1. design guru

    Mercedes Hotrod Ratrod Custom (Not Truck)

    Mercedes Hotrod Ratrod Custom (Not Truck) | eBay I came across this on eBay and the question remains, why?
  2. Tim203

    Custom parts.

    Hello moderators,I am unable to post a new thread in anything other than General or off topic. This is rather frustrating as I am trying to offer the forum bespoke small batches of exhaust parts( if there is any interest of course). As some might know we do not often do automotive systems as our...
  3. M

    W213 Comand custom POIs & media upload

    I am really frustrated by the lack of ability to add custom POIs to my new E320d. It is a feature which has just "disappeared" without notice. I always used it on my Jag for "Safety Cameras". Does anyone know how or who to put pressure on to re-instate the facility? The same goes for uploading...
  4. tomtoms

    My Custom Badges

    Hi all, As a huge Formula one fan I decided to have these made last year and today I have finally put them on the car. I think they compliment the Petronas Green callipers well too, for those who know what the Logo represents, however I still need to finish all the callipers when I get...
  5. F

    Check out my new mats

    Received these today from Bespoke Automats, definitely worth the wait.
  6. Growy16

    Custom bodywork

    Peeps. The C63 Stage 3 Weistec is coming along nicely at MSL. My next issue is that I want to get 315 rears and 255 fronts to assist with the application of the additional grunt. I don't want to fit a BS kit, I would prefer a custom build. I want to widen the arches to accommodate the larger...
  7. F

    Custom Tuned 700bhp Nissan GT-R
  8. Luke-BITURBO

    E63 AMG W212 custom exhaust today

    Had the exhaust done on the car today Custom fitted down at infinity exhausts Bristol had loads of work done there in the past on my gtr and various other cars Full decat system with 2 rear boxes Looking forward to getting it mapped now Videos to come :)
  9. O

    Mercedes errr... custom.

    Cant seem to get a link but search Ebay for "Hotrod Mercedes rat rod, hot rod truck custom". Each to his own I guess.
  10. R5RYP

    CLS 350 custom Cat-back

    I have been quoted for a stainless steel exhaust from cat back from a couple of companies but they seem slightly high. Longlife £799 and infinity was £650 I just wondered what other people have paid? I have a CLS w218 350 petrol twin exit. Thank you in advance.
  11. M

    Custom Ambient Lighting for 2005 to 2008 SL 350's

    Hi Would anyone know who I can contact in the midlands to fit Ambient Lighting for an SL350 ?
  12. L

    MSL Custom Map

    Hello everybody Considering getting my E-coupe 350 CDI flat bottom steering wheel mapped a few questions first. Does the MSL map remove the speed limiter. Does it remove EGR. Will they Change oil and filters before map. Is it possible to map the Car on the road...
  13. jonnyboy

    Custom exhausts

    This thread is in this sub forum deliberately but I trust you guys over the bloomin knackers at the ovlov place..... Anyone around my way had a custom exhaust done? Madam's ovlov appears to be the only model in England where there is no factor/aftermarket exhaust, or (more importantly right...
  14. J

    x2 Custom Dinamica trimmed Sparco Corsa Bucket seats

    Hi all, selling these with a heavy heart! i really wanted these for ever!! such an amazing seat look so nice,custom trimmed to perfection and quality. So i have a pair of Sparco Corsa VTR seats trimmed in Charcoal/Anthracite Dinamica (the Alcantara material Porsche and Bentley now use) with...
  15. bpsorrel

    Custom exhaust fabrication

    Does anyone know of a custom exhaust fabricator in or around the Beds, Herts and Bucks area? Friend of mine wants to modify the exhaust on his car with a welded twin tip extension. Personally, I've no ideas :D
  16. F1BHP

    Custom car audio

    I am looking for recommendations for installers around West London for my R230 SL. Thx. For your time in advance
  17. kap02

    w204 (C class, 2010) custom subwoofer box, sub woofer and amp

    Custom Subwoofer box, subwoofer and amplifier for sale: Box: Custom made (cost £110) Subwoofer (W0v3 - JL Audio) and Amp (JBL GTO) new: (cost: £120) Great condition, all work order and sounds superb with the standard head unit. Ideal for quality upgrades OEM sound. I will also throw in the...
  18. kap02

    Mercedes C Class 4dr W204 UV blinds (fitted, custom)

    I have the following for sale: Mercedes C Class 4dr 07- CAR WINDOW SUN SHADE BABY SEAT CHILD BOOSTER BLIND UV | eBay I will take £45 collected from Manchester, they were on the car for 3 months. Car is now sold. 07745600001
  19. Ash Bhp

    BMW F10 2014 530D Custom Remap= 313hp

    One we did yesterday. After custom Remap she made 313hp 530lbs (Factory 258hp)
  20. Ash Bhp

    Custom remapped C63 559hp 558lbs

    I thought i share this vid of our CUSTOM/BESPOKE remap for this C63. Made 559hp with full IPE exhaust system. :) 6Y895q3vqW8
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