1. B

    82 WDB123 Coupe Cloth. Seat.

    I have, hopefully, attached a pic or pics of my interior (W123 coupe). I have been told that the seats are completely different to the saloons so before I buy a couple of 2nd Hand seat covers from a saloon in the hope that they can savaged to repair what I have (a F'd drivers seat) is there...
  2. A

    W124/S124 Drivers Side Front Seat Cover in Black cloth

    This is a black cloth drivers side upper seat cover from an S124 with manual seats. Not heated or orthopedic. No hole on the bolster and only very slight wear. No other rips/tears/abrasions. Cover requires a good clean before fitting. Cover removed from seat frame and is currently still fitted...
  3. M

    Mercedes w204 C class estate/saloon cloth seats with airbags

    MERCEDES C CLASS W204 CLOTH INTERIOR ESTATE SEATS WITH AIRBAGS | eBay Taken out of a 2011 c class estate. Very good condition, taken out as they were replaced with full AMG seats. Comes with Undamaged airbags and can include door cards with AMG silver panels for the right price...
  4. D


    My 2003 Fiat was more comfortable than my C200 W204, The cloth seats are awful. Are the leather alternatives any better?
  5. F

    W124 Estate Interior, 5 seats, doorcards, cloth check

    5 seats and door cards form a 1992 Mercedes W124 Estate, all in good condition bar the drivers bolster as is common on these. £100 collected, TA70AN or can deliver locally for a small fee. Have seen people use fabric from the headrest to repair the bolster at a cheap cost.
  6. N

    What polish after clay cloth. First time detailing

    Hi could someone recommend a polish to use after using a clay cloth. Its my first attempt as a newbie. I have this cloth from Halfords Farecla G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt But I'v read thats not the end of the process. You have to apply a polish and can't jump straight to waxing. Also how do I...
  7. N

    Clay cloth to buy

    Could anyone recommend a clay cloth to buy? First attempt so prefer not to use a clay bar as I know I'll definitely drop it.
  8. M

    cloth seat cleaner

    Hi there can anyone recommend a good cloth seat cleaner as the Liverpool cloth in my car has a few stubborn stains. thanks Paul.
  9. brucemillar

    124 mushroom cloth interior

    Folks I have a mushroom cloth interior from a 124 estate. Includes door cards & head rests. Pm for details etc. I need it gone quickly. Currently sat at Wright-Tech in Sidcup. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  10. brucemillar

    124 Estate Cloth Interior in Mushroom + 15 slot alloy wheels

    Folks I have a complete 124 Cloth interior including door cards & headrests in mushroom cloth. The interior is up for grabs for a reasonable offer? I also have two sets of 15 slot 124 original alloys. All would need new tyres and a re-furb (If you want them looking really smart) PM me for...
  11. SilverSaloon

    cleaning cloth covered door rubbers

    Hi My W124 has mushroom/cream coloured material on the door rubbers. They are a bit grubby. Any tips on cleaning them/products/techniques to use? I thought about removing them and popping them in the washing machine on a gentle wash?
  12. Thehouseofbrown

    SL320 R129 Speaker Cloth

    Any good tips to clean the (cream/biscuit) cloth covering the speakers on my 96 (facelift) SL - new toy/daily driver. Looks like I have shoe marks and watermarks to get rid of. Slowly getting her the way I want. Thanks
  13. J

    modifying rear cloth heardests to leather front ones :)

    well after changing my interior over to the c43 one i was missing the rear headrests, i did have the original cloth ones and a pair of black front leather ones spare but they are different sizes and the inserts are different.. i though bugger this lets see if i can pull em apart and sort...
  14. M

    c124 interior sport cloth

    Black sports cloth interior for a c124, which I imagine will sell for a crazy cheap price. If it's in good condition, I'd prefer this to leather. Mercedes-Benz W124 Coupe Black Interior Door Cards Headrests Seats Rear Console | eBay
  15. B

    Black Cloth Interior for 190E/D

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for black cloth door cards from a 190E/D. They don't have to be 'mint' as my current grey one's aren't either!
  16. T

    Mint W203 Cloth Seats, Hardly Used, £100 Sheffield.

    As title says, I have a set of w203 c class black cloth seats taken out of a 2007 c230 when new for a set of leathers, Been stored since, these are absolutely mint, almost brand new, Was gonna fit these in my 190e but changed my mind Selling as I need the garage space, Grab a bargain, £100...
  17. Lxb3

    W124 front seat

    Hi all, I've managed to vastly improve my W124 E220's driver's seat using the fabric from the passenger side of a sadly-deceased E280 with the same cloth; so I've now got the rest of the seat from the E280 and the experience of disassembling two W124 seats! Would anyone like (a) some help...
  18. A

    A class 168 cloth seats

    Hello All I Have a set of Black Cloth Seats for a A Class 168 chassis in good condition.Kept after swopping for leather seats.Any offer acepted otherwise will sent to scrap next week. Thank you Andy
  19. A

    C class coupe black cloth seats

    Hello All I have a Black Cloth Interior out of a 2008 C Class Coupe all in excellent condition. Both Front Seats, Rear Seats,Front Door Trims rear 1/4 panel trims .Were swoped for leather. Any offer accepted will be go for scrap next weekend. Thanks Andy
  20. T

    w203 brand new black cloth seats, £250

    Selling a set on brand new c class black cloth seats which were removed from a 2007/07 c230 ********** when new to make way for a black leather interior. I have stored the seats since then on the intent of fitting them into my 190e project. However I've fallen out with the idea and now these...
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