1. ftb

    Which exhaust manifolds for 55K?

    What would you recommend to buy? Does anyone have data on how these differ from make to make? I'm aware of cheap quality headers that are actually worse than OE log type manifolds. Don't want these! What are the best quality headers available in the market for these cars today? Don't mind custom...
  2. T

    Eisenmann Exhaust C63

    Morning, I have the opportunity to obtain a reasonably priced second hand EisenMann race cat back system, just wanting to see what you think and if it is worth the purchase? I currently have reso delete and secondary cat delete. there's some conflicting info on existing c63 oem exhaust, some...
  3. gunning

    Exhaust help.

    Does anybody know if the w219 exhaust back box hangs the same on a 350 as a 500? Basically I want to make a custom back box out of a original exhaust so that it looks original. Any help would be much appreciated
  4. G

    Chrome Exhaust Tip

    Hi All, I'm into week 3 of Mercedes ownership and just cleaning up those little bits and pieces that need attention. I have a 2012 C180 Coupé. The chrome exhaust tip looks like it has never seen polish and now it's so far gone, a new one is the only option. I don't want some cheap rubbish that...
  5. M

    E63 Exhaust sound on the road.

    Hi All, When I got my C63 I done a video of the exhaust whilst driving, finally got out today with the E63 to do the same. Surprising how very quite it is until its under load. Please excuse the pretty rough editing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8L1IqWF_9M C63 for comparison for...
  6. Topman2u

    A220 popcorn exhaust

    Should my exhaust be making this noise just done about 10mile trip back home and pulled up and smelt burning from back end then noticed the exhaust doing a noise like it's got popcorn inside it ( was a nice steady drive home not above 35mph) and also the car sounds like a transit van on 200,000...
  7. T

    2004 E270cdi exhaust. Where from.

    The E270cdt I'm looking at needs a new exhaust on one side. I'll be using the cost of a replacement as a bargaining tool but I'm having trouble finding one at the likes of ATS. Is it going to be Merc main dealers only or am I missing something?
  8. S

    C63 AMG standard exhaust, cats, resonator and straight pipe

    Folks I have some c63 exhaust parts for sale. 1) C63 rear boxes + straight pipes (resonator delete) - one piece 2) Secondary cats - standard - 55k miles 3) Resonator - standard - 55k miles I would like to sell the whole lot to ease my garage space. What it looked like on the car - bear in...
  9. S

    2005 T1N Sprinter lack of power after new exhaust!!

    Hello everyone, my first post on here, although I have been reading for while and know there are some very knowledgable people on here! I really hope someone can help! I bought a 2005 MWB 311CDi Sprinter last year with 120K miles on the clock. I had it serviced by a garage I trust straight...
  10. Myclk55amg

    Clk55 amg exhaust

    Hey guys I'm considering having the pre cats taken of out of my exhaust I was wondering if any of you guys have had it done? If so how has it faired on the emissions test? Also has there been any improvement in performance?
  11. mcshape

    E200 CDI - Want the visible exhaust trim

    Hey Guys My E200 CDI Avantgarde (2010) has no visible exhaust tip, all is hidden behind the bumper. Climbing under the car it also has only one exhaust pipe on the rear left. I really think the exposed chrome pipe (oval) that is on other E200 models looks great, I believe this came on the sport...
  12. whirsk

    300ce exhaust bracket

    Hi Folks I am seaching for the following part 1244920441. Exhaust bracket which is bolted to rear of gearbox. On the chance that a member my have one going spare. I tried mercedes and it would appear to be on back order from factory. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  13. homersimpson

    CL55K Exhaust

    Hi.. I was thinking of getting a resonator delete done to my newly acquired CL55K, however on looking underneath it appears it might have already been done? Or do the Kompressor models not have a resonator compared to the NA models?
  14. M

    E63 vs C63 cold start exhaust.

    Whilst I have the C63 and E63 together I am hoping to take the opportunity of a few comparison videos. First off is the exhaust cold start for anyone who's interested! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfUx_DNK8Kw A little more finesse is needed with the camera.
  15. roman82

    Mercedes w202 amg exhaust 40£

    Garage clearance) for sale rear back box for Mercedes 202 c36 or c43. Don't know from wich model he came from. Rear tail pipe has been removed.price for rear box only 40£.
  16. G

    W204 C63 - Next Exhaust Mod?

    Hey, So I did the Milltek Secondary Cat Bypass last year, and loved it. It's a must for any owners IMO! However, I want a bit more.... I want a bit more volume! What are my options? Anything off the shelf? Thanks, Gary
  17. C

    W203, C180, 2002, 2.0L Exhaust

    Good morning all, I have recently purchased a 2002 W203, C180, 2.0L and the ehaust has started blowing. I have spoke to several different motor factors and they are saying main dealer only, I have been onto Kwickfit, Ats and places like that and they are quoting silly money for an exaust. I have...
  18. Myclk55amg

    C63 amg exhaust system

    Does anybody know if it would be possible to fit the back section of a genuine c63 exhaust system to a w209 clk 55 amg? My clk sounds awesome but the c63 sound is possible one of the sexiest noises ever!!
  19. garyenelson

    W211 E270 Engine rattle at idle

    Hi all, My 2005 W211 E270 CDI has developed a strange "tinny" rattle at idle. It sounds a bit like a bit of exhaust heatshield vibrating. I've had the cats checked but apparently they are okay. Also had it up on a ramp but couldn't see any issues with heatshields either. It is loudest...
  20. G

    IPE Exhaust Backbox Valvetronic c63

    IPE Backbox with mid pipe for C63 , with 2 remotes to control the valves £1500 collection from London Clapham SW12 Pm me for info
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