1. A

    Where to buy parts other than dealers

    Need new brake pad but dealers are charging alot. Is there cheaper alternative places where to buy from? Or are there any trade places to buy from?
  2. Ray1888

    Cla 45 new discs and pads at local dealers today

    So phoned around for some quotes for brembo discs and pads,got some interesting quotes !!!!! Company I work for own my local Merc dealership so phoned,got my staff discount and paid £250 thought that was a great price,they came in Mercedes boxes but are brembo discs and pads,:bannana:
  3. splitpin

    Car dealers & road tax

    If you buy a secondhand car from a dealer & the road tax expired some months ago, who is liable for the unpaid tax :dk:
  4. D

    Recommended Mercedes dealers for servicing from this list (Beds/Herts/London area)

    Hi All I have a service due and due to a couple of reasons need to use a dealer, unfortunately Indy is not an option, was hoping to get some member recommendations out of the following list: MB of Stevenage Sytner Milton Keynes Sytner Bedford MB Watford MB of Aylesbury MB of Hertford MB of...
  5. S

    AMG specialist dealers- out there?

    Hi all We have a W211 E55 saloon and a W212 E250 cdi estate. Given our combined mileage in the family is less than 10k a year, my man Maths suggests it would be better to consolidate to one car (a W212 E63 estate). My question is what are the main specialists out there that have good amg...
  6. A

    Service prices dealers etc

    My car is a W207 E250 CDI coupe 2011 I need an oil service, and transmission service Mercedes online (Dartford,Kent) is quoting Service A £271.50 (is that just an oil and filter change?) Automatic transmission service £416.09 Seems really highly priced, would i be better to get...
  7. B

    Edd China leaving Wheeler Dealers after disagreement with new owners It was the best programme on Discovery so it won't be the same with the new format
  8. K

    Dealers, test Drives and general pushiness.

    I went to look at a car for my wife and son at the weekend. (£6000). I told the dealer on the phone that we had just started our search and that "I wouldn't be buying today." He said still come over and have a look, which we did. The car was nice and we asked for a test drive. He...
  9. bob6600

    Edd China to leave Wheeler Dealers

    Press Release | Discovery UK With Aaron having left Fast N Loud, this seems like a trend. Fuzz Townsend next?? New co-host with Mike will be Ant Anstead
  10. lfckeeper

    Is this normal when booking in at main dealers?

    I vowed never to give Mercedes Teesside another chance, however, sensibly, I began to think alienating myself from my local main dealer who are almost literally at the end of the road is a bit silly. So, with my rear springs needing changing I've decided to give them another chance (the fact...
  11. kam05

    Courtsey cars supplied by MB dealers

    I'm currently in a 65 plate C220cdi SE supplied by my local MB dealer as mine is in for repairs at the moment. Is it just my local MB dealer or is it all MB dealers...the courtesy car I have been given is poorly maintained. I get it that the car I have been given is a courtesy car with will...
  12. S

    Authorised dealers' standards

    I suspect that the vast majority of Club members use indies or are expert in carrying out their own servicing and repairs, so this topic may not have much traction... but I'd be interested in views about M-B authorised dealers' standards generally and what to do when seriously brassed off. In...
  13. MSG2004

    Wheeler Dealers back 14/11/16

    It's not as interesting as the ones shoot in the UK, IMO I'm also looking forward to the 3 Jonny's, ex top gear lot's ret to tv. MONDAY 14TH NOVEMBER @ 9PM:thumb:
  14. M

    E Class Estate: Available to test drive with dealers..??

    After narrowly (and luckily…!!!) missed out on an Old E class estate deal few months back, I a very keen test drive new updated model. Not sure any dealers got them for test drive..?? Also when is the best time to get best Merc deals..?? Dec..?? I can see sites like CarW** gives up to 11%...
  15. merc85

    Car dealers

    Review after review bad bad bad, then People i know via a Fb group tell of there experiences of certain Car dealers im thinking of seeing cars at, and its nowt but a flipp'n nightmare. If a Car dealer sells at top wack fair play but all in my experiance have never stood by there "warranties"...
  16. Cyclone1

    Only Popped into the Dealers for some filters.....

    And came away with these..............
  17. grober


    Kicked off last night with Ed and Mike giving a 1987 Mercedes 560SL a comprehensive makeover. Lovely wheels! :cool:
  18. M

    Oil change at dealers!!

    Hi all, I serviced my car at Mercedes dealers in Coventry in March this year. I happened to check my oil over the weekend (I should have done this before) and it is only just above the minimum. My question is have they been a bit tight and not filled up more? maybe more to the maximum! I will...
  19. Benzmanc

    Wheeler Dealers

    New series starts tomorrow 9th May at 9pm on Discovery. First car is a 1987 560sl
  20. MSG2004

    Brand New Series of Wheeler Dealers

    Hi As I channel hopped, caught a Wheeler Dealers advert, new series on Discover channel 520 Sky - 21-00 hrs Monday 9/5/16 The big guy was giving a bit of lip to shorty, about time too. :D PS, getting a bit boring now but I'm still hooked
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