1. AndrewOl

    X164 Rear Entertainment

    Hi, Just bought a 2006 GL with an aftermarket DVD multi disc and rear head rest monitors. DVD unit by Veba but no remote. Tried good local ICE shop who got a remote but no joy. Unit loads but that's it. Decided to try a non DVD solution without spending lots, as I'm not sure how much...
  2. T

    2008 ML280 - W164 - Rear Entertainment

    Hello all, I have done much searching and reading on this and other forums about retro-fitting a rear entertainment system to my W164. I'd like to fit a single screen center-console mounted pop-up style screen with DVD/Flash player but am struggling to find any kits that are suitable. I've...
  3. G

    W221 rear entertainment and splitview headphones

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to use independent make wireless headphones with the rear entertainment or splitview screens? And, if so, how do you link them to the COMAND system. I know that you can use wired headphones in the back, but I think the front passenger must use wireless (no...
  4. markjay

    Infotainment test: best in-car entertainment systems reviewed

    Infotainment test: best in-car entertainment systems reviewed | Auto Express
  5. markm730

    in car entertainment upgrade

    Hi all, Just after some advice please or ideas. Have a c230 amg coupe 04 plate. Interested in changing the stereo unit. Currently have the standard one but would like to upgrade if it's possible. Was after something which I could maybe play my tunes off my fone via Bluetooth, also need to have...
  6. R

    ML W163 vehicle entertainment system

    Hi all, I'm after some help to fit the OEM rear entertainment system (drop down roof mounted) in a 2004 ML270 CDI with comand sat nav. I have all the parts and wires needed, screen and dvd player, and know how to physically mount and run the parts and wires, but need some help on where exactly...
  7. kris1981

    Rear entertainment retro fit

    Hi can anybody point me in the direction of somebody who can retro fit rear entertainment on my w212 e63 2012 Thanks Kris
  8. Ronan1982

    Deleting My Station List on Entertainment System

    Hi Guys, May be a simple solution but I cant seem to delete my Station List on my ICE. Picture 1 I have all the stations I want on my auto store, and presumed that they would transfer over to the station list but they do not! Picture 2 So when playing say Kiss100 from my auto store list and I...
  9. D

    W221 2006 S600 rear entertainment system remote control

    Recently purchased a low mileage S600 which I may regret. I will let you know. It has a factory fitted rear entertainment system and after much frustration I realised you can only change the TV channels etc in the rear with a remote control. I purchase a genuine Mercedes rear remote part number...
  10. M

    Retro fitting W221 splitview screen and harman kardon entertainment

    Hi peeps. Is it possible to retrofit the Harman Kardon entertainment to my car. One of my friends is selling his car and has asked if I wanted to swap the system over. Is this possible. He has a 2010 S500 with the splitview Command and rear seat entertainment. Mines is a 2011 s350...
  11. Alfie

    Rear seat entertainment

    We are now selling the official Mercedes rear seat entertainment kits https://www.commandonline.co.uk/Mercedes-rear-seat-entertainment-W164.html Usual forum discount applies ;)
  12. Kingpin!

    Rear entertainment in R-Class (W251)

    Hi, forum! I was thinking about maybe installing something for the kids. I have a '06 R-Class which has COMAND NTG2.5 (which I think eliminates the possibility to control video from COMAND). Anyhow if one was to install a 3-party product with inbuilt player (standalone), are there quality...
  13. C

    C63 Rear entertainment Screen

    Hi Everyone, My first post, I have just purchased a C63 and would like to ask if anyone has any experience of installing a rear screen or iPad mount into the rear of there car. I understand Mercedes supply a rear screen system but it is not compatible with the AMG seats. Thanks for any...
  14. S

    In car entertainment issues

    Hi everyone, I have a Mercedes s55 amg 2000 model and I've lost all sound from my Bose in car entertainment system. The problem started as an intermittent one where sometimes all the audio options would work with volume..i.e audio,cd nav etc but now I've lost all the volume...
  15. S

    In car entertainment issues

    Hi everyone, I have a Mercedes s55 amg 2000 model and I've lost all sound from my Bose in car entertainment system. The problem started as an intermittent one where sometimes all the audio options would work with volume..i.e audio,cd nav etc but now I've lost all the volume...
  16. hercules

    W164 Rear Entertainment System

    My recent retrofit with a non OEM DVD player. The unit can play from DVD, USB stick , SD card and has bluetooth headphone. Very laborious work but well worth it, I can keep my grand son quiet in the back seat now. The above are quick shots taken from my Iphone in the dark, I will post more...
  17. Charles Morgan

    More home entertainment than PC but

    I have a Sky satellite which was disconnected when my house was renovated. The TV is now in a position far away from the original satellite connection and would require a very lengthy and unsightly run of cable. I wondered if there were such things as Bluetooth or similar connectors you could...
  18. S

    Tv entertainment

    Can anyone recommend a suitable tv DVD player? I want one fitted to my wife's R350 to keep the kids entertained, but don't want to spend a silly amount of money? There has been suggestions to get portable unit, but they look cheap and tacky IMO!
  19. H

    New car audio system

    MB Owners, I have just received the dreaded PROD error diagnostic in my new CLK. Having showed the system to a car audio expert, and also gained advice from the very helpful MB experts at Andy Gayle (Birmingham), I have been advsied to buy a new Audio system. Having looked through the forum...
  20. R

    W212 Rear-Seat Entertainment audio level specs needed

    Hello & Happy New Year. Wonder if anyone can help with this issue I have with my 2010 E-Class 350 CDI Estate. I ordered the car with the factory-fitted rear-seat entertainment option. All fine and works well with the headsets, however, our kids are a bit young to handle the remote control, so...
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