 times and also appears sometimes when steering hard left (even at...
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