W219 CLS dynamic seats

    Hi Guys, First post from me:bannana: I've managed to get hold of a set of CLS55 AMG seats that have the dynamic seat function. I am putting these in to my standard CLS500 and wondered if anyone can advise if the standard seating wiring connections will also allow for the dynamic seat...
  2. jke11y

    W218 Shooting Brake / W212 estate and others - Thule dynamic roofbox and wingbars

    Hello, I spent ages (genuinely) researching roof bars and boxes for my upcoming road trip, to fit our W218 CLS Shooting Brake. I bought a correct set of Thule Wingbars in silver with the 3049 foot pack which will fit other cars incl 212 and I think 204 estates, as well as a Thule Dynamic...
  3. D

    E350 cdi dynamic handling package

    How can i tell if the above package is fitted to cars I'm looking to buy? Thanks
  4. J

    Is the Dynamic plus package worth it?

    Hi Guys, I am close to putting an order in for a CLA45 Shooting Brake and one option I am unsure of is the Dynamic Plus package. I am going for the ride control sports suspension anyway so this would mean about an extra £1400 for the diff lock and performance steering wheel. I am not...
  5. John N

    Dynamic Drive Selection?

    My C Class has the normal Dynamic Selections: "C, E & S" available, as I commute around 50 Miles each way to work I have the "E" Set Up in Comand in order to save on Fuel, but on every morning and evening start up, I find the system default setting is "C" and I have to manually select "E"...
  6. E

    Dynamic drive

    I am look at the individual setting on my W205 and there is no option to set the suspension. Is this only available with the airmatic suspension option ? Or should I be able to set this. It doesn't display on the other drive settings either.
  7. Borys

    Dynamic seats mercedes w219

    Guys is there a way to permanently disable this function. I know dynamic mode is activated by a switch but sides of the seats keep bringing my back tight (even when dynamic is off). I don't like it-I'm quite a big bloke not really comfortable. I can release pressure from sides using switch next...
  8. Scooby_Doo

    Dynamic Handling Package - E Coupe

    Has anybody got this feature and how effective is it ?? My C207 has 19" alloys and on some roads it would be nice to soften the suspension somewhat. Although MB have added 19" alloys to all C207's they still list the DHP as an extra @ £550. I've just found the only C207 (E400 excluded) I've...
  9. D

    dynamic seats?

    How does it work for the passenger seat? When I switch it on for the drivers side the dash confirms. Does that automatically switch the passenger side on or do I have to switch it on separately or does pressing the passenger switch after the drivers is on, switch the passenger side off? If you...
  10. M

    dynamic seats

    had the E55K , for a couple of weeks , and sorted most teething problems , CD changer linkage/motor/door repaired , gearbox oil changed , new AGM batteries , now about to tackle the inoperative dynamic seats , the switch & pulse switches light up but nothing happens. Done some research and there...
  11. N

    My PSE/Dynamic seat pump experience

    Had the car over 3 years now and only for a short spell of me having the car have the dynamic seats and pneumatic bolster adjustments actually worked. Once it failed, investigations ensued; hit the pump in the boot with a hand, it kicks back in… so every time I went back to it, I gave it a hit...
  12. K

    Dynamic Seat pump replace with later version HELP

    My original s211 E55 pump with the 2 air connections also just failed and I brought not the latest pump but the one before which is part A0008202748 however this pump is different from the original and has 4 connectors for the air. I went to the dealer who said on the new pump it may need parts...
  13. K

    Just Brought E55 W211 Wagon. Needs help close to Slough for dynamic seats.

    Just brought a E55 W211 estate and for some reason we believe either the dynamic seat Air pump is gone. Can anyone help with this or have a spare pump? Basically when you turn on pulse, the light flashes and then turns off. From other treads we think it's most likely the pump as both seats do...
  14. jimmymidnight

    W221 Dynamic Seats - HELP PLEASE!

    My S350L has had a problem with the lumbar/dynamic seats since I picked it up and it has now spent time with specialists, experts, my MB main dealer and it's also had all the STAR info sent back to the factory because the seats just don't work and no one can work out why... Firstly, the dynamic...
  15. D

    2007 Fiat Grande Punto Dynamic Sport 1.4

    Yes yes... Not a Mercedes but perhaps someone wants to by their wife/girlfriend/child/husband/boyfriend/mistress etc etc their first car? :thumb: Copied and pasted my advert below... £2,500 ono Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 MOT until May 2015. Last serviced May 2015. Current mileage 44,000...
  16. E

    Dynamic control or Sports suspension

    Has anyone had experience of the Dynamic control and Sports suspension on Mercedes. This is one choice I haven't made yet on the new car ordered.
  17. Andre

    2007 BMW 3.0D SE, Dynamic Pack, Media Pack etc for sale

    For sale, our family 2007 BMW X5 3.0D SE with Dynamic Pack, Media Pack Sat Nav Bluetooth etc Super condition, details here.. Used 2007 BMW X5 D SE 5STR for sale in Middlesex | Pistonheads Thanks for looking. Andre
  18. C

    Dynamic seats E55

    Can anyone tell me if they know where to start when setting the Dynamic seat settings. They are at the bottom right of front seats It says in the Manual that one must put key in position 2 Is this correct Thank you
  19. portal_96

    W204 Dynamic Handling Pack Grille

    I'm looking to change my single chrome bar CKS grille for something different. Either the CKS C63 style grille or ideally the Dynamic Handling Pack Grille from MB. Does anyone know if this is available for purchase from MB and has anyone bought one? I saw a photo of one on here a while ago and...
  20. FunkyFez

    Dynamic Seats Less Dynamic

    Evening! Noticed that the left side bolster on my drivers seat does not want to inflate. When in dynamic mode, it clicks, wants to move, then gives up. I've had the seat back off, hoping it would have been a loose hose, but from what I can see, all seems to be intact. I tried to inflate the...
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