1. Ade B

    Oulton Park Gold Cup

    Anyone been to this, is it a good day out or for hardened petrol heads only? Am in the area visiting family and if the sun shines tomorrow... Ade
  2. D

    clio cup

    can any 1 help iv just bought a clio cup and theres a superchip in glove box what do i do with it ?
  3. P

    Cup holder removal W209

    Hi guys, am looking at taking apart my week-old CLK :eek: with a view to adding COMAND and Ipod kit myself. I have seen how to get the lower control panel off (I can see the 2 torx screws that I need to get at - do I really need to remove the ashtray / gear lever surround etc?) The how to...
  4. M

    W208 CLK Cup Holder from E-Bay

    Just picked one of these up in the states for $1.50 (!) on 'buy it now' with $73 postage. Works out at about £40 quid all in which I am happy with. I'm assuming the guy's making his profit through the postage but can't figure out how.. Any ideas or similar experiences?
  5. P

    Cup holder for W209 CLK

    Is there such a thing? I tralled the net but found nothing other than universal cheap plastic holders that slot into a crevice on the centre console. Anyone got front cup holders for their W209?
  6. G-A-R-Y

    Why is ebay such a rip off? cup holders.

    I've been looking at getting a cup holder for my W210, Then suddenly there are loads from the same seller on ebay. I've kept watch of the prices hoping they will fall. Out of curiosity I called the main agents, you've guessed it. They only cost £21 before discount and VAT(and it was in...
  7. Venomous

    Birds Eye Maple (again) - roller cup holder cover

    Well it's nearly there, all the birds eye maple centre console trim is on... Except for the roller cover for the cup holder. The Indie has Part A203 680 02 23 which I have checked with MB Derby is the correct part. Indie has informed me that the part is 4mm too wide to fit on the original...
  8. tlzeebub

    W210 1998 e300td estate cup holder

    Hi, my rear armrest cupholder refuses to lock back into the closed position so I've bought a new one, but i'm still none the wiser how to get the old one out, does anyone have details of how to remove the offending item, thanks in advance.
  9. LeighW

    Oulton Park Gold Cup

    I dragged my other half up to Oulton Park on August bank holiday monday to the Gold Cup. To anyone with a hint of petrol running through their veins, this is a fab day out, particularly if, like me, you like older racing cars. There were all sorts of cars racing and on display, ranging from...
  10. gurpz

    Genuine W202/W210 Cup Holder

    Maybe of interest to sumeone ?
  11. GRAV888

    Esso World Cup Coin Collection.

    I know there are some coin and other collectors on here and I'm having a clearout. Anyone want to make me an offer on this before I put it on Ebay? Folded it is A4 size, which opens up to double that. Edges a bit tatty, but otherwise intact. Reply by PM.
  12. glojo

    America's Cup

    Is anyone else watching this? Great racing and more changing of the lead than Formula 1. John
  13. G

    W211 cup holders

    I have an 05 W211 Avantgarde. Incredibly it doesnt have any cupholders in the front. There is the usual rear armrest but none upfront. Is there a MB part I can buy that say converts the cubby infront of the armrest into a cupholder?? Thanks
  14. wongl

    W210 Estate - question on rear cup holders

    Just took delivery of a Year 2000 W210 Estate. Got a question on the cup holders in the rear central armrest. Owner's manual says "press the cup holders in and release so that it slides out a little...". However, on mine, as soon as the arm rest is pulled down from the back, the cup holder...
  15. stats007

    The legendary R129 Cup Holder!

    This must be what Time Team feels like :D
  16. BenzComander

    Ryder Cup!

    Is anybody else as excited as me with the Ryder Cup coming up!!:bannana: :bannana: I think there are very few sporting events that can rival this competition for excitement, drama and passion:D :D Come on Europe!!!(Never thought I would be saying that!!) Got a stockpile of Stella in...
  17. R

    The Official World Cup Thread!

    OK, last night we had EN GER LANDs first warm up match against Hungary. What did we think. Owens fitness, Young Theo, Gerrad. My man of the match......Joe Cole.
  18. F

    FA Cup

    Brilliant game, and the right result :D :bannana: Pity someone had to lose though to be honest....
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Cup holder w202

    What a Bargin for only £49.95! :rolleyes:
  20. L

    Cheltenham Gold Cup

    So guys and Girls, any tips for todays big race. These are my main favorites but things look wide open this year. Monkerhostin L'ami Cornish Rebel Beef or Salmon War Of Attrition Celestial Gold
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