1. S

    CLK 320 W208 performance / codes

    Hi, So a few months back now I was chasing a gremlin that was causing my car to lose power and then judder heavily at idle. I replaced the MAF, TPS, leads, coils, fuel filter etc to no avail. I visited an independent Merc Specialist twice who charged me an hour labour each time...
  2. G

    2006 ML320CDI with loads of codes out of the blue W164

    Hello guys, a good mate of mine, had bought a couple of months ago an ML320CDI. Everything was ok with the car until he towed his trailer a week ago, after doing about 40miles with the trailer the car was not shifting properly and it went in limp mode with the EML light on. I went yesterday...
  3. design guru

    Fault Codes

    I am not sure if this has been posted but I found it very useful.
  4. grosser panzer

    W221 option codes

    Hi all. We are grieving in our house this weekend as after nearly 17 years with us, we have said goodbye to our beloved W126 500 SEL. It had become part of the family and was a great car but unfortunately needed work doing and I don't have the time. Hopefully the new owner will love it and give...
  5. N

    Hi, about error codes in canbus

    Hi, i have a w211, 270 cdi 2002, my tester give next codes: 1: 9072 Component E19/2 (right license plate lamp) is faulty or the component has a short chircuit or open circuit. 2: 9070 Component E18/4 (right trunk lamp) faulty or the component.... 3: 9090 Control unit N70 overhad control...
  6. 350_Coupe

    C350 Coupe (203) - Fault Codes P0810/P0814

    Had the engine management light come on recently, and from a quick visit to a local garage resulted in the following info (from an autologic diagnostic tool) A quick call to PCS, and graham was helpful enough to explain it's likely the auxiliary air pump, used to inject additional air...
  7. D

    W213 Sat Nav Post Codes

    Hi, have got 2 month old E220d with the NTG5.5 comand sat nav. It is driving me crazy. For some reason postcodes that are correct in every other sat nav i have ever used are wrong with this one. For example I lived in L31 2** for over 40 years. Every other sat nav ranging from inbuilt audi and...
  8. MercedesDriver

    Unknown SA Codes

    As per title I have no idea what these SA codes stand for: 050 - AEJ 19/2 061 - TECHNICAL MODIFICATIONS 09/09 800 - AEJ 09/1 Does anybody has an idea what's behind those codes?The car is 212 MY10 (April).
  9. S

    E250 s212 2012 P2279 and p0299 codes

    Hi all am new here and thought I woulda ask if any one can help with the above codes. Car runs fine for a while but will suddenly go into limp and throw the eml on with codes p2279 and p0299. Once codes are creased car runs ok again for a while and then will do the same. Any advice will be most...
  10. Benzowner

    Error Codes

    Had a problem with an error code which I enquired on here, so decided that as the problem was with the injector imbalance I would try some Wynns injector cleaner bought from my local car spares shop. Result, after a couple os...
  11. H

    Codes Help

    Hi had Ml320 on snap on Solus last night came up with Front Sam 902C Component F58kB (Wiper on/off Relay) Defective Rear Sam 9096 The output of computer F4kR (Circuit 15r Relay) Has short circuit to ground. Any help how to repair. Many thanks Hog
  12. J

    Orange Vito colour codes

    Anyone got a reference for paint codes that would list any different 'orange' colours as seen on Mercedes Vito cans? When I had some minor repairs to my Stratos kit, years ago, was told the orange was the same as a Vito orange. I'd now like to get some touch-up paint for the car but it...
  13. X

    P0171 & P0174 codes on E350 CGI

    Does anyone have any model specific pointers as to what to look for on a 2010 E350 petrol throwing P0171 & P0174 codes? I am assuming an air leak is the most obvious fault? I can see nothing obvious but it is difficult to look at the back of the engine.
  14. pmcgsmurf

    W211 E220 "Service Brake Visit Workshop" Fault Codes Help ?

    Hi folks Got the white "Service Brake Visit Workshop" message on the dash every now and then. Read the codes and I'm getting: C1419 Check component L6/1 (left front speed sensor) C147A Check component L6/3 (left rear speed sensor) 2403 No CAN message from N47-5 2401 No CAN message from N47-B...
  15. baxlin

    Driving Licence codes

    I've today received my invitation to renew my Driving Licence as I approach age 70, but (possibly due to advanced age) I'm a bit confused as to whether I need categories C1 - medium size vehicle, and D1 - minibus. I need to be able to drive a Transit type LWB occasionally, and DVLA quote "a...
  16. V

    No AC: Possible Faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor? (pic - fault codes)

    Hi guys, AC not worked for while in my Vito W639 120cdi, suddenly stopped blowing cold & compressor does not turn on, checked fault codes, not sure what 2nd code means but 1st says faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor. Shall I replace the sensor or could this code have been triggered...
  17. grosser panzer

    option codes

    We are slowly increasing the number of Mercedes in our family. Today my brother has bought an ML 270cdi. Can anyone give me the factory options from the chassis number? WDC1631132A570658 Thanks
  18. Benzadrine

    Diagnostic codes

    Plugged my cheap £14.99 ebay diagnostic code reader in and found one code -P0172 which translates to ''system too rich (bank2)'' anyone know what this means please...?
  19. C

    Help with codes

    Hi every one - Happy New Year to you all. Last year I bought a second hand C180 Kompressor saloon auto. I had previously been on the forum as the engine management light came on and the advice was to get MB dealership which I did and the mechanics couldn't find any issues cleared the...
  20. B

    CLK280 2006 - Fault codes P0025, P0128, P2767 showing - help please

    Hi, I recently had my CLK280 2006 (3L Petrol) car scanned because the Engine light had come on, it threw up three fault codes - the details are: - Continuous camshaft adjustment (left) : incorrect position of the exhaust camshaft (P0025) - Component Y110 (Three - disk thermostat valve) jams...
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