1. Z

    Crazy Main Dealers

    Hi,my stepson has a 2006 passat,his rear indicators seem to be slowly dying they are LED,s this was a standard fitting,there are about 30 in a circle and small segments just go out,so I started to look round for them no luck on ebay,until I decided to visit the VW main dealer at Colchester right...
  2. M

    Buying Advice & Honest Dealers !!!

    Firstly I would like to say Hi to everyone. Thought I would ask for some advice from other merc owners etc after just having a terrible experience with my local Mercedes Dealers. When basically after ordering and paying a deposit over 6 weeks ago and getting a call off them last week asking...
  3. MWCLS

    MB SERVICE PLANS - Dealers random servicing prices

    Evening everyone, my car is due a spark plug / brake fluid, oil/filter change ( I changed the air cartridge myself and the ATF was done only 3k ago ( electro plate replacement) Service plan £52.50 x 24 months ( Ex vat ) 3 Services. My car has only done 600 miles since its last service...
  4. D

    MB Dealers East Yorkshire (M62)

    Anyone know any MB specialists near East Yorkshire (M62 area)? would prefer referals rather than random names..... Already spent to much on misdiagnosis, so looking for a "man who can" or woman for that matter!! Help!
  5. grober

    Wheeler Dealers W123

    Mike and Ed fettle a W123. Wheeler Dealers - Mercedes Benz W123 230E part 1 on Vimeo Sadly only the first part and fantasy prices since it's from 2003. The second part is on Youtube if you look for it but with a foreign language voice over.
  6. Kerja

    Tyre size question and - MB Dealers got retarded?

    Now, I have purchased my approved used W204 C220 with staggered AMG wheels, it didn't bother me at all up until recent moment when I have spotted a flat N/S/F tyre. (Luckily enough I didn;t drive ti, just pumped up beforehand and left at this stage) Tyre pressure warning didn't tell me...
  7. I

    What is it with car dealers....?

    I spotted a newer GS430 which on the face of it looks like a straight car. Also it uses the same engine as my current (MY 01) GS430 which is a peach. Although I'm very happy with my GS I was thinking that it might be an idea to chop mine in for a slightly newer model, I emailed the dealer...
  8. Vito

    Wheeler Dealers SLK.

    Ed China works his magic on a multi fault SLK. Four episodes. Wheeler Dealers Mercedes SLK Part 1 - YouTube Wheeler Dealers Mercedes SLK Part 2 - YouTube Wheeler Dealers Mercedes SLK Part 3 - YouTube Wheeler Dealers Mercedes SLK Part 4 - YouTube No copyright warnings...
  9. W

    Are there any decent Merc dealers out there?

    I know this is asking a lot but although I have a superb service history with my S Class I would like more detail on the other work carried out by Mercedes that I can see has been done from a summary print out I have. No expense has been spared by the one lady owner from new it would seem and...
  10. Markjames

    new wheeler dealers

    Tonight, 9pm, discovery. Ford Thunderbird.
  11. Endex

    Mercedes C Class coupe deals - any good dealers?

    Hi, I received a mail shot from Mercedes with an offer of £5370 manufacturer's discount on a new C Class coupe if purchased on a MB PCP. I'm currently without car and in a position to move quickly but my local dealer wasn't receptive to talking turkey on further reduction though they indicated...
  12. L

    Glow Plugs and now dealers dont know!

    Hi All car - 2001 W220 Mercedes S320cdi The issue I have is that I have no glow plug light in the dash ever, and have had recent starting problems, although not this week, but the dash light is still not working. I have changed the relay/control module for a used one which I was told...
  13. T

    Buying a used Mercedes - how does the commission work between dealers?

    I test drove a highly-priced car within London last week. The MB Retail Salesman brought it round to the house, which saved a lot of time. We spoke 48hrs later; I declined his car, and said that I'd just made an offer on a similar (newly listed in better colour) car at another MB Retail...
  14. Felstmiester

    Trusting main dealers with your pride and joy

    My c63 is going in for a service on sat. Not a biggie just oil filters and diff fluid change. As I've mentioned before I have the means and ways to carry out the work myself due to the fact my father owns a garage and does services etc. But due to the fact I want to keep the main dealer history...
  15. The _Don

    Mercedes benz main dealers selling on ebay

    May benefit forum users to have a list of main mercedes benz dealers selling goods on ebay, hopefully at reduced prices. Let's spell the dealers name as per their ebay user name I will get the list started - 1 mercedesbenzofnewcastle.
  16. ringway

    Del Boys and Dealers.

    I love this sort of thing. All over the country real life Del Boys are on the make. For these wheelers and dealers, every item, no matter how unlikely, is for sale. When it is time for fresh stock, they head to so-called 'Trash or Treasure' auction houses, where they sift through lost...
  17. ScottHarry

    USA M-B dealers get $2,500 to coddle S-class buyers

    USA M-B dealers get $2,500 to coddle S-class buyers "LOS ANGELES -- Mercedes-Benz USA is providing dealers as much as $2,500 to please each buyer of the redesigned S class. Dealers have marching orders to quickly fix car problems, no matter how minor, without factory preapproval, said Steve...
  18. M11GUL

    Trusting Mercedes Dealers

    Just thought I'd share my most recent experience with my local dealer Mercedes-Benz of Coventry. I am normally used to hearing of dealers that recommend changing half worn brakes, tyres with 3mm remaining tread etc but Coventry are definitely not of the same kind! They did a service on my car...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    New Series of Wheeler Dealers 17/03/14

    Tonight, 9pm Discovery
  20. D

    Mercedes on Wheeler Dealers

    Discovery Turbo now - and how young does Ed look!
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