1. Darrell

    Freemasons equipment.

    I know this subject can be a bit touchy but let's see how it goes. We've been tasked with the job to clear out my dads stuff and amongst his belongings is a Freemasons case. What shall I do with it? My dad wasn't a Mason so I don't know where it came from.
  2. C

    W124 Optional Equipment Connector X30 - where is it >

    I have a late W124 E220 Cabriolet. My external mirrors have stopped working. It isn't the fuse (B) because the seat belt arms are both OK. The switch seems to be OK and earth is sound because the light still works. I understand that the main power feed to the switch comes via an Optional...
  3. M

    Spare wheel space equipment

    Hi. Just bought a 2011 C220 estate. There is a tray/cover over the spare wheel well that is clearly storage for something? I don't pick the car up until next week so don't have the manuals. I think two of the missing bits is a collapsible crate and the warning triangle? Does anyone know what...
  4. B

    W210 Standard Equipment

    im looking for an E320 CDI Estate circa '00 - 02 does anyone know what the standard equipment is on the facelifted W210 Estate (ok S210 if your pedantic) - I did try the search facility but didn't have much luck
  5. Swift1092

    W211 ECU live mapping equipment

    Any help guys. If i was to have a live map done on my w211 e55, what mapping softwere, or programing tool is there which will alow this? Is it a piggyback ecu or plug in softwere which makes it possible for a tuner to map my car while its on the rollers? Tha ks in advance
  6. M

    OE Equipment / Specification List S211

    Hi I've performed a vin decode to provide the list of spec on my S211 which i have newly acquired. What I am interested to understand is how much equipment was optional vs standard. Does anyone have a link for the original specs from back in 2007? Maybe a link to an old brochure (uk...
  7. H

    Equipment list

    Hi. How can i Find the list abort my 2003 w211? Would like to se what the first buyer ordered. WDB2112061A360730
  8. S

    No ice scraping equipment!!

    First year of MB ownership and first winter. Just realised yesterday I've got no winter cleaning equipment, as I threw it all out on my previous car - Mondeo (ahem, cough splutter).. So, what essential winter equipment does everyone have in the car? All I can think of is ice scraper and...
  9. T

    Avantgarde Equipment upgrade W210

    Apologies if this has been answered in the past. Just bought a E240 with avantgarde upgrade package and I am trying to find out what this package had in it. Thanks A
  10. Marcel-Anthony

    CCTV Equipment For Sale

    CCTV Equipment for Sale. All are new and have never been fitted or used. I bought all the equipment a few years back to start a business with a friend selling and fitting CCTV Equipment, he let me down and it never went ahead. So I bought all the stock but the business never got started. I...
  11. jediblade

    E Class equipment

    I've got an w211 e class 320 cdi avantgarde 06 plate which due to changing jobs and getting a company car I'm going to sell. When I bought the car I remember the salesman saying the car had upgraded amg suspension, it was never a big deal for me so I never checked if what he said was true...
  12. G

    Electric heater booster equipment fault

    The electric heater booster not work on my CDI. I have the fault from the picture. Does anyone know if this heater can be repaired?
  13. T

    Electrical equipment under passenger seat

    There is a large piece of solid equipment under my front passenger sear, with electrical cable connected to it. Sorry if a silly question, but I have no idea what its for or what it does - can anyone enlighten me ? Car is a 1999 ML320 petrol automatic, with standard features. Cheers Tom Watson
  14. M

    Purchase diagnostics equipment

    Hello is it possible to purchase my own computer diagnostics equipment and is it expensive.
  15. Bakili

    Equipment features of my W211

    Hey guys Registered my self on MB website and entered my car details. I have 2003 e320cdi Avantgarde. Under Equipment features of my car, I have few option (or standard equipment) which dont understand. E.g 1. Bi-xenon headlamps f. left-side dr. traffic (dont get what f.left-side...
  16. jotter22

    Equipment list?

    I know there are a few chaps on here who can get a list of original and optional equipment for your car when new from the VIN number? How is it done or would someone do it for me please. Tony.
  17. L

    MB Star Equipment

    Has anyone bought Star C3 or C4 diagnostic kit from China? (multiplexer, cables, hard drive etc) How has it performed? Any recommendations as to a reputable company?
  18. flango

    MOT Test equipment, servicing and calibration

    Is there any members out there that do MOT equipment servicing and calibration? We have a Snap on ATL that is coming up for service and calibration and we are now out of our contractual period with Snap On. Before I renew If there is anyone on here or if anybody knows anyone in this business I...
  19. haggis2768

    where to find optional equipment codes

    am sure i found a link here to decipher the optional equipment codes?? cant seem to find it now:dk:!
  20. npuk

    Anyone here rent out AV equipment?

    I think I have seen someone mention they do this. Need 4 x 50" / 60" plasmas for a function in London. If anyone here can help with this please PM me. Thanks.
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