1. CLSMark

    Will be dealing drugs next Thursday...

    Yes, I've decided to get my windows tinted. Obviously having a black CLS it'll look somewhat pimpish. But I'm fed up sitting in a greenhouse, and listening to the kids whinging it's too bright. I know aftermarket tint leaves a border, but the side windows will look good, as they have no window...
  2. brucemillar

    Dealing with nuisance/unwelcome calls on landline.

    We have been (like many others) plagued with nuisance/unwanted & unwelcome callers of late and it has been getting worse with many callers now able to use a local dial prefix or a mobile dial prefix. So you see that on the phone and assume it's okay? Wrong... We are registered with TPS and had...
  3. D

    Dealing with speed cameras.. Need a device.

    Hello, So on previous cars I did not have sat nav built in so had my trusty tom tom which warned me of speed cameras when I ventured out of the local area. After just one day of having the merc I got nicked as command does not show cameras! What's the best device out there? Can i have...
  4. lfckeeper

    Dealing with Tailgators

    So how does every one do it? Driving home today in slow dual carriageway traffic ... a numpty in a van was so far up my backside he may as well have been in the back seat! In that sort of traffic there's no where to go. Gets right on my wick!
  5. N

    Ebay: Dealing with a genius here.

    Looking to buy some Odeon cinema vouchers on ebay sell for about 4 quid a pop. Most sellers include in their listing an expiration date by which the voucher must be used. One seller has not so I wrote to ask when the vouchers expire. Me: How long is the ticket good for? When does it expire...
  6. S

    Dealing with horrific authorised repairer service

    Some of what follows has been discussed in a technical thread. This narrative brings the story up to date with a further development and asks the question: what do you do when an M-B authorised repairer turns out to be a nightmare and there's no easy alternative? The car in question is a 2003...
  7. bob6600

    Share dealing - any recommendations??

    Some advice from the panel please. I have a friend who wants to open a share dealing account but is looking for recommendations. Wants to deal with shares online but obviously pay as little commission as possible. I have used TD Investments (was moved over when Natwest Stockbrokers closed)...
  8. M

    Are some people incapable of dealing with 50mph limits in narrow lanes?

    I live in Camberley and enter the London bound M3 at J3. Due to road widening schemes its 50mph average speed checks all the way to J2 which is the M25 junction. This week and last week I have seen the recent aftermath of 2 incidents involving multiple vehicles. The one last night had all 3...
  9. D

    Dealing with conflit

    Nipped up to the Petrol Station to put 1/2 a tank in the X5 (£75&!) As I came out of the shop I noticed a ford Ka behind my car, with in turn a Mondeo attempting to pass the Ka. Unfortunately it was at such an angle that the attempt was doomed, and the nearside of the mondeo struck the Ka...
  10. KNU7S

    My dad Started Wheeling and Dealing and picked up a car that does 74mpg

    My father retired last year after 50 years in a service department (was a mechanic ended up a director) he has been selling car parts on ebay with a little help from me (I do not charge him or benefit) he recently started buying cars and selling them on, 1st was a Freelander TD4 which i own a...
  11. Charles Morgan

    Bird life and dealing with the Magpies

    My bird feeder has worked wonders this year in feeding all sorts of birds - the latest being a female Blackcap and a Garden Warbler, and looking out from my bedroom yesterday I saw a pair of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers do over one of my Lilac trees (the cavity in the base of the tree is now...
  12. knighterrant

    Dealing with irate customers

    It happened at a New York Airport. This is hilarious. I wish I had the guts of this girl. An award should go to the United Airlines gate agent in New York for being smart and funny, while making her point, when confronted with a passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo. For all of...
  13. RaceDiagnostics

    dealing with scratches right through the clearcoat

    After my success with the deep scatch on my TT I decided to see if I could improve the appearance of some bad scratches on the 450. These ones are worse than the one on the TT, they are right through the clearcoat to the basecoat so no chance to completely remove them. Here we go, these are...
  14. nick mercedes

    dealing with a company in administration

    I had some work done by a company, who ruthlessly messed me around, and then overcharged me, however 2 weeks before the invoice needed to be paid I have had a letter from some debt chasing agency telling me to cough up straight away as the company has gone into administration. Now the work...
  15. C240Sport97

    dealing with

    8 days ago, I ordered a new laptop from sonystyle .. premium priced, but I liked the keyboard and the fact you could get it in white. today, they called on the office line and said: 1. they have cancelled my order 2. they had been trying to call me on my mobile -- they have not (they...
  16. blondebier

    Hoodless Brennan to close online share dealing

    It looks like Hoodless Brennan are ending their execution-only online trading service on 10th July. I moved from Halifax Share Dealing about a year ago as they were utter rubbish and paid through the nose to move my shares to HB. As HB were one of the cheapest on the market, that's a bit of a...
  17. Mudster

    When does private buying/selling become dealing?

    With all these auction listings appearing I'm curious to how many cars can you buy/sell in a year before you're classed as a dealer? I'm not particularly interested in making a living doing this, I have far too much on my mind keeping the current business running in this economic climate...
  18. R

    Anyone use online share dealing?

    As per the thread title. Can anyone recommend an online share dealing service? I'd be trading fairly small amounts to start with so wouldn't want to be paying a fortune in fees for each transaction, and would like everything to be done online through a browser rather than using the phone...
  19. glojo

    Ferrari wheeler dealing

    An interesting but very long article Many, many moons ago I stated there was no way that schumacher would be brave enough to race against Kimi Raikkonen. Regards John
  20. glojo

    Ultimate vehicle for dealing with our recent bad weather

    Here you go Regards John
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