1. smile

    W208 H&R Cup Kit

    Hoping somebody might be able to offer some advice here... I currently own a facelift W208 CLK 230K, which from searching this forum I'm led to believe weighs about 1345Kg. Once Summer has come to an end and the weather starts getting cold again, I'm hoping to buy a facelift W208 CLK 320...
  2. Sooty_uk

    W209 Cup Holders

    I was surprised to find that my CLK has no front cup holders! Does anyone know if they can be added? I don't want something that looks after market. I have the stow away draw on the dash not sure if it is there in lieu of a cup holder.
  3. KillerHERTZ

    W211 Moving cup holder

    For the centre armrest. Anyone? :D
  4. Godot

    But No Cup Holders

  5. Fizzer

    Cup holders

    I have the after market, PIA, fold out cup holders in the front of the CLS. Does anyone know if it is possible to retrofit the double cupholders which were an optional extra?
  6. oldcro

    Rugby World Cup

    I notice a certain lack of enthusiasm here for the only British nation still remaining in the tournament, I wonder why. Well done Wales, hope you get to the final and win.:D
  7. A

    Slk320 cup holder

    Anyone know where I can get one ? I specified the storage tray instead but with so many drive throughs...
  8. M

    2011 C Class Cup holder insert for centre console.

    Hi, does anyone now where I can buy this apart from a dealer. :thumb:
  9. mirras

    w211 and CLS cup holder - B6 6 92 0118

    W211 Cup holder, inserts where the coin box is at the front of the centre arm rest. Pops out at the push of a button, some tidy engineering, didn't get round to using it before I sold my w211. Mercedes W211 e-Class and CLS cup holder - B6 6 92 0118 on eBay (end time 18-Jul-11 13:01:36 BST)...
  10. W

    Cup Holder for 2003 E270 CDI

    As above wanted just let me know
  11. MercedesBent

    Centre console cup holder - W202

    Removed from my old 98 C Class when I sold it last year. It fits into the centre, pop out front storage compartments in the middle arm rest. I was going to sell it, but they're only about £20 new, so not worth the effort. If someone wants it, it's theirs! Prefer if you could collect...
  12. R

    W168 Front Springs Crack-Twang-Bang!!

    Evening All, Reversing my A140 off the drive today, there was a mighty crack-twang-bang from the front off side... I stopped and looked. I think the bottom few inches of the front spring has broken, the spring cup also looks like it has a crack (fresh metal visible!). But I can still get 4...
  13. G

    W210 Cup Holder

    Hi all, Has anyone got a cup holder which i believe is a fitment for the centre copnsole , for an 01 plate W210 estate by any chance? Mark
  14. adilhk84

    Cup holders

    Quick question - why doesn't my 2007 CLS have any cup holders for the driver/passenger. Forgive me ignorance if they are hidden and I can't find them - just please point me in the right direction! As I find it hard to believe that my old Renault had them but a MB doesn't!
  15. B

    Cup Holders

    Hi all, I have a 2003 C220 Coupe, I find it very strange that the car came with no cup holders! I was wondering if anyone knows whether you can buy them and add them to the vechile in anyway. Any feedback would be appreciated!:bannana:
  16. Londonscottish

    The 2010 idiotic winter driving cup goes to....

    this guy........what on earth was he thinking of? YouTube - Black Ice + Car + Walking = Fail
  17. E CLASS

    Russia win World Cup bid.

    You heard it before anyone else!
  18. E CLASS

    England Lose World Cup Bid.

    Looks like we have not won it. Real shame if proved right.
  19. als

    W211 Front Cup Holders

    I don't have ANY cup holders in the front of my E280 Estate. Can I get something cheaply to fit in the hole in front of the centre armrest?
  20. R

    Northern Ireland wins Ryder Cup

    Well done Graeme McDowell (pronounced McDole).:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
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