1. AngryDog

    Which exhaust?

    Which exhaust system is best for my E55? I don't want anything loud or raspy, just something to let the V8 sing its song better. Also nothing that drones! I have a hearing disorder hence why I don't want drone or loudness. Thanks.
  2. RickyBurrows

    E320 cdi exhaust?

    Hi I have an e320 cdi sport face-lift so obviously has the om642 I know they put that engine in a lot of different mercs so hopefully someone has done this im looking at removing the back boxes my car standard has no middle box or dpf so it will effectively be a straight through minus the cat...
  3. M

    What exhaust system will make a R320 SL55 pop and Bang a little?

    I am looking to change the exhaust on my 05 SL55. I want it to sound more dramatic with pops and crack sounds, perhaps more C63 like. I don't want a straight pipe sound, just a bit more dramatic sounding when blipping the accelerator pedal. I want to keep the pre cats also. Anyone done this...
  4. Justin1600

    Wanted w202 C43 Exhaust Manifolds

    As Above, if anybody has some. Think they are the same as w208 CLK 430 ones
  5. CLSMark

    Vibrating exhaust tips?

    Just noticed today that both my exhaust tips are vibrating, is this normal, or sign of worn rubber mounts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. ju4ior

    W210 exhaust Birmingham

    Hi Anyone recommend exhaust for W210 E 200 compressor. Old car but have had for a while and want to keep. Can only source from MB (ouch!), no joy with gfs/Europarts. Anyone tried stainless steel or recommend any suppliers.
  7. A

    W220 S500 Brabus Exhaust System For Sale

    I have just acquired a 2000/W S500 which has a Brabus exhaust system. Looking to sell but need a replacement unit so you buy mine and I buy yours. System is still on the car which has done about 70,000 miles only. Don't know what this is worth so any valuation would be appreciated. Call...
  8. R

    2012 C63 AMG IPE Exhaust Fitment

    As above, I have found a centre section and rear back box IPE exhaust for my C63, It seems to come with some rubber hoses amd the control and remote. I will be fitting the exhaust myself just seeing how easy the wiring etc if for it? Cheers Ryan :thumb:
  9. PaulPJ

    Exhaust Heatshield

    Hi Chaps, noticed a rattle as I pulled out of drive over the weekend, looked under car and the heatshield above back box was resting on the backbox as the 10mm nuts had corroded through the heatshield itself. I managed to undo one of the nuts (nearest one) and put a larger steel washer in place...
  10. W

    C63 AMG New Owner ( Exhaust Advice )

    Hi, Recently picked up a 13 Plate White C63 Amg Coupe after months of viewing bad examples :thumb: Had the car 2 weeks and it is the best car I have ever owned however the exhaust is so quiet in stock form. Gone through dozens of threads & posts but after some clarity on modding the...
  11. R129mine

    r129 bit of the exhaust fell off :-)

    All Last night my neighbours were laughing when I parked up because of the scrapping noise, they said I had some sparks coming from underneath the car Anyway I checked and a bit of the centre exhaust box had broken off and was attached by a small strip of metal, I removed it and took a...
  12. Iddy112

    Exhaust Advice Please

    New owner of a 5.5 w212 E63 S. As with a few of the chaps on here looking to get a bit more noise out of it. Have spoke to acid at MSL and recommended the resonator and cat delete through Torqueflow. Has anyone had that specific thing done? Any feedback? Happy with noise? And importantly any...
  13. B

    Price of entire S500 Coupe 2016 exhaust

    Hi, this is my first post on any forum. My friend recently purchased a brand new Mercedes S500 coupe which is absolutely beautiful but within the first few days of receiving he decided he wanted to install a Brabus kit on the vehicle. He had the alloys, body, exhaust etc all changed. It looks...
  14. addbuyer

    Valvetronic Exhaust

    Is anyone running a valvetronic exhaust? If so, is it just the valvetronic or do you also have a resonator delete / down pipes / crossflow? Are they worth the investment?
  15. Gledsyc63

    C63 rear exhaust section

    Looking for a c63 rear exhaust section must have resonator on. ideally located in West Yorkshire but willing to travel a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. BaldGuy

    Xxx audi s6 5.2 v10 - milltek exhaust & filters xxx

    Audi S6 V10 5.2 Saloon For Sale 2007/07 Audi S6 Saloon 99500 Miles Full Service History with a huge wallet of receipts Black with Black leather Nearly all MOT documents Full Privacy glass, Fronts as well in a light smoke Full Carbon Interior kit Carbon dipped dashboard...
  17. D

    W210 AMG Exhaust on a E320CDi

    Hi All, I've been offered an AMG exhaust from an E55 that I would like to install onto my E320 CDi. Will the car suffer any problems with this? Also, the car will eventually go for a remap, for increased performance, shall I install the AMG exhaust and remove one cat? (I heard something...
  18. ray d

    Slk 55 r172 exhaust down pipes

    I am selling 2 down pipes with the secondary cats removed but the work cannot be seen when on the car to keep Mr MOT man from seeing anything. pipes have 21k on them. Came off a 2012 R172. It means you have the originals for the car encase emission rules get tighter in the future. Easy to fit as...
  19. K

    Exhaust fumes quite smelly and gassey

    I've just had my C220 CDi (w203) glow plug relay replaced and the glow plugs replaced with genuine parts. However I have now noticed that when i put my car in the garage and get out, it smells of fumes, a sort of burning smell and a little gassy? Any ideas please? There are no smells in the car...
  20. O

    Exhaust options on a c63 amg

    Hi there just brought a c63 and looking to increase the sound of it. But not looking to ruin it. Any options to look at thanks?
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