1. Chugg

    Digital service details

    Hi people, Just got an 2011 e class, and wanted to see the dealer service history, is the only way to go in to the main dealer and ask for print outs? I got a couple with it but wanted to check the full history, although the 2 print outs I got may be all of it. I was hoping to view online as...
  2. markjay

    Digital Air Traffic Control Tower

    London City first UK airport to get remote digital air traffic control - BBC News
  3. Cymruambyth

    Digital speedo.

    The digital speedo in my car reads in km/h. I`ve been through all settings but can`t find any way to change to mph. Is there any way to change it???
  4. DanMorgan

    W210 Digital Speedo

    Hi All, I was watching a random YouTube video about a W210 and noticed they had a digital speedo read out like you do on most of the new Mercedes. I did a bit of research and apparently its setting in the trip computer but for the life of me I cannot find it. Does anyone know where I...
  5. vikCLS63

    Digital Lights--Too Much?
  6. pmcgsmurf

    DSB Digital Service Book Access for Independent Workshop ?

    Hi folks What's the latest with Digital Service Booklet (DSB) access for an independent workshop? We are registered for EPC & WIS access and noticed that according to the Daimler Benz Service page all we need is a MB Customer Number to register for DSB access. Asked our local dealer that we...
  7. gaz_l

    Digital photo frames

    Greetings, Citizens. Don't really know if this should be here or in IT but here goes.. Bought a 15" no-brand digital photo frame (from Amazon) the other week, it was cheap and I'm completely unsurprised to discover it's crap. I'm within my 14 day CCR period so it's going back, the first time...
  8. S350L

    Digital Service Record

    Hi Guys Can I get a copy of my Digital Service Record online or do I have to go to a dealer? Many thanks S350L
  9. W

    Digital Service Reports - Mercedes Me portal

    Hi All I've just registered on the Mercedes Me web portal as a way of getting a copy of my digital service reports when I get to the Digital Service option I'm asked for a Code Please enter the security code (SecCode) to activate the Digital...
  10. John

    Digital camera servicing.

    At what level would someone start "servicing" digital cameras and what would this entail and cost? I presume a service includes adjustments and cleaning?
  11. J

    2012 ML250 Digital TV

    I've got the W166 version with digital TV fitted. I get some digital radio stations through this but it's pretty ropey. Is there anyway I can upgrade the software to get proper DAB radio? Also is there an upgrade to get split screen on the front display so that passenger can watch the TV while...
  12. Dave Richardson

    Home Digital Weather Stations

    I can't recall seeing any other posts on this subject, so is there any other members who have & use a digital weather station? Mine is about two years old & started life as a Maplins unit however the display broke & I replaced it with a Watson unit which works well.
  13. N

    Digital speedo wrong.

    It seems to thing the analogue speed is kph. Only noticed it today so I got my son to take a snap to show you. Why is it doing this?
  14. Dave.tam

    Digital TV?

    Morning, Any chance I can fit digital tv to my C Class? Was told it couldn't be done to my last one, was hoping this one would be different. Sorry I don't know the technical model number, but my old car was a 2014 C180 SE Exec with Premuim Plus and the new one is a 2016 C250 Sport with...
  15. M

    2013 Vito - Digital Speedo in km/h

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2013 Vito Dualiner. First time I have owned a Mercedes so new to this forum. I'd really like to adjust the on screen display - especially the units of km/h to mph. The handbook describes how to do this - but I can't! any suggestions
  16. V

    Sprinter digital speedo in kmh

    Hi All My 2012 sprinter 313 digital speed readout is in kmh I have looked in the manual but can't seem to figure out how to change it to mph. Surely I don't have to have it in kmh permanently? Cheers Vin
  17. D

    W124 AMG Digital Dash

    So, whilst the ce is in storage for a couple of years I have been thinking about other upgrades I fancy. One if the rarer options I have seen is that the 500e has a digital dash whereby the right binical is a digital feature. My question is whether I can retro fit the digital dash to my ce...
  18. karozza

    Digital Display

    So, I get this silly kind of stain in the display, looks like it's had enough & gonna die at some point dde15 Is it possible to buy this on it's own, or will have to buy the whole cluster?? 2005 C180K
  19. PhilLinda

    Access to digital service book

    I've just bought a 3 year old E350 and want to access the service history so I can see what previous work has been carried out on the vehicle. Is there any way I can do that? Thanks. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  20. R

    Aftermarket Digital TV Tuner

    Hi I do a lot of sitting around in the car and was wondering if I can get a digital TV tuner fitted in my new 65 plate ML250. It has the media interface built in with reversing camera and plays video through my iPod when stationary currently. Did used to have digital Tv in my old car before the...
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