1. Palmer

    W202 intrument cluster

    Petrol one 30 quid posted?
  2. W124newbie

    W124 instrument cluster not fully working

    Hi guys, just wanted your thoughts on this problem. On my dad's w124 he had a problem quite a few years ago where the odometer stopped working. A garage changed the instrument cluster but this didn't solve the problem. And now the rpm needle doesn't work and I'm pretty sure the fuel gauge isnt...
  3. stephenjohn1010

    w202, cluster, pulling tool.

    Has any one a spare pulling tool to remove the instroment guages.Part No w140 589 02 3300?
  4. Alps

    CLS63 AMG Cluster Fitted

    Well i finally found a few hours to carry out my next mod, got hold of a Brand new CLS63 cluster which i installed in the silver surround off my E55 cluster to make it look just like the newer 63 models. Mileage transferred from the car together with all the service settings after abt 2 hours...
  5. B

    vito instrument cluster niggles

    I'm Sending my cluster of for repair this week, i've got the usual problems of dodgy pixels etc ,, i opened it up and the ribbon is munched,, so of it goes. One of the other issues is the RPM/rev needle when idling if i raise the revs the needle has a slight flicker or 'wobble at first i...
  6. MD5

    N/S/R light cluster for 2004 S211

    I'm looking for a n/s/r light cluster for a 2004 E Class estate, the one for the wing, not the tailgate, please, if anyone has one. Thanks in advance :thumb:
  7. Nicensleazy

    W208 Instrument Cluster Change

    I've decided to change the instrument cluster and heater controls on my CLK Elegance to the white sport dials but have a quick question about mileage correction. The new dial shows over 150k while my car has done just over 101k. Everything works fine on the new items and I think the white dials...
  8. EndPoint

    pre 2003 instrument cluster

    hey guyz. I drive a UK model w203 with the M111 e20 ml evo engine and my dashboard is the one with the orange-colored letters. Is there any way to get the Speed Display option available ? I mean the one which shows the speed in the center with big letters as now its in the down left corner...
  9. R

    dash cluster dead

    hi could anybody help i have just removed the electrics from the towbar on my e320 cdi 2004 saloon and the dash display seems to be dead after doing it,, no lights on it thanks ,,rob
  10. R

    W209 instrument cluster problem

    Hi guys, Was seeing if anyone could shed a light (excuse the pun) on this problem - I've got a 2003 CLK 55 AMG. When driving the car the other day i noticed the lights on the instrument cluster were not working..this was during early evening so put it down to the auto lights being not...
  11. F

    w220 cluster warnings

    Hi , my 2005 s320 seems to have the following issues ,none of which is disasterous but have caused problems so ! 1. I do not get any low battery warnings when the battery voltage is low ( went flat the other day , sat much too long with side lights on ! (( had battery replaced now)) ) 2...
  12. J

    W203 instrument cluster upgrade...?

    Hi all, I have a w203 pre-facelift c coupe ... And I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to change the instrument cluster to the facelift one...? The sizes can't be that much Different ... Or are they? Thanks , james
  13. MercMania


    does anyone have a cluster for a c class w202 year 2000 for sale or would anyone help me and tel me where i can get one from please?
  14. W

    W210/W202 E320/C280 with M104 - Retrofit Facelift instrument cluster?

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, and hopefully my english isn't to bad to understand ;) A little bit about me: I'm David, from Germany, 22 Years old, a car mechanic and i like the W124 and everything else from Mercedes...^^ I drive a W124 E320 Estate and a W203 200K Sportcoupe Well, i know it is...
  15. Vlad_AMG

    WTB: Carat By Duchatelet Steering wheel, Emblems, Cluster with ASR

    WTB: Carat By Duchatelet Steering wheel, Emblems, Cluster with ASR for 560SEC MY91. Help please.
  16. C

    C124 - instrument cluster lights almost ...almost gone!

    I dont appear to have much 'lighting' to my instrument cluster anymore?! Whats going on? Thanks guys.
  17. SilverSaloon

    107 drivers-side rear light cluster

    R107 drivers-side rear light cluster. not bad and usable, but has a small hole in the top-corner. PM me if interested and i'll sort out a photo, before i put it on ebay
  18. J

    Instrument Cluster with Driver Information.

    I remember a W210 E300 TD I had, had the a full LCD panel in place of just the mileage/trip computer than my W202 has although that was an avantgarde, not a classic. The thing is the W202's Dash at the bottom is the same shape as the older screen which gave driver information, like Low Oil...
  19. V

    r107 instrument cluster - gauges not working properly

    I disassembled the instrument cluster of my 107 today to clean it. Upon putting it back together and reinstalling it, the following problems are happening: 1. the gauges in the left hand dial - the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge, are not working properly. they indicate the...
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