1. Group Captain

    Extra horn

    I'm thinking about putting in an extra horn, to run separately from the main one. It would be wired up to one of the blank buttons below the radio. My main questions are ....where in the engine bay would there be room to attach one, and would the wiring be horribly complex?
  2. John N

    Extra Boot Badges

    I have been considering getting a set of Chrome 4 Matic Badges for the RH Side of my Boot as that side appears odd to me being bare! Would I be castigated/Sent to Coventry/ Deemed a mad Simpleton and generally shunned by Society in the Western World if I went for it!:devil: (Flack Jacket...
  3. ioweddie

    Here's why Navy Helicopter pilots get a special extra allowance

  4. W

    extra lights.

    question for the tech chaps out there........just bought a 2010 sprinter 313cdi and am doing some mild customisation to bling it up a little. extra marker lights, spotlight bar on roof ect. does this affect the "light out" system if i add extras? all lights will be led's so as to reduce power...
  5. S

    C63 AMG , 507 edition, worth the extra £ ?

    I've seen a couple of very tidy , 2013 C63 507's on Autotrader for £51k with 4.5k miles ; a regular C63 with that mileage would be around £36k , my question is , do you guys think the 507 is worth paying an extra £15k for ? My son says the 507 should be a fantastic investment , would you...
  6. Taff814

    DAB Radio defaults to Smooth Extra

    Morning all, My radio defaults to Smooth Extra every time I start my car despite it not being selected or even being on my stored stations list. Anybody have the same problem and is there a fix please? :wallbash:
  7. J

    Top gear extra bbc 3 .... Better

    http://http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p03w1dcs/top-gear-extra-gear-episode-1 Just watched this on iplayer hosted by Chris harris And Rory. This is tons better than the main show, no mumbling yank.
  8. C

    W209 extra 2 wire plug behind radio

    Hi had my radio out the other day and when I put it back together I noticed an extra plug with 2 wires, taped into the radio loom, that I didn't remember unplugging and couldn't see anywhere to plug it into either. Going off similar plugs in the cockpit I wonder if its for illumination. I'm...
  9. P

    Any merc experts fancy earning a few extra pennies?

    Hi all, I am considering buying a merc SL55 amg that is located near Basildon in Essex, I am up in Lancashire and don't really have time at the moment to go down to view it and not being massively technical I am probably not the best person to evaluate the car other than aesthetic things. I...
  10. Norse

    Where to tap signal power for extra driving lights

    Hi again all. I am about to mount two extra driving lights (Hi beam) to my -05 S211 and I am wondering if there are a suitable place in the fusebox or elsewhere to tap the signal to trigger the relay? Or do I need to tap into the hi beam wire as we have always done? Seems a little old...
  11. Ala

    w208 CLK 2.3 2001 Kompressor oil level sensor - optional extra?

    Hi all, I have just completed an oil change on my CLK and was expecting an option on the dashboard controls to check the oil level.. Were these an optional fitment as I do not have an option on the menu to do check the level/amount of oil needed. Thanks, Alan
  12. Reggie-rock

    Premium petrol, is it worth the extra?

    Now petrol is down in price I was wondering if it is worth trying the more expensive premium fuel for a few months to see if it improves the running of my MB. Has or does any one else used/use it?
  13. A

    AMG steering wheel for extra grip?

    I'm thinking of swopping my "ordinary" steering wheel for an AMG leather steering wheel as I'm thinking it might have better grip? I have limited grip. Well no finger movement as I broke my neck so use the flat of my hand to turn the wheel. Any thoughts on whether this would be an...
  14. grahamcarvlin

    Servicing "extra's"

    Hi all I bought the service pack for 4 services over 48 months. The car is now due it's first A service. Knowing what dealers are like do you know what is likely to be an extra on these plans even though they are down as requiring to be done at certain intervals (and are therefore really...
  15. sinbad

    Extra power

    Hi guys (and gals) Anyone got any tips or advice to chip my C220 CDI (02 plate) to make a little more exciting? Cheers in advance Peter
  16. developer

    Help On The Railways For People Who Need Extra Support

    Has anyone got any experience of asking the railway/train operator for specific journey help, i.e. at the station/on the train, where the passenger needs additional support (non physical). I can ring tomorrow, but arrangements are being made now, so I thought I'd ask at the knowledge font.
  17. paulbenz500

    want to fit extra sub & amp

    to my cl500 (2000) on the standard factory stereo (also dvd player digital free view) is this all possible & will the TV work while driving along or only when the hand brakes applied Cheers guys! Sent from my GT-I9505 using MBClub UK
  18. poormansporsche

    Kid no extra charge !

    what weird pics but a reasonable looking car though :dk: W124 Estate Mercedes E280 Auto 1995, 7-seater, Tax, MOT March 14, Heated leather | eBay
  19. tonyc280

    Auto Glym Extra Gloss Protection

    Well applied the above after i had used Maguires cutting compound then Maguires polish and it seems to have "Dulled" the surface some what. Think ill just polish her and leave it at that. Must admit the Maguires is the best and easiest product i have ever used and my black Motorcycle looks...
  20. E

    722.6 oil change - extra info needed

    I'm just about to do a transmission oil change on my '98 E55 AMG. The oil pan bolts are all free, I've got the oil, the dipstick has arrived, as has the filter kit, and I've got Black C55's noddy guide text, so no problems, but... If my information is correct, I should have a torque converter...
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