1. C

    W204 Cup Holder

    My centre console doesn't seem to have a cup holder. Underneath the sliding cover I can put cups in but they don't stay in position (don't ask me how I know this!! lol). Is there a pop in part I can buy for it? Any idea of cost? Many thanks Chris
  2. S

    Removing ml ash tray an rear cup holder

    Hi all Can anyone tell me how to remove the front ash tray and the rear cup holder. I have been looking for a manual but can't seem to find one Thanks
  3. iandj

    Cup holders

    Hi all just wondering if you can retro-fit a cup holder to a w209 clk? I have a useless storage area where they usually are. Thank you
  4. B

    W207 rear cup holder removal

    Hi everyone I have just purchased a 2010 E220 Coupe, but the plastic around the rear cup holder is cracked. I have got a new piece to fit from Mercedes, but I can not get the old one out. I am guessing that the rear seats need to come out but I can not see how they are held in, any help would be...
  5. Lenny63

    Calling all W202 owners - cup holder

    Hi Folks Rang my MB dealership today - quoted the following part number for a factory fit cup holder which slots into the armrest hidden cubby; Part no: B66920102 B66920102 £40 from memory all in - showing 4 UK stock ( 3 now with mine ) I'll confirm it fits on sat when I pick it up...
  6. baxlin

    Cup holder - front

    While searching the manual for something else, (current model C220) I saw mention of a removable front cup holder insert which sits in the slide-top storage bin in the centre console. My poverty spec car doesn't have this, anyone know if the insert is available aftermarket? Thanks Malcolm
  7. P

    Cup Holder

    I am the proud owner of a recently purchased 2004 SL55 AMG ive noticed that only the passenger side cupholder pops out the drivers side appears to be stuck in. Is the car meant to have two or is one a blank. Thanks for your help.
  8. R120

    MK4 Golf cup holder into W202 Dash

    This is a mod I have been thinking of for a while, installing cup holders from a MK4 Golf into the cubbyhole in the lower part of the dash. I have ordered a set from a breakers, and going to see if its doable in a neat way. Should work as the golf unit is same dims as a stereo width wise, just...
  9. benz13

    Wanted w202 cup holder

    Hi ,I'm after the pop up cup holder that fits in the compartment near the armrest on a c class w202 ,mines a early 1996 car , thanks
  10. Carrsey

    CLK (209) cup holder.

    Or lack of one. My 209 has, just to the left of centre of dash a panel when you push, it pops out to reveal a little draw/compartment. Im sure i read somewhere this can be a cup holder. Any idea if this is the case, can it be retro fitted, what is needed and how much..???
  11. P

    R230 cup holder

    Driver side cup holder won't release? Any ideas? Thanks
  12. L

    Cup holder - C Class

    Hello all, I have just purchased a 2006 C-Class coupe and have noticed the cup holder isn't as big as expected. Has anybody else countered this problem with an after-market product? I've researched a few but can't really tell from the pictures how it works/how well it works. Any help...
  13. EDZ649

    W210 Twin Cup Holder

    Removed from my 320cdi before I sold it earlier this week, in perfect condition and working order. Fits in the cubby hole in front of the centre arm rest. £35 posted to mainland UK.
  14. Mozzer

    Ryder Cup... still ours :rock: If you aren't American that is :p
  15. Fady

    W211 E-Class Cup Holder

    Lifted out of my old car before trading it in. As we know they're not perfect since design is for a LHD car, but better than what's there! £25.00 posted. Payment by bank transfer or by cheque.
  16. DCStubbs

    Cup holder gizmo

    Centre console on step fathers CLK320 cab has a nifty cup holder gizmo that pops up and provides 2 slots, it is under the flap between the gearstick and the front armrest. Any idea where I can get one? mine does not have one. Thanks Dave
  17. I

    CLK Help please! Creaking noise and cup holder issue!

    Can anyone help... My 2004 clk has a couple of problems...the cup holder is out and does not stay back in! It is very annoying, can this be a DIY fix? What do I need to do? Also, when braking at low speed I can hear a creaking noise sounds like coming from the brakes and not suspension...
  18. Tan

    E-class Cup Holder

    Hi I have for sale a Mercedes cup holder for the W211 E-class. Full working order. £30 + £5 P&P Best regards Tan
  19. CLKdream

    CLK 240 2004 Cup Holders

    Hi experts, Is there any way to adapt cupholders for the front passengers in the CLK 2004 convertible?. The only cup holder I have in the car (and in the manual) is a boxy small holder that pops up in the passenger's front panel. The armrest contains the telephone compartment and another one...
  20. G

    W211 cup holder accessory - is it any good?

    I was surprised to find our car didn't have a cup holder in the front but have just seen you can get a natty looking, fold out MB item that fits in the centre console cubby hole that can hold two cups. I can find them on eBay but they are ~£60. Can anyone who has one say whether they are any...
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