1. P

    Where can I get a OM605 EGR Delete Kit?

    I cant find a EGR delete kit anywhere. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks
  2. AkisGr

    EGR and DPF removal kit for OM642 (CLS 320 cdi)

    Its a little bit complex the issue i got. I want to remove the EGR and DPF of my car CLS 320 Cdi (2006 UK model) but i'm not in the UK anymore. I live in Greece and i cant find somebody here that has knowledge on the diesel CLS. Does anybody know any UK company that has a kit for that that...
  3. I

    Vito w639 fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground

    Hi any help please my vito is coming up with fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground changed she still same so now I have had the egr deleted and that same fault code is still coming up Evan after egr deleted has any one had this problem????? Thanks in advance Sent from my...
  4. P

    111 Engine in 2001 C180 2 ltr coupe, does it have an egr valve

    Hi does a 2001 2 ltr C180 Coupe, engine type 111 have an egr valve and if so how can i find it. Engine runs very eratic on start up but runs very smoothly once warmed up. Many thanks
  5. B

    How to do an W/S211 E320 EGR blank

    I recently had a Celtic Tuning remap by Redgorton Garage near Perth and as part of this I had them (electronically) delete the EGR from the ECU. The effect of deleting the EGR from the ECU means the ECU no longer looks for it functioning, although the valve itself is still open to the crud...
  6. J

    Egr delete

    I guys i have a e320 3.0 v6. Just wondered how much an egr valve delete is there days. Im also considering swirl flaps blanked off and a remapping. Cheers in advance.
  7. M


    Hi guy's my egr is knackered on my c200d 04 plate can i blank it off or clean it or is it a replacement,causing all sort of probs.cheers
  8. tommerc49

    B200 CDI tuning help & suggestions (Remap/ Exhaust/ EGR Blanking/ DPF delete)

    OK so I've owned this B200 CDI Sport for a few months now (having initially purchased it for my Mrs, but I have since took ownership of it as it seems more suited to me than it does her)... Problem is, I have never owned a Diesel before and in truth I never thought I would ever own one...
  9. S

    Sprinter 313 cdi 2010 EGR pipe

    Hi all. I'm currently replacing the metal pipe from the EGR valve to the inlet manifold. However, the fixing plate to secure onto the manifold doesn't seem to fit over the flanges. I've cut the old pipe in half to get it off but can't get it onto the new one!!!!3
  10. garycat

    EGR Delete - worth it or not?

    I have the option of having an EGR Delete at the same time as a remap. Is the benefit worth it or should I keep the non-remapped bit as standard as possible? I've heard that the EGR is occasionally is useful in that the engine requires less than the 20% oxygen in the air, under certain...
  11. A

    W245 B200cdi EGR LOCATION? my mechanic says need engine dropped?

    If someone could help regarding the EGR location on a W245 B Class B200cdi. My car is smoking and losing power, all of which correlates to a faulty EGR and confirmed with a STAR test. however my mechanic thinks the EGR is in a hard to reach place and needs the engine dropped to access it...
  12. K

    Possible EGR issue due to low power

    Hi Guys, My w203 C220 CDI 2004 is having a few issues with power, as such it feels like the turbo isnt even working. If i fully press the accelerator it doesnt change gear nor does it speed up a great deal either. However after being sat in traffic for 5 to 10 minutes it suddenly appeared...
  13. W

    y27/9 egr fault

    hi guys really need some help. i have a e320 cdi v6 and it was running perfect. 2005 55 i have performed the inlet port motor bypass 5 years ago with no issues. 2 weeks ago some clever **** decided to use my turbo actutor on another car to test for a fault. that other car has now been sold and...
  14. ivandraganov

    EGR clean

    Has anybody tried Wynns EGR clean aerosol,don't have problems just as preventative clean..
  15. A

    Has anybody deleted EGR and is it illegal to do so? Was reading about the EGR and the problems it has on an engine. Also had a read up on the kit for deleting and wounded if this causes more problems and if it's illegal? It's a bit of a gray area what I found on the subject. Cheers...
  16. B

    2007 Sprinter 311CDi EGR emulator questions

    Hi, I hope you are all well. The EGR valve on my 2007 311CDi has stuck in the closed position. It's totally seized. The van is in limp mode and is reporting an error code of P0404. I have electronics/microcontroller/PCB making experience so am pretty confident I can design & build and emulator...
  17. J

    EGR Valve Help Hi first of all sorry if this subject has already been covered. I'm trying to get to the bottom of a fault I have on my 2000 V220 Cdi. I won't go into too much detail about the fault but I'm trying to find the EGR valve in order to clean it...
  18. Walshy300ML

    ML270 EGR Woes?

    Hello all, our Ml 270cdi has been going into intermittent limp mode for the last week or so, either full on power, or gutless acceleration, no kick down/low on power etc. I've read the codes with my icarsoft scanner and I've got - "P1403-008- Exhaust Gas Recirculation open circuit" So, does this...
  19. R

    Could this be an EGR issue?

    Iv recently bought a 57 plate very tidy CLK 320 Cdi Sport with 86k miles. Under light acceleration there is a misfire/stutter but this goes when you push down harder on the accelerator. The car pulls hard through the gears. It's more noticeable in C mode than S. For example driving around...
  20. K

    W203 Black smoke --EGR

    Hello everyone, I am writing for Lithuania to your forum, because I do not really know what to do. 1)About couple months ago my MB w203 C220 CDI started dropping through exhaust a lot of black smokes, mostly of them on 700-3500Rpm's(kickdown). Maybe it could be an EGR valve or maybe something...
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