1. J

    CLS55 dipstick tube

    Morning all, I've got a 06 CLS55. I dont trust the oil level sensor too much so decided to buy a dipstick from Mercedes. I can't seem to find where it goes? I thought originally it goes in the tube with the red cap, at the top of the engine by the throttle body, but the tube bends down towards...
  2. T

    atf dipstick for level check on a VITO W639 V6 Diesel

    Anyone know whether my ATF dipstick that i used on my 2001 E320CDI (inline 6 ) and 1999 CLK 430 can be used on my W639 2007 VITO 120CDI (Sport X 204 ) I think the its the same 722.6 box as its tiptronic & Rear wheel drive and not the 7 speeder presumably my combination is the same as perhaps the...
  3. J

    Genuine Merc Gearbox Dipstick 722.6

    I've got a genuine Merc Gearbox Dipstick that I don't need anymore as I've sold the car. I used it on my 2006 CLK 220 cdi sport, should work with any 722.6 Gearbox I think but check the part number. It's W140589152100. After £15 + p&p or collection from West Bromwich Thanks James
  4. B

    M156 Dipstick Popping / PCV Valve

    Hi, just some general info that may assist others one day. M156 Engine, 112,000 miles - Dipstick popping out under full load. Suspected PCV Valve blocked. No codes of whistling noise tho. Replaced it (it's not too bad on the ML to do, more room between bulkhead engine). Blew threw it...
  5. Shmeefly

    Mercedes Dipstick length E Class W211 V6

    Hi everyone I'm trying to find out the exact length from the end of the handle to the end of the oil level measure on an original E Class W211 V6 3.2 petrol engine I have purchased a new dipstick from ebay but it seem's far to long and cannot find an original so was planning on trimming this...
  6. Petrol Pete

    Dipstick length

    Hi My C55 AMG 2006 has no dipstick (my wife says it has one behind the steering wheel, but I can't -for the life of me- find it :rolleyes:) I am old skool when it comes to oil level management and am quite happy for the MB installed level checking system to keep me informed about the engine...
  7. Benty

    E55k dipstick

    Know this has been answered lots of times but can't seem to find it , but could somebody point me In the right direction for the correct dipstick for my 03 e55k Thank in advance.
  8. chubbs111

    engine dipstick

    i have a 2003 clk270cdi and the engine oil level is monitored electronicaly,is there a dipstick tube fitted to the car and if so where is it please.
  9. Mrhanky

    M113K / E55K Oil dipstick measurements

    I have just picked up a new oil level dipstick for my E55K. Does anyone know or have the exact measurements for the different levels on the M113K. After some digging about on the net, I have come up with 167 - 169mm being the correct dipstick measurement for level. However, Im not sure if...
  10. E

    Gear Box oil Dipstick

    Hi there 1999 sl320 v6 722.607 transmission Made it home in limp mode. Think that a transmission oil cooler pipe has a leak. Bought an Ebay gear box oil dipstick. Doesen't insert to it's full length. Is this correct? Also...can you change the gearbox electro plate without...
  11. R

    Dipstick tube

    Does anyone know whether the dipstick tube reaches the very bottom of the sump, in mine or any other MB? TIA.
  12. G

    Dipstick in a wannabe TIT-mobile

    He was drifting at 20mph from lane to lane on a nearly empty 40mph road, then accelerated to about 50mph, went pass 30mpg sign without changing speed, then braked sharply about 50 yards after. This is what transpired: On top of not having a front reg plate (how on earth can...
  13. A

    engine oil dipstick bone dry

    Just checked the engine oil on the dipstick as I had thought I had the electronic indication appears I don't have this function, upon checking the engine oil levels on the dipstick it is bone dry! :eek: Whats the difference in litres between min and max Should I be worried??? clk 200 coupe...
  14. Sheffield Col

    c class autobox dipstick.

    Hi I cant find the autobox dipstick on my 2009 c class c220 cdi automatic diesel. Also can any one tell me the model number of my g/box.? thank you...
  15. T

    2002 clk500 engine oil dipstick and transmission dipstick

    I have recently bought 2002 clk 500. After reading on the forums i realised that there is no dipstick for engine oil and transmission fluid. I am planing on changing engine oil and AT fluid myself. Has anyone been sucesfull at buying them at reasonable price? Thanks
  16. L

    How long is your dipstick?

    Hi all. Recently bought a '98 SLK 230 and the engine oil dipstick is just a 2":eek: stump . I'm changing the oil right now and can't tell if I've put in enough or not. I have a clean auto trans dipstick handy, could someone tell me measurement from the dipstick tube neck to the minimum mark...
  17. proser

    Auto Trans Dipstick for sale

    Having a clear out and found the following, Auto Trans dip stick - P/n W140589152100. I had it for my MY2001 E320CDI £10 delivered within the UK. Mark
  18. BIRMA

    SL 63 Oil dipstick levels

    Having now discovered that the engine oil dipstick is at the rear of the engine after me thinking that it was for the auto/MCT box I am having difficulty working out what is the correct way of checking. There are three little plastic type markers on the dipstick and I'm assuming that the level...
  19. T

    w202 auto dipstick

    Hi, first post on here though ive been following for a while now, ive a w202 c180 99, this is my 8th mercedes so I know a little about how they should preform, my problem is when cold the auto is very slow to gear up, sounds like atf is low but there is no dipstick, went to buy one from...
  20. abecketts

    W210 Auto Gearbox Dipstick

    For our E240 I bought a gearbox dipstick and with the arrival of our E320cdi I assumed it would be usable on the new car being the same W210 model. However the dipstick is longer than the tube in which it sits. Is there a different set up for a diesel car as opposed to a petrol one and as a...
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