1. optimusprime

    Silicone spray can deal 500 ml

    Hi was looking for some silicone spray , and i came across this on Ebay Item nuber 272000605544 6 tins of this silicone for £19-99 . Mine have just turned up real good deal..
  2. vijilants

    Socket set deal at Halfords

    Picked this up today from Halfords.....Lifetime guarantee..Discounted down to £20 from £40. Their ebay site also has free delivery on this item. £16 on trade card...bargain !
  3. W

    Is this an exceptional deal ?

    My local MB dealer has offered £ 11.6k discount on a £ 54k E 350e SE optioned up. He says this is cut to the bone and it seems exceptional to me - Dealers on CarWow and Broadspeed are offering about £ 5k. The car will be built to my order for delivery in Sept - new reg. I am an existing...
  4. b1g1an

    CTEK MXS 5.0 on Amazon Lightening deal till 2pm

    Best price it's been for a while... Excellent bit of kit and the recon once a year function really helps keeping the convenience functions message away.
  5. Alfie

    Special deal on NTG 2.5 comand install

    We are offering two special deals at present; We are offering NTG 2.5 comand with integrated changer installed into a W169 A class, W245 B class or 2007 - 2011 Vito/viano for £1200 inc VAT. Also, NTG 2.5 single disk comand installed into W164 ML, X164 GL or R251 R class for £1150 inc VAT. Car...
  6. PobodY

    Great deal for someone?

    MERCEDES CL CLK S SLK C215 C209 W220 PAIR NEW APEC REAR BRAKE DISCS DSK2145 | eBay Have I read this right? £4.99 for a set of rear discs for the V8 models? - If it was for mine I'd roll the dice, but it doesn't look like they're meant for a 350.
  7. bob6600

    Liberty Media buys Formula 1 in £6bn deal

    Bernie to stay on for now Liberty Media buys Formula 1 in £6bn deal | F1 News
  8. SilverSaloon

    car transportation companies that deal with shipping

    Hi Can anyone recommend any companies that would collect a vehicle from my house in Scotland and transport it (via low-loader/transporter) to Hull and put it on a ferry? I'm selling a car and the purchaser (who is genuine, not a scam, club member etc) lives abroad. I need an easy way of...
  9. M

    Philips X-treme Vision 130%+ H7 Bulbs Amazon Deal

    Hi all Amazon got a deal expiring in an hour or so on the above bulbs £12.45 for 2x bulbs is a cracking deal if you are a prime member.
  10. lisa110rry

    How to deal with potential puncture on SLK R170?

    Hello and apologies if this has been done before, the search function is just not working for me. Because my little car has differently sized wheels or tyres front and back, is there an accepted way of dealing with a potential puncture, other than on a breakdown lorry? I realise there is 0%...
  11. alistairgd

    Tips for negotiating new car deal?

    My 4 year finance deal with MB on my C-Class Saloon is up in 6 months so I received the "your options" paperwork last week. I'm very tempted to give it back and take out a new deal on the new coupe, but I'm going to need some buying power to get the extras I'm after. I tried just...
  12. J

    BHS heading for administration as rescue deal fails
  13. A

    Drive the Deal Alternatives

    Hi guy, I'm aware of the website Drive the Deal, but the options they list are not quite inline with the buying choices from the official MB website, therefore, can anyone tell me if there are alternatives to bash out a deal with? Thanks
  14. L

    What to do at the end of your 3 year pcp deal

    Has anybody on here sold their car privately at the end of the pcp rather than except the value that they promice you at the dealer.Ihave been told that my A45 will be £22500 after 3 years but have seen them privately going for 28 to 30 grand!Is it easy to do or awkward as you have to pay the...
  15. toffee-pie

    Done Deal

    So, I have bit the bullet and put a deposit on this. I went for a drive and it drives fantastic, service history looks good also it has full stamps up to about 100k miles. A few advisories show up on the MOTs but the seller is going to get everything looked into and will give it a full...
  16. Brian 1

    Mercedes-Benz Deal or no deal

    I bought my car from an out of town small MB dealership who rely on the internet for more sales, I was told this is why their cars are a better deal than larger dealerships, thoughts on this would be good....
  17. R

    Lease on C350e - thoughts on this deal?

    Hi, thinking of getting a C350e on a lease. I get a car allowance at work which I can take as cash or order a car through work and have the money taken out of my pre tax salary (i.e. salary sacrifice). I can get the standard C350e with metallic paint, all tax, maintenance (inc tyres), insurance...
  18. S

    S Class Lease Deal

    S350 LWB popped up on my Facebook today £449 + VAT per month. Seems incredibly cheap for anyone in the market. Only 4 in stock.
  19. DSB SL AMG

    This is why Mechanics love to deal with Women...

    An oldie but still funny...:D 9FefIzya7fw
  20. D

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV deal

    My Mrs has been offered a car scheme by her employer, not a company car or cash for car scheme. I've had a good look at it and it seems OK on the face of it, it's a fuel and go type deal. There is no deposit and it includes car tax, insurance, maintenance, tyres and so on. The monthly...
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