1. T

    excessive black smoke W638 108cdi

    Hi there Ive got a 2003 108cdi W638 Vito van and the last couple of days I've noticed excessive black smoke out of the exhaust when accelerating.Also a couple of months ago and less than a 1000 miles I had the injectors reworked and new air and fuel filters and flew through the emissions on the...
  2. H

    Excessive Tyre Wear W205 C-Class

    Just checked tyres on 4-month old C300h and rears are down to about 3mm. Car has done 10,000 miles, but they have been very steady miles. Long motorway journeys around UK. Car very rarely out of Comfort mode. Fronts are still healthy at about 6mm. Car is running on 19-inch wheels with Pirelli P...
  3. 6

    Excessive front tyre wear on the outer shoulders

    I've changed over to my all season winter tyres today and noticed excessive front tyre wear on the outer shoulders, the middle and insides are fine. These are MO Conti Sport Contact 5s inflated to 2.4 bar. Camber wrong (too positive) ? Perhaps something worn out ?
  4. rob-hill-1

    Excessive smoke and emissions.

    Hi all, I have a problem at the moment which is seeming to be very hard to solve with my 08, 311 Sprinter van. Hoping to find some more clues here! Main symptoms - Excessive white smoke when stationary / pulling away in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. - Excessive diesel fumes in cab. Symptoms come...
  5. def90cars

    BBC Website in 'excessive use' of quotation marks!

    I've noticed nearly all the headlines on the BBC site have quotes in them. Most of them are "irrelevant" to the story. Is it to protect so they can say it was someone else's words not theirs? Also they seem to use the apostrophe rather than quotations marks.... or is my knowledge of grammar...
  6. R

    Excessive cranking...

    ...to start the car in the morning, especially if it faces up the drive rather than down. The plastic pipes and seals were replaced about 15000 miles ago. Glow plug warning comes on for about 6 seconds and then goes out as you'd expect. Any suggestions as to likely causes?
  7. D

    Excessive Cranking when hot

    This is getting worse as both the weather warms up and the engine is working harder. Starting when warm requires excessive cranking 5-7 seconds. I'm expecting this to be air, - it's just seen a mechanic so I would hope injectors would have been spotted. I'm aware that this clip on the...
  8. M

    excessive road noise front right wheel

    please delete Double post, can this be deleted Cheers Adam
  9. M

    excessive road noise front right wheel

    My w203 with 112k had a lower suspension arm replaced for the mot Since then I have noticed this road tyre noise. You here it from 30mph and above, you can hear it over the stereo. It's like a droaning, almost the noise you get from offroad landrover tyres ! Comes fromom the front right...
  10. M

    Excessive R230 SL road noise from rear - what's yours like??

    Could the new rear shocks have been fitted incorrectly? ( To any who have driven, worked on or just know about r230 rear suspension partic. SL 350 ie non ABC modell) Hi to you all, Sorry about my long (first) post. I'm generaly very pleased with the refinement of my 2003 350Sl 2003. I've only...
  11. B

    Excessive brake travel

    I have a 2004 viano 2.2 Cdi changed all pads and then noted that although firn brake peel with engine off when running brakes work fine but pedal travels down to floor in a slow gradual way. Changed the brake master cylinder still the same. Read forum where it was suggested this is mercedes...
  12. S

    s320cdi 2007 excessive white smoke

    Hi guys i have just purchased a s320cdi lwb with 125k on the clock, the car drives very good with no knocks or noises but on stationary puffs out a lot of white smoke, now i have driven this back from a 250 mile journey with no problems apart from when coming to a stand still i noticed the...
  13. John_Doe

    Sprinter with excessive white smoke

    Hello again people. Ok back to my bloody sprinter. Recently had an issue with it not starting after a service and a broken glow plug stuck inside, and that was fixed thankfully. Glow plug was removed but still wouldnt start. After several diagnostics and trial and error fixes it turned out to...
  14. MD5

    Excessive insurance costs

    Do you think that high cost of insurance is down to the amount of claims, particularly by ambulance chasers, or do you think it could just be down to the cost of advertising? They brainwash people to the point of using clichéd expressions, such as 'seemples', often seen here, Go Compare has...
  15. flowrider

    320 CDI excessive soot buildup.

    Is it normal for the exhaust tailpiles to turn black with soot just a week after being cleaned, the rear bumper is also covered in soot just above the tailpipes. I also notice when the engine is turned off there is smoke coming out of the exhaust for a few seconds. My Audi TDI didn't turn the...
  16. D

    Ridiculously Excessive tyre wear- Rear tyres

    Could excessive wear on rear tyres be due to a problem with the rear suspension? 13/8/2010 at 76075 miles rear suspension arms,shock absorbers and springs replaced. 26/10/2010 at 78740 rear tyres almost bald and replaced with Uniroyal Rainsport. Front tyres were fine with 4-5mm tread left...
  17. corned

    Stumped - excessive noise from the front axle

    I have been stumped by some noise coming from the front end for a few weeks now. Yesterday I had both front bottom ball joints on each rear track control arm renewed, plus both front wheel bearings. This has eliminated the slight knocking from the front (ball joints) and significantly reduced...
  18. proser

    Excessive inner tyre wear - fronts

    Had a full geometry setup a couple of months back with a company from www.AlignMyCar.co.uk. I have covered 5000miles and the inner edges have totally gone. This only became apparent when the garage pointed it out whilst having rear brake and suspension pipes replaced. the read out after it...
  19. T

    Vaneo Diesel 1.7 CDi Excessive Smoke

    OK, before you start the slagging me, I am a Vaneo owner. I have an 02 Vaneo diesel 1.7CDi. 85K miles. We've had it since new. Recently I've been getting excessive blue / grey smoke. The exhaust pipe is sooty, rather than oily. Smoke is prevalent when pulling off cold, increasingly smokes...
  20. M

    W124 - excessive wind noise

    My W124 280E has a surprising amount of wind noise that kicks in at anything over 30mph. It appears to come from the top edge of the windscreen. It's not a 'normal' amount of noise (my Aygo and my GF's Fusion have far less wind noise). Now, it had a replacement screen a year and a bit ago...
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