1. RickyBurrows

    i can always dream

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MERCEDES-E63-AMG-ESTATE-NARDO-GREY-/192262406968?hash=item2cc3bb8338:g:ePQAAOSw9fNZfhTP If only I had the money! I might just paint my 211 this nardo grey it's the closest I'd ever get to that beast lol.
  2. A

    Cleaned my dream car

    This is my favourite car of all time, my perfect Dream Car:cool: just a pity it's only 1/18 scale Looking dusty and unloved And then after a clean with a damp fibre cloth and a polish with a dry micro cloth Only trouble is I'm going to have to do my 1/18 scale rally collection...
  3. 219

    Dream jobs ?

    Following on from the 'what do you do for a living' thread , I thought it might be fun to post what might be our dream jobs . For example , I once met a gentleman who must have been the envy of many : he was chief whisky taster and quality controller in one of Scotland's best known single...
  4. Deane x

    Dream cars

    If money was no object what car would you have as a weekend car? And what car would you have as a daily driver ? Mine would be a bugatti Veyron weekend and C63 estate daily driver ...as would many I would have barns full of Diffrent cars but please only pick one of each
  5. LTD

    We all have our dream car ...

    ... but what is the minimum car you would accept owning in your real-world life ?
  6. D

    Incoming DREAM Car... :)

    Hi everyone. I finally pulled the trigger today on a new Iridium Silver E63 Saloon :bannana: It's a stock car so hopefully it will arrive by the end of the month...I can't wait!!! Any thoughts or advice would be gratefully received :) Piccies to follow if people are interested?...
  7. nb_racing

    dream project

    If you had the time, money, space, skill, what would be your chosen (or dream) engine/chassis project car build? E30 + M113 5.4 Or MX5 Mk1 + supercharged Hayabusa
  8. M

    Maybach 57 S Coupe By DC Dream Cars

    Looks like a quality build with a hefty price. From the article: ustrian coachbuilder "DC Dream Cars" has picked up from where German firm Xenatec left after becoming insolvent and now offers its own version of the Maybach 57 S Coupe. 32 pictures and full article .
  9. P

    slightly OT I finally have my dream car

    I posted a while ago that I was changing my CLS for an E class estate, this freed up some cash which I've had permission to buy my dream car. So today I did the deal and bought a Porsche 928 S4, it's an 88 auto in Lagoon Green (silver with a hint of mint green). Can't wait to pick it up.
  10. C36fan

    What would be your dream garage?

    I start with mine for start I'd love to have a w108 300sel,a gullwing, a 600 grosser ,clk gtr , w124 e500 ,w210 55 amg ,w204 63 amg and a pagani zonda r!!!! They are my dream machines!!!! Dreams don't come cheap!!!:)
  11. K

    My dream home

    Built by Redrow, probably one of the best major house builders around. In Cheshire, right next to the golf course, almost affordable at over £900K :D http://media.redrow.co.uk/system/attachments/000/026/264/original/Melbury-Stretton-Floorplan.pdf?1375950200...
  12. M

    A man with a dream

    My dream is a W221 L4. All leather, wood interior with a nice engine. One day... Until then, hello all. I will be reading the forum, hopefully taking part in a meaningful way and learning whilst I collect enough money to buy my dream car. See you around
  13. T

    Newbie looking to join the classic mercedes ownership dream

    Newbie here, please be nice :cool: After never having owned a Mercedes and not having owned a classic for some 10-15 years now; I've fallen in love with the W123's. So I'm looking for all the info I can get, and then hopefully to get hold of one. Thank-you, I look forward to pestering...
  14. Borys

    Finally my dream came true !!!

    Swapped my cls for w221 !!! 2007 black on black, love it !!! Nearly wet my trousers yesterday he he
  15. A

    Finally got my Ist MB, Dream come true

    Finally I got my first MB car I am very excited to go for a long drive. It is C Class C200 blueefficiency Executive Auto Diesel. Hope I will enjoy it and it will stay with me for a loooong time and running cost will not be too high :bannana:
  16. T

    My Dream Red C43 on Pistonheads

    Used amg c43 v8 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 791281) I want this car so badly but current circumstances dictate it is not likely to be, at this point in time.:wallbash: :wallbash::wallbash: I would love to know if anyone knows the car or history / condition I could be up for it in 12mths time if...
  17. dan210988

    my dream car at a rock bottom price...sceptical

    1992 Mercedes S600 for sale in Dublin : €1,500 - DoneDeal.co.uk going to look at a 600SEL over the weekend..guy is only looking for 1500euro with offers allowed... want it as my weekend car,but even still i dont want to buy a lemon. any suggestions guys on what to watch out for...
  18. acej

    Someones dream garage

    Thought I would share a few photos of a private collection of cars I was lucky enough to be invited to view whilst on a business trip to Wolfsburg recently.
  19. Z

    The dream of an AMG....

    Ok guys, you know how it is. You simply can never be satisfied with what you have so lately i´ve been considering trading my E500 towards an E55. With the euro being very low against the Swedish crown it makes for good possibilities to sell my 500 in Sweden and buy an E55 in Germany for the...
  20. J

    Ron Dennis's dream

    Sssh! You're looking at Britain's £800m supercar secret weapon | Mail Online:eek:
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