1. trando

    Considering a W212 E63 - any owners want to share their experiences?

    Whilst I love my C63, I am seriously considering a new E63. I have done most of the due diligence but are there any owners on this forum that can share their experiences? Cheers.......
  2. M

    W212 E200 CGI - My experiences

    Just now (finally) getting round to uploading some photos, I came across a couple of a W212 E200 CGI I had the pleasure of driving back in September. Back then I intended to share with you my opinions of this car, but it totally slipped my mind. So I thought I'd share them with you now, albeit...
  3. R

    GDO,s any experiences

    Having just been lasered doing 36 in a 30MPH zone, in my van of all things, (£60 3 points), I am currently looking into a garage door opener, and the benifits of such devices, however this afternoons research looks like its a minefield, law wise and operation of device wise, anyone want to give...
  4. N

    MB Temple fortune aftersales any good experiences with them

    Im going to try taking my car to these guys after the abysmal service by park royal any one had any good experiences with these guys? ive heard markjays bad experience with these guys
  5. D

    Any experiences of a new E with Distronic Plus

    I'm finalising the spec for my E350 CDI Sport Cabriolet and am considering Distronic Plus (+£1350 to my invoice price) Calcite White upgrade leather in Natural Beige (tan w/white stitching)/black dash Piano black trim Airscarf 'full fat' Comand The car will do 30k/year mixed use mileage My...
  6. CockneyPlayboy

    DA Polishing and Detailing, my experiences!

    Having been in receipt of the relatively newly stocked KESTRAL DAS-6 Dual Action Polisher, I thought I'd share with you my experiences.... You can pick your choice of which pads and polish products you want... personally I went for the Sonus pads and Menzerna Products (polishes). I actually...
  7. P

    Hello and Opinions & Experiences Sought - Dealer and Car

    Hello All! 1st post so please be gentle :) Hope I will be welcome! I'm about to take delivery of a C250 Cdi Sport Auto in the next few weeks - long story so won't bother you with details! It just came off the boat from Zeebrugge a few days ago and is at the holding compound at Boston...
  8. Londonscottish

    Any experiences of Auto Protect warranties

    Hi, My car came with a dealer-supplied warranty from Auto Protect. For what it's worth it's the "MBI Premier Plus", underwritten by Red Sands insurance. I've no idea if it's a good.bad/indifferent warranty and I haven't got the handbook that should go with it (I'll order one next week)...
  9. travelininstyle

    ETA Car Warranty - any experiences ?

    :dk: Has any of the forum members had any experiences with ETA Car Warranty - they are a 'green' motoring organisation - generally ethically orientated organisations tend to be a bit more honest and upfront in there dealings - hence the question. Thanks.
  10. P

    Experiences with the pioneer avic units

    Wife's descided she wants a 2Din dvd & nav headunit for here w203. :crazy: Was looking to get feedback from owners as to ease of use, problems, performance, etc... DVD and DVD control for headrest monitors is most important. Navigation not as much and sound pretty much not important. Pretty...
  11. kusanku

    Driving experiences

    I went with some friends to MB world the other week, and between us I think we did all the rides (Mercedes experience, off-road, and AMG). We absolutely loved it, and will definately be going back for more. I was just wondering if there are any similar driving experiences people could...
  12. DSLiverpool

    C63 Buying Experiences

    After being so sure the CLS was a stayer ive got an itchy right foot that needs a C63 or an RS6 to scratch it, the Audi will cost us a holiday cabin in the lakes the minute I take delivery so its the C63 for us (unless a great deal pops up) Without trying we managed a 5% discount from a...
  13. Y

    Battery : What are your experiences?

    I would be interested to hear of owners of R129 Sls experience of battery ratings. I have noticed that the more accessories that are switched on the more likely one is to experience intermittant faults occuring! Might this be the first sign of a fault developing in an alternator? What should...
  14. The Boss

    near death crash experiences

    who has had a major crash, survived the crash and thanked his lucky stars it was a benz?
  15. T

    Petrol Vito/Viano - Anyone got any experiences?

    Guys, me again! More Vito and Viano questions. Did some maths and figured out that a Petrol V6 Viano/Vito is more expensive to run, but they seem to be quite a lot cheaper to buy, so I'm now pondering about putting the Petrol car onto my future shopping list. Does anyone here have any...
  16. J

    Lucky Motors SE1 - any experiences?

    I've just moved to live near Lucky Motors and there is always an interested selection of cars parked outside (there's also a 911 specialist next door). As they're so close I was wondering if anyone had any experience / recommendation / complaints about them. Cheers JohnE
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    Porsche driving experiences at Silverstone

    Anyone else been invited to a Boxster driving experience at Silverstone? http://www.porsche.com/silverstone/en/ I received an invitation through the post today. Suggests that I allow 2.5 hours for the experience, and 1 hour on track. Sounds like it may be worth half-a-day off work for...
  18. lynall

    Anyone tried driving experiences?

    Wifes always going on about getting a Porsche for her 40th not long to go now:D and i saw an advert for driving experiences where you get to drive a few supercars for about £250 and though excellent pressy for swmbo. So has anyone tried them or been on one similiar?, she has had a look at the...
  19. verytalldave

    E-Tyres Experiences ? ? ? ? ?

    Has anyone here purchased tyres from the online retailer E-tyres???? Having discovered a flat tyre tonight, and as all 4 are getting close to the limit I have decided to replace all 4 ASAP. Any experiences please - good or bad - or perhaps I should just go to Kwik-Fit?
  20. M

    w124 e300 Diesel experiences

    I thought I would share my experiences with my car, as I have received a fair bit of help from these forums and want to pass something back! I bought a 1995(N) multivavle diesel saloon six months ago knowing it had been standing for a while and that there was no history. However the 125k...
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