1. N

    ML270 CDI (W163) Tracking completely off

    I've recently bought a 2004 ML 270 CDI and the car is pulling to the left, a lot! so much so that you have to hold the steering wheel to the right to keep it centered. There is wear to the inside front right tire but not to the left front. I've taken it into Kwik Fit and they confirmed...
  2. David404

    Completely pointless but infinately cool

    Puddle lights that project the MB Star. Shame they don't seem compatible with the W211. Well probably good from perspective of SHMBO, saved me spending £100...:cool: LED projectors, Mercedes star Interior refinements for E-Class Saloon from April 2016
  3. M

    Newbie: W210 - possible to keep long term, or am I completely insane?

    Hi, This is a stonker of a first post, so please bear with me. Despite their fearsome reputation I rather like the looks of the W210 saloon, and I'm especially fond of the OM606 turbodiesel. So I'm thinking about trying to get a 300TD W210 in a few months, preferably under 150k with MB...
  4. G

    P0705 code and I am completely frustrated!

    Here in Alabama we have been in a severe drought until a week ago and I'm guessing this has something to do with my issue. Drove the car to work with no problems and when I tried to crank the car to go home it wouldn't start. All lights work fine. Battery is 2 months old. Finally cranked but...
  5. H

    Boot Not Closing Completely

    Hi, The boot on my 98 cl500 has lost it's soft close functionality. Anyone know what the fix is for this? Thanks
  6. jimmymidnight

    W221 Comand completely dead

    Hi everyone, urgently seeking some help here - the Comand on my 2007 S class has completely died - no picture, no sound, the screen doesn't move or anything and in the dash I just get "----" for all Comand related menus... Am I being optimistic in thinking this could be a fuse, and if so...
  7. R

    I'm completely stuck

    I have a ML500 06 with command. I thought it would be as easy as pairing my telephone to the bluetooth feature and Im good for calls but that doesn't seem to be the case. If the command wont pair for making calls why does it recognise my telephone on screen?
  8. Venomous

    Tyre Choices - Completely Confused & Frustrated...

    My rear tyres - 255 35 R18's are now down to 4mm of tread depth, they're a fairly cheap brand that came with the car when I bought it in March. With the bad weather this week, there were two near incidents of the back end breaking away. My daily commute is 110 miles round trip - Derby -...
  9. E

    w211 instrument cluster completely blank

    W211 (09) reg , Just started up car to move it back into driveway and nothing whatsoever on the instrument cluster. Engine starts, Comand works, but absolutely nothing on the cluster, clock stopped at 11.40, none of the needles move. Have got the fuse list out, but none of them mention anything...
  10. D

    Completely removing EGR system

    I want to remove all of these horrible systems that Mercedes have fitted to me car, EGR valve, Inlet port flaps etc, after cleaning my EGR valve last month it actually upsets me to see how much crap is going through my engine. Have I read correctly that the software for these systems can't be...
  11. V

    R129 Interior lights do not switch off completely

    I noticed that something is draining my battery on R129. After closer inspection, i can see that the interior lights (the ones in the door cards and under the dash where the feet are) are not switching off completely when the door is shut. Door shut sensor looks that it does its job as it cuts...
  12. Aaron Amg 55

    Clk 55 Amg w209 completely turn off traction??

    When I turn my traction control off it never seems to be 100% off it will start to spin but can feel it hold back can anyone shed some light on how its turned off totally.....cheers
  13. markjay

    And now for something completely different...

    Don't know why exactly, but reading this uplifted my spirit: Strange but true....
  14. gaz_l

    Completely OT

    And apropos of nothing at all.. Many, many years ago (1978 to be precise) I saw a TV programme which fascinated me. Courtesy of the British Broadcasting Corporation, it concerned the new-fangled "silicon chips". It sparked an interest in computing which stays with me to this day. The programme...
  15. grumpyoldgit

    And now for something completely different. Little drummer girl.

    Totally amazing..... Little Girl Drummer. Like a Pro! - Paulina From Mexico
  16. N

    how to stop heater completely ?

    Dear friends, I own w126 300se 1990 I have a problem with heater duovalve, it is stuck open I want to completely stop heater, because it is warm here most of the year Can I do this by disconnecting power cable of “Auxiliary Heating water pump” Will this stops heated air inside the car ? And...
  17. F

    W210 Stereo completely wedged in

    Hi folks, when I bought my w210 several months ago I fitted an Audio 10 CD player. The radio code was written on a sticker on the top of the unit, which I used to unlock it. For some reason still unknown to me to this day, I didn't write the code down before pushing it into the cradle with...
  18. M

    Drivers seat stuck completely forward and Mercedes want to 'cut it out'??

    Morning everyone. Ive just recently purchased a W208 CLK 320 and love it! Last Friday I put the drivers seat all the way forward to clean the back and now its stuck in this position. All other electric seat functions work except for the forwards and backwards. Which being stuck all the way...
  19. M

    W211 battery completely flat.

    Recently bought a W211 E Class 52 plate 270 CDI, not using it just yet and it's been locked in my father's garage for approximately 3 weeks. I tried opening the doors with the keyfob to check a few things under the bonnet and nothing happened. I used the blade key to open the door and boot, to...
  20. M

    Urgent help W211 E240 completely dead

    Long story but can anyone tell me where the positive terminal is under the hood please? Can't get in boot (mechanical key doing nothing) and nothing coming up on dash. Is there a safe place under the bonnet I can connect doner car? (This is my mums petrol 211, 52 plate. Doesn't have an...
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