1. N

    Cycle carrier for Mercedes roof bars

    Hello Im looking for a cycle carrier. Roof mounted, probably Thule as these seem to be popular? My question Will they fit Mercedes roof bars? Or perhaps I need to enquire about some adaptors or something? 2013 C-class estate with roof rails. Already have genuine Mercedes Roof bars so...
  2. G

    W219 roof bars and cycle carrier

    Hello folks. Am looking to purchase some roof bars and cycle carrier for my w219 CLS. Have searched the forum and as usual am lead to exactly what I need (another thread had the Thule model numbers etc I need). Before I purchase new, does anyone have a set for sale that they want to shift ? If...
  3. L

    Alpinestars Waterproof motor cycle boots. Size 45

    Alpinestars S-MX4 waterproof motor cycle boots. Waterproof as wellies but better for you on a motor bike. The size is 45 but I am a 44 and they fit perfectly. Great condition with very little wear. I was a fair weather rider :rolleyes: £70 inc p&p to UK. "][/URL] "][/URL]
  4. L

    Alpinestars Motor cycle boots. Size 44

    Alpinestars Super tech R vented boots. The most comfortable boots I ever wore. Removable inner boot and great protection. Very little wear on the sole. £75 inc p&p to UK. "][/URL] "][/URL] "][/URL]
  5. D

    Mercedes e class estate 2016 roof rack and cycle bars

    As above. I'm looking for roof bars and ideally 3 bike holders for my new e class estate which arrives end of June. Must be genuine merc and I'm happy to buy just the bars and bike holders separately if that's easier. I will need them posted to G14RZ. Ta Scott
  6. R

    Cycle carrier for W205 Estate

    Hi, I'm new here :) Is there a approved rear cycle carrier for the AMG Line W205 estate? I've looked around and seen a few comments stating you can't fit one on it.rar I'd like to avoid the expense of a tow bar and rack. Thanks in advance Rohan
  7. E

    SBC cycle count and ELM 327

    Having recently become a Mercedes owner I am now fully aware of the SBC 'Service Brake' message ie after 300,000 cycles the system says that the SBC unit must be replaced and starts the process by warning you with the message and significantly reducing possible braking. Question 1 - can I...
  8. Piff

    Cycle maintenance/repair

    My old bike had an outing in the spring but whe chain was slipping (riding over the cogs?) The bike went back in the shed and I had every intention of getting it fixed for the summer - but the months have gone by & I really must get it fixed:o I could take it to the local bike shop and let...
  9. merc85

    Cycle waranty?

    I've pretty much decided im not going to get anywhere but have been left pretty frustrated. 10 Months ago a bought a £560 Road Bike (cycle) New from the above internet company. Frame and wheels guaranteed for 2 years, in the 1st 6 months the Rear Gear set was worn out and wiggle said its not...
  10. ItalianTuneUp

    UK proposals: Cycle Streets With 15mph Limit And No Overtaking What do you think of this?
  11. clk208

    Roof cycle carrier part number / compatibility

    Edit - stupid of me, answered my own question with a Google..
  12. S

    duty cycle frozen at 20%

    can anyone give me an idea what is the checklist under these circumstances please? I've managed to get the engine to run reasonably smoothly but i understand that the duty cycle should be up at 50% but when i try and make the mixture richer, it dies. Possibly faulty temp sensor? EHA? If i...
  13. S

    k-tronic adjustment...for those without a duty cycle multimeter

    Still struggling to work out why my plugs are still misfiring after going to a hotter plug and now NOT seeing the awful black shiny blob of oil on the plugs (previously) but getting a different kind of 'reading'. Is it possible that with my adjustement of the mixture screw that my new LEAN...
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    Will Thule cycle carriers fit Mercedes roof bars?

    On eBay there's much more choice of Thule branded roof mounted cycle carriers compared to Mercedes branded ones, and so hopefully I'll be able to pick up a set at a good price. Anyone know if they'll fit the Mercedes branded roof bars? For the W164 they're posh sliding bars, which I...
  15. J

    Cycle carrier - new alu style

    Hello Hoping someone can help me out... My wife recently threw out my mercedes roof rack (don't ask!!!) and I recently replaced it only to realise that the attachment pieces for my two new alu style cycle racks were also thrown out :doh: these are now pretty much useless. Went to Mercedes...
  16. snow leopard

    SLK roof stops mid cycle

    I hope I'm posting in the right department but can anyone shed any light on an issue with my SLK's folding roof? (53 reg. 200) When I operate switch to open roof, the windows and quarterlights go down, boot lid tilts, then it all stops! I can still hear the motor running but no further action...
  17. T

    w201 190 Roof rack bars and cycle carriers

    I have a w201 ORIS roof rack bars and cross bars to support two bikes. Was planning on fitting it to my w210 but it doesn't with the rails I have. Nice and solid, has 190 w201 on it, comes with one key. Offers, Pick up HA7
  18. PXW

    Cycle chains

    Anyone got any knowledge on these and able to help? PXW Junior (aged 14) has a Carrera mountain bike which he uses quite heavily - daily to and from school, goes cycling in the woods and trails at weekends etc. Bike was supplied by Halfords (as all these are - they are Halford's 'intermediate'...
  19. Aletank

    W203 Roof Bars & Cycle Carrier Options/Questions

    I'm on the look out for some Roof Bars & Cycle Carriers for my W203 Saloon, I've got a Wanted Advert in the Classifieds here and also searching Ebay. If I got Genuine Mercedes Roof Bars, would the Thule Cycle Roof Carriers Fit ? Has anyone any experience with Atera Roof Bars & Cycle...
  20. Aletank

    W203 Roof Bars & Roof Cycle Carriers Wanted

    Hi Guys Has anyone got some Roof Bars with Fittings etc for a W203 Saloon also a Cycle Carrier/s to fit to the Roof Bars that will take 2 bikes. I'm based in Liverpool and don't mind travelling a reasonable distance to collect or maybe a courier. Thanks ;) Duncan
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