1. P

    autoebid - any good or bad experiences?

    As per title does anyone have any experience of this reverse auction car broker?
  2. V

    A45 experiences

    I'm thinking of part exchanging my current E350 in for the A45, mainly due to the addictive sound and also four wheel drive, which I've missed since my S3 went up in flames. Going to pop into my dealer to test drive etc. but wanted to get the consensus from those who've been living with one...
  3. Palmball

    Any ML63 experiences?

    I'm about to sell our 2 month old M3 - I took a punt ordering one 6 months before launch as I managed to secure a very good discount. My thoughts were that I could drive one for a few months with minimal depreciation as long as BMW; 1. sold out (there is current availability, but not much)...
  4. N

    R230 owners experiences / advice

    Hi, I'm looking into the idea of buying an R230 and thought I would post on here for a little advice and owners experiences if possible. I've owned my W126 for quite a few years and fancy adding something a little sporty to the fleet. I've considered a Porsche 996 as prices for those seem quite...
  5. M

    Your experiences with the latest E-Class W212/S212. Any good?

    Good evening forum members, Now that the latest W212/S212 has been out for over 4 years, I am very interested to hear from owners about their experiences with their cars. It will be interesting to know about problems one has encountered, if any have cropped up. Cost of repairs/parts which may...
  6. The _Don

    Pure driving experiences: Final drive c63 bs amg

  7. T

    c63 remaps....your experiences please

    Im lokng into remapping my 08 c63.....it appears that a few companies are well regarded gere and can take the car to 500+ bhp... Could someone please summarise the various offerings from the companies who have a presence here.......prices and your personal expwroence of the car after mapping...
  8. T

    Painting calipers on c63....your experiences?

    First mod which I feel is a must on my forthcoming c63 is to paint the calipers red I've spoken to a friend who owns a body shop and he I'd happy to do it if I have the calipers removed by a garage, which in my book equates to a big of a headache I've seen a view youtube vids of people...
  9. AMG J

    'Supercar' driving experiences

    Hi all About a year back I did the AMG Experience at Brooklands and loved it. I've done a few other of these 'supercar experiences' and because I found it really hard to know beforehand which events were good and which weren't, I decided to write a blog about my experiences. The idea was / is...
  10. Gollom

    Post your MBClub "It's a Small World" experiences

    Prompted by reading that Lagerlout and JohnDeere8530 just discovered they are practically neighbours I discovered recently that Spinbowler works for the same company as me and when in our Warrington office sits pretty close!
  11. The _Don

    Pure Driving Experiences: Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

  12. chrisbin

    Everyman Racing Driving Experiences - anyone used?

    Everyman Racing Driving Experiences - anyone used? 2 Car Experiences Daughter is thinking of booking this for her boyfriend so any feedback would be much appreciated. :thumb:
  13. fatdazza

    Amtico Flooring - Any Experiences?

    Hi all, We are in the process of renovating and are considering Amtico flooring for the kitchen and utility room. Anyone with good or bad experiences of this material? Thanks
  14. jay1983

    2001 ml270 starting issues (my experiences)

    hi every1, after doing my introduction i am now going to tell you my story. ive purchased my 1st merc and have had a few issues in the 6 weeks ive owned it. first was the AAM replacement, this was done by mercedes benz stockport, for the grand total of £430 (part and labour) Finally i had...
  15. John

    MB World Driving Experiences...

    I got an email today through for these: Mercedes-Benz UK - Mercedes-Benz World - AMG Driving Experiences Has anyone done one of these? OK they aren't cheap but the 1/2 day one looks interesting...
  16. abecketts

    MB World Kids Driving Experiences

    Would appreciate advice from folks on taking my 13 and 15 year old boys to a kids driving experience, is it going to float their boat or is it pitched at younger folks? I seem according the website to have a choice of road driving using an A class or a 4x4, has anyone taken their kids there...
  17. A

    One week in .. C55 experiences

    Well I haven't had much of a chance to drive it during the week, which is a shame, but I've done a few journeys with the family, and finally one tonight on my own. Hope others may find it interesting/amusing .. I struggled to find a huge amount out about C55s when I was considering one...
  18. flango

    Jaguar XJ Experiences

    Just thought I would ask the panel for their wisdom on this one. I have a pal who is longing to scratch the Jaguar XJ itch probably the 4.0 litre V8 or Supercharged XJR of 2000 - 2004 vintage and has asked my opinion before we try to source one. Now I've driven a few Jags but never long enough...
  19. D

    Experiences with Distronic Plus

    Would be very interested in hearing people's experiences with Distronic Plus, both positive and negative. I have just got my 2011 E350 Cab (A207) with Distronic Plus because I'm refusing to pay 5k for a train season ticket and am going to not worry about sitting in traffic running in and out...
  20. smoothrider

    opinions and experiences of...

    has anyone had work done with: cars with stars steve redfearn george fraser automerc i need a misfire on my W126 looked at - what are your experiences of the above work, attitude and cost wise?
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