1. poormansporsche

    WTD Mint Prefacelift C280 M104 Wagon,Azzurite,C36 Kit,Monoblocks,AMG Exhaust & Spats!

    Must be rust free and low mileage ! If you have one let me know - top money paid . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pretty specific I know but the car does actually exsist as ive seen it ! Its driven by a couple of old biddies you never know they may be members on here or someone...
  2. 5tevo

    C63 Exhaust Wanted

    Looking for an iPE preferably although anything considered. I have a 2013 saloon. Many thanks Steve
  3. E

    Eisenmann exhaust for c207

    Hi all Does any have one for sale? Please pm. Thanks
  4. B

    E270 cdi exhaust

    Hi all Purchased one yesterday and exhaust was blowing a bit and now sounds like it's dropped with the amount of vibration & noise at idle Are there any common breaks to look for? Until I get the rear abs sensors done I can't drive the car due to it sticking in 2nd gear Thanks
  5. G

    Projex 507 bonnet vent and new fi exhaust

    Just picked up my c63 from Projex fitting my 507 bonnet vents and carbon interior very pleased with result allong with my new FI exhaust with Titan blue tips from Eurocharged Big thanks to the guys at Eurocharged for getting my car to this stage and to James at Projex for...
  6. T5R+

    Exhaust Required

    Does anyone have any experience/recommendations for stockists or fabricators for a ML? Ideally Manchester/M60 biased or Leeds/M62 or M56/Chester. If anyone has undertaken could you share experience as need to understand if to expect any warning or malfunction lights/messages. Thanks
  7. K

    MERCEDES W124 Exhaust Box with tail pipe ORIGINAL Part

    MERCEDES 320E Saloon W124 85-95 Exhaust Box with tail pipe ORIGINAL Part | eBay
  8. bpsorrel

    Custom exhaust fabrication

    Does anyone know of a custom exhaust fabricator in or around the Beds, Herts and Bucks area? Friend of mine wants to modify the exhaust on his car with a welded twin tip extension. Personally, I've no ideas :D
  9. abecketts

    Of interest to w215 owners Brabus exhaust

    Original Brabus Mercedes Benz W220 W215 S CL Klasse Sportauspuff Auspuff | eBay I'm sure it would make the car sound wonderful
  10. stevebgt1

    issues with Exhaust Systems Only ?

    Whilst deciding what to do regarding pipes for my C63, I am reading that some people have issues after fitting aftermarket exhausts ? Things like Engine Management lights coming on, and flat/fluffy spots on throttle etc.... I am NOT re-mapping, just purely going for sound improvement... Should...
  11. stevebgt1

    Milltek/Aftermarket exhaust systems

    Hi guys, Well after nearly a week of ownership of my C63 507, I am starting to think about louder pipes ! Milltek seems to be one everyone are using. Are there any others that are as good ? And does anyone know of anyone within a sensible distance of South Manchester that fits them and sets...
  12. cazyp

    C43 exhaust X-Pipe wanted

    Anyone with a pre made x pipe to replace pre-cats and resonators for a C43 AMG?? Asking as not many stainless exhaust folks around here in Norwich.. Thanks
  13. steve333

    Amg performance exhaust

    When I collected my A45 today the salesman told me it has the AMG performance exhaust and you can differentiate it from the standard one as the tail tips are black and standard ones silver,can anyone confirm this please?
  14. ACID

    Mercedes E63 Bi-Turbo Weistec Exhaust + MSL Tune 729 BHP !

    Mercedes E63 2014 Bi-turbo Weistec Down Pipes MSL Tune Power 729 BHP !!!!!! -hUE35OZzBo
  15. H

    Huge C63 AMG exhaust video out in Youtube!

    Hello all, First of all I have to admit that I'm more of a BMW guy (sorry), but I made a huge C63 AMG exhaust compilation in Youtube. If you are interested, take a look! :) But, as a BMW guy I still like all German cars and C63 AMG could some day be in my garage if my financials go right...
  16. M

    C63 Edition 507 with FI Exhaust

    So after 1 month owning this awesome machine..I decided it needed a clearer voice and booked the car in with Eurocharged in Watford to fit a valved exhaust. I wanted something that could get me on track without a problem and be 'grown up' with the wife, but then also I wanted to unleash the...
  17. Charles Morgan

    Exhaust manifold treatment - Calyx

    Cross posted from my W114 coupe rebuild thread, but a really nice product for bringing up an exhaust manifold. Today's job was cleaning up the exhaust manifold and downpipe. ss201 had recommended Calyx manifold treatment in another thread, so I ordered some and picked up the necessary cheap...
  18. B

    Brabus Exhaust - WoW

    I asked Brabus to give me a quote for a full system. I was gobsmacked at the price! Anyone else had this fitted? <<I have listed a breakdown of prices below. I must mention that in order to fit the Brabus valve controlled exhaust, the carbon rear diffuser must also be fitted to accommodate...
  19. M

    Exhaust brackets corroded away CLS 2005

    I have a Merc CLS 320CDI 2005 . Two of the exhaust brackets have rusted away. Can you buy special clamps that go over the existing ones to support the exhaust?
  20. N

    CLK320 (W208) Exhaust Rattle

    I have had a rattle from under the car which has been rather annoying. I had the car up on the ram today (as the wheels were being balanced) so decided to have a poke around and as soon as i give the lower cat a quick bang there is the rattle. i have heard people just knock the insides out...
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