1. MOR8A

    Where can I get a W211 E55 AMG front cup holder... help please.

    Have seen a front cup holder that fits infront of the front armrest, is this a Merc part please? It is a bit like a transformer really as you open it it unfolds. I hope this explains it well enough. Can you guide me where to get one and if it is a Merc part perhaps a part number would be useful...
  2. S9KSY

    World Cup VUVUZELAS M U S T be banned

    So far, I have not been able to watch any World Cup game without completely muting the sound. These annoying plastic trumpets, sound so ear-splittingly distracting that its drone will be bored into my brain forever and the sick feeling will be recalled whenever I think about South Africa in the...
  3. Spinal

    World Cup SweepStakes

    Does anyone have any use for the attached sweepstakes spreadsheet? We've got one up and running here... and the way it's set up does give a portion to charity :) M.
  4. I

    Coca Cola world cup commercial

    Anyone else really loving the new Coke world cup commercial with Roger Millar? Less than 24 hours!!! I took the day off.
  5. Palfrem

    The World Cup

    Anyone completely unmoved by the impending feast of footie?
  6. LTD

    Ladbrokes free World Cup bets

    If you haven't got a Ladbrokes online account, signing up and making a £5 bet on the World Cup will get you £20 in free bets (4*£5) Ladbrokes Online | Sports Betting, Poker, Casino, Bingo & Betting Games No referrals etc. Play it smart and it's as good as free money. Worst case - you've lost...
  7. bigjim

    Cup holder in E55

    Stupid question really - is there a cup holder in the E55k (2004ish) if so, where? Thanks :o:o
  8. R

    ashtray and cup holder removal

    hello i have just got a 2002 ml270 could anyone tell me how to remove the rear ashtray and cup holder it says in the handbook to push them in and then they pop out but i think the springs or something must be missing as i have to put something behind the cup holder to force it out,and the...
  9. C

    W210 Cup Holder

    Im looking for something as per the link - W210 Cup Holder - but was sure Id seen something much more reasonably priced before - any links kindly received! Cheers
  10. Maff

    My Renault Clio Cup Race Car

    I've done quite a few track days with road cars, but nothing beats a proper setup race car round a track, its so much fun! :D I ordered a racing Clio earler in the year as a track day car, with a view to doing the race series next year, my first race is at Rockingham on 6/7th November. Its...
  11. T

    w208 cup holder

    Hi Guys Any idea where I can get a cup holder for my CLK Cab, any other goodies would be nice too. Thanks in advance
  12. L

    W124 H&R cup KIT - Comfort

    I am selling my full suspension kit which i just put on my car, driven for less than 500 miles! I bought it from this website, with receipt Reason for sale is because it's too low for my car, as i have the WALD bodykit on. However, this suspension made handling beautiful for this powerfull car...
  13. chrisneal@clara

    Broken Coil Cup Spring £300 to fix?

    Hi, my friendly independent advised me the f/o/s coil cup spring has corroded, Merc dealership does not want to know so I am going to get independent to book it in to a workshop they use - quote is £300 in VAT, so just want to know if this is about right? (Merc E280 Petrol 1999 Saloon) Anyone...
  14. D

    Cup Holder W208

    There is a hole where the cup holder should be :p
  15. Tan

    W203 Sports Coupe Cup Holder

    Hi My brother has a face lifted Sports Coupe and I was wondering if there is a cup holder available. If so does anyone have any pictures and a part number. Best regards Tan
  16. W

    Mercedes W202 cup holder.

    Hi Guys i have a used cup holder for the W202 c class, its in good working order, its the funky one where you press the button and it all comes out. Not sure what to ask for it, so open to offers. Cheers.
  17. E

    Cup Holder Reduced!!

    E/CLS/S Cup Holder Reduced!! Or if you have money to throw away...
  18. jdrrco

    W211 cup holder for sale Any questions, drop me an email. James
  19. M

    ryder cup on the internet

    too tight to pay for sky and support poor, hard up footballers but would like to watch the golf this weekend...anyone care to PM me a "reliable" :rolleyes: internet site where I can do this? Matt
  20. benny

    W202 evolution pedals,pop up cup holder and washer bottle

    W202 evolution pedals,washer bottle, sport+elegance gear knob's and more... I have said items for sale in exellent condition will split items, email me on with offers, cheers Ben
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