1. E

    Congestion charge

    I am a little confused with a PCN i got. On Sunday i traveled up to London, was staying in a hotel for 5 nights with work. There is no congestion charge on a Sunday. And i drove back on Friday. My thinking was that the congestion charge is only applied when you enter London not when you...
  2. rsvgreg

    Congestion Charging in Durham?

    I had to visit clients in Durham this week and took a wrong turning into the center of Durham, along with several other cars, I might add. My Sat Nav started to warn me of a route that contained charging tariffs’. As soon as I could I turned around and left. After reading another thread on...
  3. WLeg

    Congestion charge CO2 threshold drops to 75g/km

    So now that they have dropped the 100g/km rate down to 75g/km.....The only sensible choice to drive in the city is.......a Porsche.... "The new E-Hybrid sees its air-cooled NiMH batteries replaced with a water-cooled Li-Ion setup and power up to 95hp at 2,200-2,600rpm and torque at 229lb ft...
  4. N

    Watch Out - Congestion Charge

    Last week had a summons to pay London congestion charge. However, it wasn't our car. It was someone who had copied our plate and put it on another C-class. I guess they saw the car awaiting delivery from the South London dealers and cloned it. I'm in Hong Kong and been that way for a...
  5. Tan

    Congestion Charge

    Hi We have received a con charge, as I like to call it fine for apparently going being in the charging zone without having paid for the privilege. However, I asked my wife which route she had used and she is adamant that she hadn't gone into the zone. The issue lies in that the road that...
  6. A

    London Congestion Charge Auto Pay

    From 4th January 2011, Transport for London launch 'AutoPay' for private users. If you occassionally go into Central London, it's worth considering to protect yourself from fines for forgetting to pay. You can pre-register online now: CC Auto Pay | Transport for London TFL record the...
  7. Londonscottish

    Congestion Charge Western Extension - Scrapping Confirmed

    At long last it's confirmed - the Congestion Charge Western Extension IS to be scrapped at the end of the year. Speaking as someone who lives 5 minutes north of it been massive pain in the a**e ever since it came in. More that 80% of residents and 90% of local businesses voted against its...
  8. ringway

    My Congestion Charge Surprise Ticket!

    Hi everyone, In February my job took me to Strand, London. It was an eventful day (too longwinded to post here) and I recall entering the congestion charge zone. Oops I thought.. I never heared from the authorities and assumed, because of this, (although I'm not sure of the congestion...
  9. Noodle-Pulp

    Congestion Charge

    Tuesday this week I had to drive into the Congestion Charging zone in London, and I vowed to myself that I'd sort it out and pay when I got home.. As it was, I had a terrible day and was stuck in traffic on the A2 around New Cross on the way home which took well over 2 hours to get through.. I...
  10. oldcro

    Congestion charge

    Say I drive into the London congestion charge area and park in a hotels carpark for a week. Would I have to pay the charge for every day I'm in the area, or just the two days I entered and left? After all I could hardly be causing any congestion if the car is in a garage for five days. I...
  11. F

    Manchester Congestion Charge rejected

    BBC News article here: apparently the voter figures were about 4 to 1 against. I voted against in the referendum even though I would very rarely get charged by it (I live in the centre and work outside the city, so I go against the flow...
  12. Londonscottish

    Congestion Charge Western Extension SCRAPPED!

    YES!! Boris announced today he's scrapping it! Stupid idea in the first place. Opposed by 75%-95% of people in various official poles before and during the scheme. No effect on air quality. Congestion actually went up! (90% discount for residents wanting to drive into the West End....)...
  13. jeremytaylor

    London Congestion Charge Extension to be scrapped

    In a rare example of politicans doing what they said they would do :rolleyes: , Boris Johnson, Mayor of London is to scrap the Congestion Charge Western Extension, as promissed when he was running for election earlier this year. Consultation produced 28,000 repsonses. 67% of residents and 86%...
  14. Satch

    Manchester Congestion charge

    Manchester being 'bullied' by Government into accepting road tolls "The Government is threatening to withhold £1.5 billion of public funding for public transport in Manchester unless the city agrees to become a guinea pig for pay-as-you-drive road pricing. Geoff Hoon, the Transport...
  15. Chattonmill

    Congestion, whta Congestion?

    A pictorial summary of My Saturday motoring...... Took The OH's Eldest to Rugby and back Then went and played hockey and returned home I am so glad that I dont live in the overcrowded south:D
  16. franey

    Congestion Charge.....?

    I am driving to London in the morning and was wondering is there still a charge for entering London? I have to go to the Knightsbridge Hotel and apart from being nervous about driving in a big city I recall there used to be a charge for entering an area. Does this still apply? Cheers.
  17. Q

    Manchester congestion charging

    I was under the impression that the various coucils involved had rejected congestion charging in Manchester yet yesterday an information pack arrives on my doorstep telling me that this is on the way!!! Views...
  18. D

    Is this new after we got rid of congestion charges?

    Drivers face £5 toll on motorways into London Toll roads around M3, M4, Gatwick area and between M11 and M1. What the point of building M25 and don't want us to use it?
  19. S

    Manchester congestion charge

    I for one disapprove, but do you?
  20. D

    Here your chance to stop congestion charges, don't miss the opportunity.
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