1. clk320x

    Opinions on aftermarket exhaust modifications

    With months of trying and failing to aquire a CLK55 backbox or quad pipes from a CLK63 I am faced with having to go down the aftermarket route to get my CLK V6 from its measly single pipe exhaust to at least a double or most preferably quad pipes... I see a company called Fast Lane styling...
  2. E

    W204 C63 Remus mid-back exhaust system for sale

    Steel tips. Only 6 months old. £1000
  3. BlackC55

    C63 rear exhaust boxes.

    C63 Rear Boxes. | eBay
  4. W

    IPE Exhaust full system Brand New W204

    Hi I Got a brand new C63 W204 system for sale. I am having to sell it due to selling the car. :( Its a full catless system. Im looking for £3400. Im Based In london.
  5. W

    IPE Exhaust full system Brand New W204

    Hi I Got a brand new C63 W204 system for sale. I am having to sell it due to selling the car. :( Its a full catless system. Im looking for £3400. Im Based In london.
  6. O

    W124 Exhaust

    I am just about to head to France and the exhaust on my 1994 E320 Coupe has dropped. Its the rubber bushing that has failed after 23 years so I am not complaining but I need to get it sorted quickly. I will try the usual subjects, Kwik-Fit etc, on Monday but any advice on where to take the old...
  7. S

    C63 saloon / estate valvetronic exhaust

    Hi Is anyone looking to sell theirs? R
  8. J

    C350 (M272) - Exhaust fumes in cabin

    I am suffering with exhaust fumes in the cabin of my W203 C350 (M272 - petrol). The common view is that this is caused by oil leaking out of the camshaft core plugs and dripping on the exhaust. So at the weekend I replaced my core plugs but the problems persist. So I got under the car to look...
  9. D

    CLS55 Rear Exhaust Clamp

    i'm looking for an exhaust clamp as mine is breaking up but i'm loathed to pay £24 from Merc, but i can't seem to find one online, it looks like a Mikalor clamp except instead of it having flat clamping surfaces it's kind of curved. Part number is A0004901041 Any suggestions would be great
  10. A

    Exhaust Gas Analysis

    Hi, My W211 E-270Cdi is due for Exhaust Gas Analysis. The mileage is 160k (km) It was due in Mar 2016 but dealer didn't do the analysis and set the next due date as Feb 2017. Could someone let me know how these analysis are performed? I know this much from reading the forums that they check...
  11. R

    c63 exhaust. stock to ipe to stock to...

    Hello everybody I am in the quite frankly ridiculous situation, where i absolutely love the sound of my car, but need to eliminate the cold start bang it makes on start up. The car has ipe headers and decat. Plus Eurocharged v6 (with cold start delete!) Talking with Jerry @ Eurocharged...
  12. 350cls

    exhaust note

    https://youtu.be/i5RExsjnXPw I think it sounds brutal. Not every day use though!!!
  13. mat8n

    Sl350(R230) exhaust tuning..

    I'm after making my SL sound a bit more sporty! At the moment it's got the standard system and it sounds a bit tame! I've heard about removing the centre silencers and things? I'm after a nice throaty sound that befits the look of the car. The car is only a weekend toy so it doesn't...
  14. N

    WTD: W202 C250 TD back box exhaust section.

    Please get in touch if you have a decent one or know of anyone breaking a 202 C250 TD. Thx.
  15. J

    ML270 (2002) exhaust removal

    Hi folks, Is it possible to remove the centre box and tail pipe without cutting off the tailpipe on my ML270? The tailpipe is welded to the centre section, but the replacement parts I have ordered come as two parts (They are the correct parts and will fit). A Mercedes specialist told me...
  16. M.A.94

    Exhaust problem w210

    So the hanger from my backbox had snapped a while ago which resulted in the exhaust hanging pretty low (not really complaining about this considering its a 15 year old car). Anyways over the weekend I took the car to the midlands to see some family and unfortunately they have a steep...
  17. mattk1

    Exhaust upgrade

    This may have been posted before but do they come any better than this? Matt :thumb:
  18. M

    2017 Mercedes CLS550 With Fi Exhaust - Video

    2017 Mercedes CLS550 With Fi Exhaust [YOUTUBE HD]wMKol94V5bc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  19. clk320x

    How to get some more noise out of exhaust

    Anyone got any advice on what can be done to a w209 clk 320 to get some more noise out of the exhaust. Would like a deep gurgle haha, been told about muffler delete, second cat etc etc but am extremely confused. Last thing I want is an MOT fail :) Cheers
  20. F

    SLK 55.. Confused about which exhaust mod....

    Hi all So likily to be an owner of an SLK (171) very soon. One of the first things I want to do is to improve the soundtrack of the car and have read quite a few threads on here but still a little confused and unsure. One of the things I'm concious about is not having any drone or...
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