1. Lenny63

    Brand new Genuine unused W202 Cup holder

    I thought this one would fit the CLK so ordered or from MB directly without checking (DOH) and turns out it fits but has not got enough height to clear the cente armrest I have invoice and box I paid £32 - could be say £30 delivered ?
  2. thebig1

    No Coffee Cup On Dash C63

    Hi Guys, On a 2013 C63, will the driver alert coffee cup only appear when it detects a driver loosing concentration? All others seem to have it on the dash when its switched on but on my C63, it never comes on even though I have activated in the instrument cluster. cheers!
  3. HollowPoint

    What's the coffee cup in my dash display for?

    Ok, so I know this is probably a silly question and I did do a quick search before posting, but what's the little coffee cup icon for in my dash display, next to my gear selection?
  4. S

    W211 cup holder accessory + phone mount advice

    Hi All I've just recently aquired a W211 2008 Avantgarde and was surprised to see theres no cup holders at the front, looks like its about £35 on ebay which i'll probably get however after doing a quick search on this forum it looks like theres a lot of complaints. I normally take my coffee...
  5. BIG_G_1979

    cup holders?

    Hi guys recently picked up my 2006 e280cdi sport and I cant find a cup holder inside the car I thought they might have been on the back of the glove box lid but no? Anyone know im I missing something
  6. JethroUK

    Anyone know of a mug that will fit my cup holders?

    I just been relocated to one hours drive to work and back I need to drink my morning home made costa on the go Anyone know of a mug that will fit my cup holders in C220? Ideally thermal
  7. D

    R129 cup holder and wind defelctor cover

    hi im looking for a cubby box or a cup holder to replace my cassette holder. i also need a wind deflector cover in grey for the boot. thanks
  8. C

    Help - cup holder blanking plate removal R230 SL

    Ref. R230 SL I am in the process of trying to remove my centre console trim to replace it with a carbon fibre one. I read all the various posts on Merc Upgrades etc. and set about it this afternoon. The instructions say to open the cup holders to remove the trim as there are lugs at...
  9. sgh

    SLK 200 Cup Holder

    Should be getting my 09 SLK200 next weekend & small point but where would a cup holder be? (if it has one) or where can I get one if it hasn't? Cheers
  10. F

    C class w203 (2006) cup holder is too small

    I cant fit anything other than a can of pop in there. Has anyone found a thermos type flask, that you can drink from that fits? Many thanks, Fon
  11. B

    W211 E320 cup holder

    Am I doing something wrong or is the pop-up cup holder in the centre consol unfit for purpose? Stick a standard travel mug in and it gets right in the way of my right arm, making steering almost impossible. There's a gap just to the left of the holder when it's up, but far from ideal.
  12. P

    Everything you didn't know About the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.........

    -------------------------------------------------- John Smith
  13. S

    SLK R171 Cup Holder

    Cup holder unit for SLK R171. Simple to fit in place of cubby hole or replace a broken unit. Fully working in great condition. Part number A 171 680 02 14 9116 £40 delivered.
  14. U

    dual cup holder for CLS 320 CDI

    Hi I recently bought a 2007 CLS 320 CDI. The car is in excellent condition inside and out except that the chrome trim on the dual cup holder is chipped and looks tatty. Any ideas where I can buy a replacement?
  15. Coggers

    W211 Cup Holder

    I'm after the cup holder that fits into the central console just behind the gear stick. Thanks
  16. spinaltap

    DeLonghi Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Reliability?

    Does anyone here use a DeLonghi bean to cup coffee machine? If so, are you happy with its overall performance and reliability. If you had to replace it would you buy another? Currys currently offer the Perfecta ESAM 5500.B at 50% off normal price: £375.
  17. P

    W211 cup holder yes or no?

    the section in front of the armrest is this a cup holder or just for storage as i tried a can today and it doesnt fit, also a square plastic holder comes out whats this for?
  18. bob6600

    W210 Twin cup holder

    I was after one of these last year, bought it from a forum member (was bidding on one on ebay as well) and ended up with both! Has not be used by myself as I used the other one, found this still in the box it arrived it. Excellent piece of kit, perfect fit in the W210 armrest cubby hole...
  19. Pilotprice

    Cup holders

    ... My new car doesn't have any? Just a big cubby hole which I assume I need to buy something to fit in? Help!?
  20. mickl

    R171 2005/6 slk cup holder

    This may be a daft question but were cup holders standard or optional on this model? Looking at a couple of slk55s at the moment
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